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Troubleshooting for Spapp monitoring

Before you install the app

Install Spapp Monitoring

Unknown Sources From Android 8.0

Disable Google Play protect - without this the application may be uninstalled.

After you install the app

How to make sure that Spapp Monitoring’s activity is not interrupted - on some phones you have to whitelist Spapp Monitoring in order to not be killed by the inbuilt battery saver app. We also recommend that you activate the notification - step I.

How to enable notification and why

Enable Admin Rights - on last version of Android it can be disabled from settings without the PIN code.

Call recording issues

Check call recordings - One sided call recording - Your phone must support two sided call recording. If this is not supported, we will use the microphone to record one voice. Android 9 in general does not support two sided call recording.

Silent call recordings - If you have call recordings but there is no sound at all, check your Android version. If the target device is on Android 10 call recording may be silent if you do not Enable accessibility access . On some models with Android 10 this could be valid for Surroundings as well (if silent).

Call recording files broken and can't be played - This issue is due other tracking/recording apps. Please uninstall any other such apps as Android doesn't support a recording process multiple times. We also recommend that you disable voice assistant apps. These apps can also block the microphone. The most common app is "Google assistant" but some phones come with different apps like "Moto Voice" or "HiVoice" for Huawei.

Surroundings issues

Surroundings monitoring quick guide

SMS commands troubleshooting

Social media apps issues

Enable notifications - In order to have incoming social media messages you need to enable notification.

Enable accessibility - In order to have outgoing social media messages and browser logs you need to enable accessibility.

Block features issues

Website blocker troubleshooting

Phone number blocker troubleshooting

Applications blocker troubleshooting - In order to enable apps blocking feature you need to activate the app usage

Alerts troubleshooting

Payment issues

Payment full guide