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How to grant access for SPAPP Monitoring to Accessibility

In the following tutorial you can find how to take the advantages of Spapp Monitoring and how to monitor the WhatsApp messages, the browser's history for the latest Android OS and see the Incognito browsing activity as well. The main advantages are as follow:

1. Track WhatsApp without ROOT access
2. The browser activity will be captured even if the monitored device is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow
3. The Incognito mode (also known as Private mode) will be monitored too
4. Besides the browsers which are already supported Spapp Monitoring v11.1 is allowing you to monitor even the 3rd party Internet browsers (like Firefox, Dolphin, Opera and so on)
5. From Android 10, Accessibility access is needed for call recording

Method #1 - Grant access through Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Mobile Phone interface

1. Open the Spapp Monitoring’s interface by using the Dial code
2. Select the “Accept” button

3. On the next screen press on the “Check warnings” button

4. Scroll down until you will find the “Accessibility settings” button and press on it

5. Locate the Spapp Monitoring | Phone Monitoring software and select it
6. Grant access for Spapp Monitoring | Phone Tracker to read the browser’s history

7. Confirm the access by pressing on the “OK” button.

*** For some devices you will also be asked to “Turn on TalkBack” feature. Please grant that access too.

Method #2 - Manually Grant access from phone's Settings

1. Open the phone’s menu and navigate to “Settings

2. Open the “Accessibility” menu

3. Locate the Spapp Monitoring Spy App and select it

4. Grant access for Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Android to read the browser’s history

5. Confirm the access by pressing on the “OK” button.

*** For some devices you will also be asked to “Turn on TalkBack” feature. Please grant that access too.


We are facing two problems in this program of yours, one is that we are not able to hear the images and audio messages that are coming in WhatsApp, please open it and the other is that only our voice is playing in the call being recorded. There is no sound from the other side. Please solve these two problems. We are waiting for your reply


For Spapp Monitoring call recording with both sides should work better but there are still phones where you can only get one side.


Is there a way I can program and change things on targeted phone remotely


You have to install the app. YOu need access or you can use the send invite feature. Once installed, the app offers Internet remote commands.


Can this be done remotely?


Hi, You need access to the phone in order to enable the accessibility setting. This is because of the Android security.


Hey is there an sms command if the accessibility has been turned off for call recordings


Hello, I am sorry, you have to go into the phone's settings menu and enable accessibility again. THere is not a sms command for this. Thank you

Riyadh Adnan Arabie

Hello, the phone has been changed, how do I transfer the activation code to the new phone


Hi, You can not manually change the subscription to another phone. Just contact support and we will change your subscription for you.


I can't get any log from the target phone, even though I've subscribed it...


Hi, Please contact our support team. YOu have to keep the app installed on the phone. Also depending on your phone model, you may have to add some extra steps at the install process to make sure that Spapp Monitoring is not killed by an inbuilt task killer.

Vimlesh Singh

Mujhe voice call silently aa rahi hai kya karein


Hi, Both voices are silent? In this case you have to check the phone if the accessibility access is enabled. This is used for call recording.

Vimlesh Singh

I have received silent voice call but voice call not clearly


Hi, If the voice of the person you are calling is silent this could be because of a limitation of the phone's manufacturer - because of legal issues.


When I start purchase 2 days audio was working fiend after that Audio not working when I download it form many source.


Hi, Please check if the phone has the record audio permission enabled for Spapp Monitoring - Backup in the apps list.

Uma Tiwari

I am not receiving any log of target phone


Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience. You have to contact our support team. In general you don't have logs anymore because the app was blocked by a task killer or it was uninstalled.