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Contact MONAPP CALABS LIMITED for any issue you encounter with Spapp Monitoring, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible. We offer support only in English.
We remind you that our answering time is 24 hours. Please check your spam box if you don't see any reply in 24 hours. In order to receive your answer in a shorter time, please don't write the same email more times.

Possible questions:

Before you install the application on the phone that you want to monitor, you must:
- Go to Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources
- Go to Google Settings > Security > Uncheck or Turn Off "Scan device for Security threats"

If you do not have an account, you have to install the application on the phone that you want to track. You will have to enter an email and a password (these will be used when you login on the website).
If you have an account, you need to install the application on the new phone that you want to track. You have to use the same email and password as when you registered your account (email and password used when you installed the application for the first time).
To remove a phone from your account, please log on our website and go to Account > Deleting tab > Delete Phone.
It`s easy! Just visit the Password Recovery page and follow the intructions.
You can find more information at the following page Password reset
If you have difficulties don`t hesitate to contact us.
To change your email address, please log on our website with your current email address and password, go to Account > Email Change and type your new email address. After that click on the "Change email" button.
To delete your account, please log on our website with your email and password, go to Account > Deleting tab > Delete account.
Just follow 5 simple steps:
1. Enable "Allow installation of non-Market application" on the target phone
(go to phone Settings => Security => Applications => Unknown sources )
2. Turn Off the Google setting Scan device for Security threats
(Go to Google Settings > Security > Uncheck or Turn Off "Scan device for Security threats" )
3. Download the latest Spapp Monitoring version from our website on the target phone
4. Install it
5. Register your account
For more details visit the Spapp Monitoring guide page
You can`t install Spapp Monitoring remotely. You must have physical possession of the smartphone in order to install the application.
The logs from the target phone are stored on a server that you can REMOTELY access through internet.
Please check the Terms of Service.
To uninstall the application go to Phone Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Spapp Monitoring* > Uninstall.
*The application`s name may vary depending on the version/source
There are 2 options:
- Uninstall the current Spapp Monitoring version and install a Custom install (Custom install = without notification on the notification bar and no icon present in the phones menu)
-Hide the notification*
Go to> Phone Settings > Application Manager > Spapp Monitoring > Uncheck the "Show notifications" box > OK More info at Spapp Monitoring hide notification
*Only if your phone runs Android 4.1.2 or a newer version
The call recording feature is available only for Android. Without a payment you will be able to listen to the first three conversations. After the trial period, you will have to make a payment(that includes call recording) in order to have call recording logs. Read more about call recording here.
You can track Whatsapp without ROOT but still, in general we recomend Root for tracking Whatsapp.
For Whatsapp without ROOT, you have to enable notification access and accessibility access. You also have to install at least Spapp Monitoring V11.3
Please also read our support page - the section for social media messages.
Messages will be recorded only if you have an active subscription or you are in the trial period.
You can track social media messages without ROOT but in general we recommend Root for tracking Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype or other messaging apps. If you don't have ROOT, you have to enable notification access and accessibility access. You also have to install at least Spapp Monitoring V11.4.
You can read about rooting your phone in general here Spapp Monitoring Root.
Please also read our support page - the section for social media messages.
We recommend that you use the standard versions of Facebook, Whatsapp or other messaging application. This means a version that you can download from Google Play. We also recommend that you do not use a third party keyboard application.
Messages will be recorded only if you have an active subscription or you are in the trial period.
GPS tries to get a location in 60 sec. Internet connection is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.
The GPS log accuracy is represented by the phone's GPS accuracy. In order for the log to be accurate, please make sure the GPS receiver is Enabled (from the Phone Settings), the Internet is turned ON, and the tracked phone is NOT in a building or tunnel.
Just log on our website using your mobile phone/tablet/laptop or PC with your email and password.
To delete your logs, please log on our website, go to Account > Deleting tab > Delete logs.
All the selected phone logs will be deleted from your account.
Our prices are as follows (for basic subscription*):

One month - $10.00 or 8.77 Euros
Three months - $20.00 or 17.55 Euros
Six months - $30.00 or 26.32 Euros
One year - $40.00 or 35.09 Euros
(Basic subscription = SMS, MMS, Phone, GPS, Ring, Power, Browser, Pictures, Contacts, Calendar, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Kik, Tango and Skype logs)
For call recording feature you will need to pay another 10$ for one month.
To make a payment you must log on our Spapp Monitoring site.
After that on the left side you have the option to Make Payment. Then select the validity period and the phone/phones for which you want to make the payment, select Call recording feature (if you want it) and press on the Proceed to checkout button.
In the next page you can select the currency and the payment method (you can choose between Paypal or Bluesnap).
Normally your payment should be automatically validated. If you have made a payment but it has not been validated please contact us.
Please specify:
- the email address with which you made the payment
- the payment system used (PayPal or Bluesnap)
- Transaction Id

