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How to pay for our services without a card?

At the moment our website allows 2 ways of payment: via PayPal or TwisPay. Both of them require a card (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron etc.). We have tried to introduce one of the largest internationally used payment system, but each region has different standards and regulation, so it is very difficult to cover the entire market. In this article we will show you how to make payments without having to own a debit or credit card.
It should be noted that for all of these methods of payment is mandatory to have a Paypal account. If you already have one you can Log in or you can Sign up

What should you do?

Setup a PayPal account

• There are two kinds of accounts: Personal and Business.
You will need to make a Personal account and to select Continue. Then select your country and you will be automatically redirected to a new page. Now choose your language and press on the Get Started button.
• Enter your email address, choose a password, enter your first and last name, add your address, city, state/province, postal code, mobile number (will be used to contact you in case there’s a problem with your account or purchase) and UNCHECK “Link my credit card” option.
Now you just have to accept the terms and conditions imposed by Paypal and to create your account.
• Type the characters you see in the image for security purposes and select Continue.
• Select “Go to my account”. Verify your email address (an email was sent to your email address). Open your Inbox and click on the link to activate your account.
Congratulations! You have managed to successfully create your Paypal account.

1. Add cash with MoneyGram

• Find the nearest MoneyGram location accessing the following page Find location and enter address, city, or a postal code, select your country and find locations.
• If there is a MoneyGram center available in your region, then you can enroll your Paypal account
• Fill in a "Send Money" form.
• Your cash will be added to the PayPal account within minutes.

2. Add cash with MoneyPak

• You can buy a MoneyPak from a participating retailer and add cash to a Paypal account. Find the nearest Moneypak location accessing the following page Store locator and enter address, city, or a postal code, select your country and find locations.
• Once you have bought a MoneyPak card you can add money to your PayPal account by entering the account number of your card.

3. Add cash with Coinstar

• You can add cash on your PayPal account from thousands of Coinstar kiosks. Find the nearest Coinstar kiosk accessing the following page Kiosk locator and enter address, city, or a postal code, select your state and find locations.
• If there is a Coinstar kiosk available in your region, then you can enroll your Paypal account. Now go to the nearest kiosk and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

4. Add cash with My Cash Cards

• You can add cash on your PayPal account with My Cash Cards (prepaid PayPal cards). Among the largest retailers we can mention:
-CVS pharmacy (find a store)
-Rite Aid pharmacy (find a store)
-Family Dollar (find a store)
-Dollar General (find a store)
-Freds (find a store)
• After you have bought a My Cash Card go to Paypal Cash to apply funds using the PIN from your Cash Card.

For all these methods you will have to pay a fee
pay without card

*The unspent money will remain on your Paypal account

mohsen - -74 days ago

hi i am from iran and i cant take a paypal,s account please help me how can i to take a spapp account Is it not possible through Bitcoin?

Admin - -67 days ago

Hi, For Iran I think you can only use JCC if you have a credit or debit card from Visa or Mastercard. I do not think Payssion has a solution for Iran.

Ilb - -79 days ago

Upi payment & indian bank transfer not working. I also dont have visa aur mastwrcard. I have only Rupay. Pls give solution for upi or indian bank transfer payment mode

Admin - -67 days ago

Hi, Payssion remove UPI and Indian Bank transfer. We hope that they will add something back. Until then, we recommend to use Paypal or JCC. Thank you

Chrussy - -92 days ago

I have a promo code,where do I enter it

Admin - -67 days ago

Hi, What promo code do you have? We have only one promo on our website now. It does not require a promo code. It is a -25% promo for one month at 15$.

Cherry - -105 days ago

I all ready pay amount with recording and live streaming bt recording not ply live streaming all so not working...plzzz as soon as possible my prblm

Admin - -101 days ago

HI, YOur payment was still not validated? Please contact our support team. You can also try to contact Payssion.

Cherry - -107 days ago

Pllzzzz alredy payment done with call recording all so bt not lesing meé

Admin - -67 days ago

Hi, You have an issue with call recording? Please contact our support team so that we can look at your account. Thanks

Cherry - -108 days ago

Am sending the payment payssion not activated

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, YOu used Payssion to pay? Did you use a bank transfer? For a bank transfer it may take some time to be validated by the bank.

Behnam - -108 days ago

درود برانسانهای خوب کار کرد با برنامه برای من مبهم است و سعی در یادگیری دارم لطفا به کمک من بشتابید تشکر بینهایت پیوست میباسد?

Admin - -67 days ago

Hi, Please install the app on the phone that you want to track. You also have a video that shows everything step by step.

Ali - -111 days ago

Hello sir one time parchez How many divice Contect

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, I am sorry but we can not understand your question.

Ali - -111 days ago

One to time parchez How many divice Contect

Admin - -67 days ago

Hi, Thank you for your interest in Spapp Monitoring. I am sorry but we can not understand your question.

Asmanan - -113 days ago

Mohon dibantu dengan semaksimalnya

Dji sam soe - -77 days ago

Bisa bayar bank indonesia

Admin - -101 days ago

Thank you for your comment. Please contact our support team. We are here to help.

Monica odero - -119 days ago

Am in Kenya.. how do I pay

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, If you do not have a Visa or mastercard, Please try to use Payssion

Emmanuel from Tanzania - -119 days ago

Hello I don't have any card but i have money in line,like m_pesa,artel money so what can I do in oder to pay it?

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, Please try to use Payssion. This way you can pay without a card but with local payments.

[email protected] - -129 days ago

Không ai hỗ trợ tôi cả , thật thất vọng ,

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, We offer support for free. You do not need an active subscription and we can help you set up everything if you contact support.

Sandeep - -147 days ago

Payment is not happening

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, What method of payment do you use? Thanks

Joseph Walukhu - -149 days ago

I want to unsubscribe but there is no option.I no longer have the phone I used to track but I am still being deducted €23 monthly. Please help

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, You can deactivate your subscription from Paypal but You can also contact our support team and we will deactivate the auto renew payment for you.

maria - -150 days ago

Hey have tried this app and is not work somebody to direct how to sing in and about the payment i only have mpesa

Admin - -101 days ago

HI, Thank you for comment. Please try to use Payssion.

V - -151 days ago

Bharat se payment kaise kare

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, If you do not have an international card, you can use Payssion. They support Upi and bank transfer.

Hicar - -154 days ago

Hi, I want to buy for 62 phones, what's the price? Please contact me to [email protected] Thanks.

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, If you are buying the app for 10 phones or more, you will receive a discount of -50%

Kingsley - -164 days ago

The option for me to pay or subscribe here in nigeria is through JCC with Mastercard, debit card. But the problem here is that my payment is Being Declined. I have tried it many times but its being deiclined. What can I do to successfully make Payments and subscribe please. NOTE; My Bank is NOT the problem.

Admin - -102 days ago

Hi, Can you check what payment methods has Payssion for Nigeria? Please contact our support so we can check the details of your declined transactions.

Agung - -172 days ago

Apakah ada cara lain yang lebih mudah untuk pembayarannya

Admin - -170 days ago

Hi, I see that you are from Indonesia. You can try to Pay with Paypal or JCC with VISA or Mastercard. If you do not have a card, you can try to pay with Payssion that uses local payment options like bank transfer.

Dumpa Manish Kumar - -175 days ago

I want to de active my phone

Admin - -170 days ago

Hi, You can delete your phone or your account. Once you delete your account or phone, all logs will be deleted permanently.