Spapp Monitoring for:



How to open the application for Android


1. Open the phone’s menu
2. Open the Dial Pad

open the application for Android

3. Type the code #12345678#
4. Press on the CALL button

open the application for Android

We recommend you to enable and the Device Administrator Rights if you want to prevent the app from being uninstalled.
Should be noted that this code is available only if you have installed Spapp Monitoring v7 or a more recent version.

Older versions
If you have installed an older Spapp Monitoring version (up to v7) then the only way to reopen the app is to Uninstall the current version and install it again.

Sam - -130 days ago

میشه بهم کمک کنین ک من کجا باید شماره طرفو بزنم ک موقعیتشو برام نشون بده چون من الان وارد لینک شدم مشخصات تلفن منو میاره چجوری باید موقعیته طرفو ببینن اگه میشه بم بگین.

Admin - -86 days ago

Hi, We can not understand your question. We used google translate . It seems that you want to track a phone number.

Margó - -187 days ago

Szia! Nekem sok funkció nem működik Hiàba van engedélyezve

Admin - -179 days ago

Hi, You have to contact the support team. In general the issue can be because of an inbuilt task killer.

It's Me - -195 days ago

How to remove icon fromt app tray?

Admin - -179 days ago

On some phones the icon is not on the start menu. It is up to the phone manufacturer how they modify Android.

[email protected] - -252 days ago

Help me call recorder not working pls

Admin - -213 days ago

Hi, if accessibility access is enabled, you can also try to change the source of the recording.

[email protected] - -252 days ago

I am allready subscriber

شهریار - -275 days ago

برنامه خوبی هست

Admin - -213 days ago

Hi, Thank you for your feedback.