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According a survey from 2017 conducted by "Royal Society for Public Health" in United Kingdom on 1,479 people aged 14–24, Instagram was the application "worst for young mental health" and by many respondents is also the that contributes mainly on digital dependence. Instagram as Snapchat or other social apps is used by many youngsters. We all know social media is dangerous for our children but in a world full of technology from really young age we can not ban it to them. Adults always say that "in our times..." but they frequently forgot that this applies to them when asking their parents. The world is developing and that's normal. For the young generations Instagram is also an app with positive effects such as self expression, self identity, and community building. The solution would be to let them to use the social media, to explain them from the beginning about the risks of it and surely to use a good Instagram tracker.

Why to use Spapp Monitoring as an Instagram Spy app

Now that you know why you need an Instagram spy app, let's get straight to the benefits of using Phone Monitoring:

- You'll see ALL the incoming and outgoing messages sent/received thru Instagram Direct Messages;
- You'll see the time and date of the message;
- You'll see ALL Instagram notifications such as who liked a photo or a video your child posted online, who started following your child Instagram page. A real Instagram Spy!
- You'll have the option to block the Instagram application by using the app block function;
- You'll have the option to block the Instagram website by using block URL function or block keywords function;
- You'll see ALL the pictures sent/received in the private messages;
- You'll have access to your data secured on our servers only by logging in to your account on our website;
- You'll receive a FREE trial for the first 3 days after the install;
- You'll receive many many functions, not only Instagram tracker.

How to use Phone Tracker for Instagram Spy

Spy App for Android is maybe the most efficient Instagram tracker on the market. The only thing you must to do is to download and install the app on the wanted smartphone (e.g. your child's smartphone).

Here is the full step by step install process:

1. Take your child smartphone in your hands and open it (if there is a PIN code, make sure to know it. Remember: you are the adult, you own the device and you are 100% responsible of your child, so it is your right to know it. Also, being an adult means you can trick them better to know what you need);
2. Go to Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources;
3. Go to Google Settings > Security > Uncheck or Turn Off "Scan device for Security threats". ON different Android version this feature can be in different places. Find out how to disable Google Play Security on your target device specific Android version.
NOTE: These preparations steps are mandatory, otherwise Google Play may not let you install the app. If you worry why to disable the security from Google, that because of the specific of the app, it extracts data from a device.
4. Download the application;
5. Open it and install the application;
6. Register an account when you first run the app (these credentials will be for your account on our website, so make sure to enter a valid email and remember the password);
7. After few hours you can login on our website and check for logs. That's it! Now you have an Instagram spy app and you are ready for your child Instagram tracking!

NOTE: We remind you that Spapp Monitoring is for legal use only. Please read our Terms of service in case you are not sure about something related to it or write us to [email protected]

How to make sure Spy App for Mobile Phone is working fine

Spy App is on the market for long time already, always developing and adding new features, as well as fixing new bugs. In order to be sure that you'll get all of this Instagram spy just make sure to install the app right as it is described in the install steps and after this, just follow the next steps to make sure it will not be blocked by Android or an installed task killer:

1. Choose your smartphone model from here and follow the steps. You also have specific steps for a specific Android version.
In case you don't know how to check it, write to our technical support and we'll help you.
In case your model is not in the list, please follow steps from II. Disable Doze battery optimization
2. We strongly recommend to activate the notification for Spapp Monitoring as well.
3. If you did skip the disable the Google settings we also strongly recommend to follow them in order to be sure your Instagram spy will work perfectly.

With Spapp Monitoring you will have more than just an Instagram tracker app, you'll have many other features as well, many social apps included in tracking without ROOT, such as Facebook Spy , Snapchat spy and many many more. You'll have an eye on yours kid smartphone activity as we all know the saying "happy parent, happy kid".

Instagram call recording is available from Spapp Monitoring v16.6. Our app supports audio recording of all Instagram audio and video calls.

Instagram is a registered trademark of Instagram, LLC. For more info on Instagram you can go to the Instagram page.

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I have always been a fan of Spy Phone App. Hope you never go away


Thank you for Instagram call recording. I was not able to find this feature on other monitoring apps.


Is It Necessary To Have The Target Phone To Use Spapp Monitoring?


No - it is not necessary to have access to the target phone in order to use Spapp Monitoring, as long as you have been granted access through lawful means such as a court order or subpoena by law enforcement authorities.


Does Spapp Monitoring Support Multiple Accounts?


Yes – Spapp Monitoring supports multiple accounts so users can monitor activity across multiple accounts simultaneously.


Can I Monitor More Than One Account At A Time Using Spapp Monitoring?


Yes - Users are able to monitor multiple accounts at once when using Spapp Monitoringsimply by adding each account individually under one single dashboard making it easy for them to keep track of activities across multiple platforms simultaneously.


What Type Of Support Does Spapp Monitoring Offer For Its Customers?


Spapp Monitoring offers 24/7 customer support via email and phone where customers can get assistance from experienced professionals regarding any problems that they may encounter while using the app. Additionally, there is also a comprehensive online help center where customers can find useful tips and tutorials related to different features offered by the app.


Are There Any Additional Benefits That Come With Using Spapp Monitoring?


Yes - some additional benefits that come along with using Spapp Monitoring include being able to view deleted posts from other accounts, creating custom reports based on specific criteria such as time frames, setting up keyword alerts for specific activity, and more. Additionally, new features are regularly added which make it even easier for users to stay informed of any changes or suspicious behavior happening in their accounts.


Is It Possible To View Photos Shared With Me Privately?


Yes – with Spapp Monitoring, users can view photos shared with them privately via direct message as well as any photos shared publicly within their own accounts.


How Do I Get Started With Spapp Monitoring?


Getting started with Spapp Monitoring is easy – simply download the app from your device’s respective app store and create an account in order to begin using its features immediately.


Is Spapp Monitoring Compatible With All Devices?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Are There Any Limitations To The Features Offered By Spapp Monitoring For tracking An Account On Instagram?


Yes – some features may not be available depending on what type of device you are using (iOS/Android) as well as whether you have been granted access through lawful means such as a court order or subpoena by law enforcement authorities. Additionally, some features may not be able to track certain types of content, such as videos, due to limitations imposed by third party platforms.


Can I Track Someone Else’s Activity With Spapp Monitoring?


No – Spapp Monitoring is designed solely for tracking your own activity within your own Instagram account and cannot be used for tracking someone else’s activity without their permission or knowledge unless you have been granted access through lawful means such as a court order or subpoena by law enforcement authorities.


Is Spapp Monitoring Easy To Use?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring is easy to use with a simple interface that allows users to quickly access all features of the application including setting up alerts and monitoring activity in real-time. Additionally, new features are regularly added which make it even easier for users to stay informed of any changes or suspicious behavior happening in their accounts.


How Does Spapp Monitoring Work?


Spapp Monitoring is a spy phone app that provides users with the ability to monitor all activities on their device in real-time. The app can be used to monitor calls, messages, GPS location, photos and videos shared, as well as internet activity. Additionally, users can also set up alerts for specific activities or keywords used on the device.


Spapp Monitoring is a spy phone app that allows users to monitor and track activities within their Instagram account, such as posts, comments, likes and follows. The app works by scanning the user's account for activity and then providing detailed reports of any activity that has taken place.