If the payment is declined by the payment gate, then please be sure to use your real billing information and the correct card details. Please use your real name, address, zip code. Please check your card number, expiration date, CVV (located on the back of the card) and 3DSecure code.
We collaborate with two of the largest payment systems used globally: PayPal and Bluesnap. They offer safety, reliability and quality services.
Unfortunately not. But you can try to add cash to your PayPal account. For more information please read the following article Add cash
Bluesnap can also offer some methods of payment without a credit card.
For older versions of Spapp Monitoring we can only record the activity of the default browser, Chrome and S-Browser (default Samsung Galaxy S5 browser). If the user opens another browser like Mozilla or Dolphin you will not be able to view the browser history. If the user opens the default browser BUT browses the Internet in a private window (incognito mode), then our application won't be able to track that, as this mode leaves no traces on the phone.
From Spapp Monitoring version 11.1 you can track other browsers like Firefox or Opera and this works even in incognito mode.
Our application is not a virus. It is an application for parental control. You get that false notification because some antivirus consider such applications as "unwanted", installed by other people on your phone without your consent.
In order to function normally, please add our application to the exceptions list.
For now you can use our iOS application only for a jailbreak devices.
Our application records the new contacts added after you have installed it. It should be noted that you will be able to see the contact name and id for every sms/mms or phone log. Starting with Spapp Monitoring v7.0 you can create a list with all your contacts. All you need to do is to send an SMS command. For more details read the following article - SMS commands
Starting with Spapp Monitoring v7.0 you can enable the Administrator Rights by dialing a code (#123456#). Please read the following article Device Administrator Rights
If you have installed at least Spapp Monitoring v7.0 and you want to reopen the application then dial #12345678# and then press on the Call button.
The sms messages are displayed on Android 4.4, 5.x, 6.x or 7.x. You can customize the sms commands with your text, for example "How was school today?". Please read the following article Customize SMS commands
Also the sms commands are displayed if the application is uninstalled.
Check that the sent SMS are identical* to the customized SMS commands set by you.
- Pay attention to uppercase/lowercase. If you do not follow this rule then the command will not be processed
- Pay attention to words spacing (do not leave any unnecessary blank space)
- Enter the exact content of the messages and do not include other extra signs or symbols
The settings are synchronized automatically after about 12 hours. For a faster synchronization you can try to reopen Spapp Monitoring or to restart (turn off and on) the target phone while the internet connection is ON.
In order to be able to record surrounding you will need to have an active subscription including call recording and surroundings. Also make sure that the target phone runs at least v7.0 of Spapp Monitoring. If you are on the trial period or your subscription doesn't include this feature then you will not be able to listen to surroundings.
Record surroundings tutorial.
For surroundings we use a different codec to ensure a better quality for the sounds recorded by the microphone. That codec is AMR_WB (different from call recording codec - AMR_NB). You can open the file using VLC player VLC
By default the surroundings will be registered for 10 minutes starting from the moment you send the SMS command. However, this value can be changed to 5 or 15 minutes. Please log on your account, go to Account, Remote settings, Record audio time (set the value) and Save the settings.
Here is a list of what to check:
1. The phone's internet connection. You can do this by using the phone's browser and access the internet. Leave the internet connection on.
2. If the application is still installed on the phone. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications and search for SPAPP monitoring or Backup
3. The phone's airplane mode should be disabled.
4. Restart (shut down and start up) target phone (with internet connection ON).
5. Choose a smaller time interval for the data to be sent to the server. After you login on our website go to Account (right menu) -> Phone settings -> set the Time interval for sending data to the server to 15 minutes.
6. You should also check for any task killer or battery optimization apps installed on the phone(some are built-in). If you find any of those application you should uninstall them or whitelist Spapp Monitoring.

We also recommend that you enable the notification for our application. Here is some usefull information to avoid any interruption
The logs upload depends on the internet connection of the target device.
Also, you can select the shortest time for upload from your account.
Log in to your account -> Account -> Phone settings -> Time interval for sending data to the server -> select 15 minutes -> click save

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