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Phone Tracker by number

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This subscription is for one Android phone. If you purchase a subscription, this subscription will be added to your account and you will be able to add that subscription to a phone from your account.
In order to add a phone to your account, you can use our Phone Tracker by number feature. This feature will allow you to send a message (containing the install instructions) to your child's phone. You can copy this message and send it (using sms or a messaging app like Whatsapp) to the phone number of your child. Our app will generate an unique invite code that will be used by the user that installs the tracking app. This invite code will link your account to the app installation and you will be able to see on your account the activity of the phone where the app was installed.
If your child does not want to install the tracking app on his phone, then you will need to have access to your child's phone and install the tracking app on that phone. We still recommend to have full unrestricted access to the phone that you want to track, especially because some steps like optimisations or for task managers - task killers (some phones may kill the app). Please review our Terms of Service before you buy the subscription.
Spapp Monitoring comes also with a free trial. Just install the app on the phone that you want to monitor or send the invite message and you will be able to test Spapp Monitoring for 3 days for FREE. Find here more info about the Track by phone number feature.
Spapp Monitoring will be able to track phone calls (including call recording), sms, Gps, Pictures, Apps, Contacts, Browser history and many social media messages such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Line, Snapchat, Tiktok, Viber and many more. All social media messages are available without ROOT. Click here to display all the features.

Live streaming

Includes video streaming, audio streaming and screen capture.

Call recording

Records voice call. You have 3 free conversations recorded.

Whatsapp tracker

Tracks the Whatsapp messages. You can also record calls for Whatsapp. Whatsapp Voice Notes are also available. Does not require ROOT.

Free trial

Test Spapp Monitoring and buy it only if you are satisfied.

File manager

Browse folders from the phone and download files from the phone.

Gps tracker

Tracks for FREE the gps coordinates periodically. The location is displayed also for a phone call or sms.

Remote monitor

The logs are stored on a server that you can access through internet.

Facebook tracker

Tracks the Facebook messages. Records Facebook calls. No ROOT

Phone tracker

Phone Tracking of incoming and outgoing calls.

Remote commands

Control the phone with sms commands.

Supports Android

Our application runs on Android 4.1 and up.

Sms tracker

Sms Tracking of incoming and outgoing messages.

Mms tracker

Tracks incoming and outgoing mms messages. Saves the text and the image.

Browser tracker

Tracks the browser's activity.

Instagram tracker

Track Instagram without Root.

Tinder tracker

Track Tinder without Root.

TikTok tracker

Track TikTok without Root.

System logs

Tracks when the phone is restarted or when the ring mode is changed.

Calendar tracker

Tracks the new events in the calendar.

Skype tracker

Tracks the Skype messages and calls.

Viber tracker

Tracks the Viber messages. Records Viber calls. No ROOT

Anti theft

Sim card change notification, Lock phone, Alarms.

Contacts tracker

Tracks if a new contact is added.

Telegram tracker

Tracks Telegram messages without Root. Includes also Telegram call recording and audio notes.


Record Surroundings with an sms command.

Line tracker

Tracks the Line messages.

Applications tracker

Tracks installs/uninstalls of applications and apps usage.

Hike tracker

Tracks Hike messages without Root.

Block apps

You can block applications.

Block numbers

You can block numbers for phone calling or sms.

Web block

You can block websites based on keywords or website url.


You can configure alerts based on phone numbers or keywords.

Kik tracker

Tracks messages from Kik.

Picture tracker

Tracks the photos taken with your phone.

Wifi notification

You can see a notification when the phone is connecting to a wifi network.

Remote wipe out

Erase your device remotely.

Snapchat tracker

Tracks the messages from Snapchat. Includes also Snapchat call recording.

Google tracker

Tracks emails, chats and calls from Gmail, Tracks also calls from Google Duo.

Video tracker

Track the videos taken with the phone.

Twitter tracker

Tracks the messages and posts from Twitter.

Internet live control

Send commands to the phone using the Internet.

Email tracker

Tracks emails from Outlook and Yahoo.

WeChat tracker

Track the messages from WeChat without ROOT.

VK tracker

Track the messages from VK without ROOT.

Zoom tracker

Track the messages from Zoom without ROOT. Records Zoom calls.

imo tracker

Track the messages from imo without ROOT.

Likee tracker

Track the messages from Likee without ROOT.

Discord tracker

Track the messages from Discord without ROOT.