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SPAPP Monitoring

Version 16.16

*New: Phone Tracker by Number.

ATTENTION: Before you install the Spy App APK on the phone that you want to monitor, you must:
- Go to Play Store > Your account > Play Protect > disable Google Play Protect > Uncheck or Turn Off "Play Protect"

Please check the Spapp Monitoring install guide
After install, please check the article Make sure that Spapp Monitoring's activity is not interrupted

How to install Spapp Monitoring

How do I install Spapp Monitoring?

Spapp Monitoring is very easy easy to use and it has a very simple install process. Before you download spy app, you must disable Play Protect. Open Chrome(or any other browser) on the phone that you want to track. Go to the Spapp Monitoring spy apk download page(this is the spy app download page). Download the spy apk. APK comes from Android application package and it is an app installer for an Android phone. After you download the file you only have to click on it and Android will start installing Spapp Monitoring.

How do I use Spapp Monitoring?

After you download and install the mobile monitor spy apk on the phone you want to monitor, you must open the app. You will create your account by entering your email address and a password. You will use your email address and the password in order to login into our website and monitor remotely the phone. Please activate the accessibility access and the notification access for the app - this is included in our install process. The accessibility access and the notification access are needed in order to get social media chat messages, browser history, call recording(from Android 10, call recordings may be empty if accessibility is not active). From Android 11 you must also activate the admin rights for the spyap.


Spapp Monitoring is designed for monitoring your employees or underage children on a mobile device that you own or have proper consent to monitor. This is not a spyware apk. Installing without the owner's knowledge is prohibited. Please be sure to check our terms of service - Spapp Monitoring terms of service.