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Spapp Monitoring version 7 is now available!

We are proud to introduce Spapp Monitoring version 7.0. Here is what's new

SMS commands

- restart internet
Get rid of worries! Execute this command and the internet connection will be restarted. In this way, all the data collected by the application will be available.
- start internet
Simply start an internet connection
- stop internet
Stop the active internet connection
- restart GPS
Are you worried about where your child is? Send a message including the command and GPS coordinates of the target phone will be available almost instantly in your account.
- restart settings
It facilitates the processing of new settings of the application
- restart Wi-Fi
Restart (turn on and off) the Wi-fi connection. This feature is useful especially if you have an active subscription including CALL RECORDING. The recording of phone calls and surroundings will be uploaded onto our servers much faster.
- start Wi-Fi
Simply start the Wi-fi Connection
- stop Wi-Fi
Stop the active Wi-Fi connection
- record surroundings
Set the duration you like (5/10 or 15 minutes) and start to record surroundings
- take picture
Take a picture with primary camera
- take front picture
Use this command and see who has physical access to your device.
- list contacts
Besides new contacts added, now you can create your own backup of your phonebook.
- list apps
Execute this command and you will have available on your account a list with all installed applications from your target phone (including those installed by default by the operating system)

Check the default SMS commands here.

Call Commands

Available call commands:
- Enable Administrator Rights (default Call command #123456#)
- Open the application (default Call command #12345678#)

Check how to activate or deactivate Device Administrator Rights here.

Extra safety

- Now you can monitor if your child uses multiple SIM cards. On the System section of our website you will see a notification every time when the SIM card is changed.
- Check if a new application was installed or another already existing has been uninstalled. All these details will be available on the Applications section. Moreover, you will see and how long your child has used these applications.
- Enable Administrator Rights and prevent the application from being uninstalled without typing the password set by you during the registration process.

Be more sociable

It's just a joke. The good news is that we've listened to your feedback and requests and now Spapp Monitoring can register and Line Messenger. For Line spy, the target phone must be rooted just like for Facebook, Viber and Skype.

Browse without worry

Besides the stock Android browser you can now use and Chrome or S-Browser (default Galaxy S5 browser) to browse the Internet. Browser spy for the best tracking results.

Almost indestructible

Say goodbye to missing call records! Almost everyone has installed a task killer application on the phone. We have developed our application immune to task killers and in this way the call registration process will not be interrupted.

Better GPS location

The GPS module has been improved to be able to determine a location using only internet connection. In this way you can see the GPS coordinates regularly.


You can download the latest version from here. Important note: Please uninstall any previous Spapp Monitoring versions you might have on the phone, before installing Spapp Monitoring v7.

Please check some of the new features of our Phone Monitoring App (that are available for newer versions): Spy Whatsapp, How to Hack Whatsapp, Telegram tracker, Snapchat tracker, Instagram tracker, Facebook Tracker, Sms spy, Spy camera app, Call recorder spy or Phone Tapping.


In order to take advantage of the SURROUNDINGS please make sure you select "Include call recording" when buying your phone subscription. If you already have a subscription with us, you can upgrade it from the "Make Payment" page.


Below you can find a list with the most common questions and answers related to Spapp Monitoring version 7:
-Live Control
-Customize SMS commands
-Device Administrator Rights

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Shillah - -127 days ago

I make payment but spapp is not working, what might be the problem?

Admin - -86 days ago

Hi, What do you use to pay? In case the transaction is declined by your bank, please contact your bank.