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44% of teenage internet users admit that they watched something online that their parents don't approve of. You also need to consider that many of them don’t admit doing this, so the actual number is even bigger. A browser spy, like Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Android is an application that will ensure you are aware of any ‘inappropriate’ activity of this kind. There are many Android browsers but the good news is that we support Chrome spy, Firefox spy, Opera spy or other major browsers even in incognito mode.

Spapp Monitoring | Phone Monitoring for Monitoring Children

Spying on browser with our Spy App for Mobile Phone history is an efficient way to ensure your child isn’t exposed to any dubious and openly dangerous information. Unfortunately, the Internet is flooded with the content of this kind, from online pornography to chat rooms where children might face sexual solicitation.

If you know what websites your children are visiting exactly, you will be able to protect and educate them better, so a browser spy is a truly invaluable tool for any parent.

Spapp Monitoring for Employers

If you run a business, you know how hard it can be to manage your employees, especially when they start spending their office hours ‘busying’ themselves with browsing websites completely unrelated to their job.

A browsing spy app will allow you to notice when something like this happens, so that you can talk to the ‘offender’ and find a solution. However, you should note that if you plan to install Spapp Monitoring | Spy App on your employees’ gadgets, or on any other adult’s smartphone, you will need to warn them in advance. This browser spy is not a phone hack, but it’s legally required that you inform adults before starting any kind of surveillance.

The Bottom Line

A spy for browser is a great helper if you want to keep your children safe and make sure your employees use their working hours to actually work. In addition, Spapp Monitoring | Phone Tracker allows you to not only monitor the browsing history but actually block unwanted websites by accessing your secure account.

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Will my child know if I have set up alerts for certain websites using Browser spy?


No, your child will not know about any alerts you have set up unless they stumble upon them accidentally while accessing those specific websites.


Can I use Browser spy on multiple devices at once?


Yes, you can use Browser spy on multiple devices simultaneously as long as each device has the necessary software installed.


Can I access my child's browsing history from a different device using Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, you can access all recorded browsing history from any device with an internet connection by logging into your Spapp Monitoring account.


Is it possible to track someone's location using Browser spy?


No, Browser spy does not have a location tracking feature. However, Spapp Monitoring does offer a GPS tracking feature that can be used for monitoring someone's location.


Can I use Browser spy on my own device?


Yes, you can use Browser spy on your own device for personal reasons such as keeping track of your own internet activities or backing up bookmarks and downloads.


Is it possible to track someone's browsing activity on multiple devices using Browser spy?


Yes, you can monitor and track browsing activity on multiple devices using Spapp Monitoring. Each device will need to have the app installed and set up separately.


Is it possible to block certain websites using Browser spy?


No, Browser spy does not have a website blocking feature. However, you can use other features of Spapp Monitoring such as App Blocking to restrict access to certain apps that may contain inappropriate content.


Can I set up alerts for specific keywords or websites using Browser spy?


Yes, with Spapp Monitoring you can set up custom alerts for specific keywords or websites. You will receive notifications whenever those keywords or websites are accessed by the target user.


Is there any way for someone to detect if they have a spy phone app like Spapp Monitoring installed on their device?


It is difficult for someone to detect a spy phone app like Spapp Monitoring, as it runs in the background and does not show up as an app icon or in the device's settings.


Is it legal to use Browser spy?


It depends on your location and the laws in place. In most cases, it is illegal to monitor someone's online activities without their consent. Make sure to check your local laws before using any spy phone app like Spapp Monitoring.