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Spapp Monitoring for iPhone/iPad

Update : Spapp Monitoring no longer supports iOS tracking but our Android version was greatly improved. Here are some new features of Spapp Monitoring: Instagram spy, Facebook spy, Telegram spy, Whatsapp spy, Sms spy, Cell Phone Tapping, How to Hack Whatsapp, Snapchat spy, Camera spy app or Call recording spy.

Spapp Monitoring runs on iPhones/iPads with iOS v6.x - 9.0.2. It can be downloaded and installed for FREE on any Jailbroken device. If you have any other question or if you need more help (for installing, setting an account, using it) don't hesitate to contact us.

Install it from:

Spapp Monitoring Cydia installer Spapp Monitoring iFile installer
Cydia or using iFile


iOS Features

The iOS operating system is different from the Android one. Therefore all available features of the iOS version are listed above. The good news is that we will continue to develop the application and will try to introduce many other features.

What does Jailbreak mean?

How to Jailbreak your device

iOS Version Tutorial Software download
9.0.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
9.0.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
9.0.0 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.4 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.3 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.1.3 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.1.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.1.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.0.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.0.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
8.0 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.1.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.1.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.0.6 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.0.5 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.0.4 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.0.3 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.0.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.0.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
7.0 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.1.6 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.1.5 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.1.4 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.1.3 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.1.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.1.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.1.0 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.0.2 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.0.1 Watch HERE Download HERE
6.0.0 Watch HERE Download HERE
How to check your iOS version: Go from the phone’s Menu to Settings > General > About > Version >

It should be noted that no liability is assumed for any damage resulting from the wrong performing of the tutorials.
So follow the steps carefully and Jailbreak the device on your own risk.


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Is there a difference between the features available for iPhone and iPad devices?


No, all features are available for both iPhone and iPad devices.


Are there any restrictions on what types of websites or apps I can block with Spapp Monitoring?


As long as it is technically feasible, you can block any website or app on the monitored device.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring for illegal purposes?


No, the app is intended for legal use only and they do not condone or support any illegal activities using the product.


What happens if my monitored device is lost or stolen?


If your monitored device is lost or stolen, you can still access all the monitored data from your online account.


Does Spapp Monitoring work in stealth mode?


Yes, the app operates in stealth mode without being detected by the user of the monitored device.


Can Spapp Monitoring be used for parental control purposes?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring can be used for parental control to monitor and restrict a child's online activities.


Can I remotely take screenshots on the monitored device with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, you can take screenshots remotely from your online account.


Does Spapp Monitoring track location even when GPS is turned off?


No, location tracking only works when GPS is enabled on the monitored device.


Is there a way to hide Spapp Monitoring on the monitored device?


Yes, you have the option to hide or unhide the app icon on the monitored device during installation.


Will deleting the app from the monitored device also delete my online account?


No, deleting the app from the monitored device will not affect your online account and you will still be able to access all previously collected data.


Can multiple users access the same online account for monitoring purposes?


No, only one user at a time can be logged into the online account to access monitored data.


Can I access the monitored data from any device?


Yes, you can access your online account and view the monitored data from any device with an internet connection.


How do I install Spapp Monitoring on an iPhone/iPad?


You can follow the step-by-step installation guide available on the website or contact the customer support team for assistance.


Will Spapp Monitoring drain the battery of the monitored device?


No, Spapp Monitoring uses minimal battery power and will not significantly affect the battery life of the monitored device.


Is the data collected by Spapp Monitoring encrypted?


Yes, all data is encrypted and securely transmitted to your online account to ensure privacy and security.


Do I need physical access to the device I want to monitor?


Yes, physical access is required for initial installation of the app. After that, all data can be accessed remotely from your online account.