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Jailbreak iOS 9 - 9.0.2

The supported devices are:

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- iPhone: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 and iPhone 4s
- iPad / iPod: all iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS v9 - 9.0.2

Before proceeding to perform this Jailbreaking tutorial please consider to:

#1. Disable Touch ID & Passcode option

#2. Disable iCloud feature

*Disable touch ID: Go to phone Settings => Touch ID & Passcode
**Disable iCloud: Go to phone Settings => iCloud => make sure that no email address / password is used for authentication

#3. The iPhone / iPad is charged more than 75%

#4. Create a backup using iTunes

*Open Itunes => Navigate to Summary from the left-hand side panel => press on the Back-up Now button

#5. Put the device into Airplane Mode

#6. The phone is running iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0.1 or iOS 9.0.2 version

Proceed to Jailbreak the device

1. Before installing our Phone Tracker, Download the Jailbreaking tool (PanGu)
Download the Jailbreaking tool (PanGu) according to the Operating System of your current Laptop / Desktop:
- iOS 9 Jailbreaking tool for Windows
- iOS 9 Jailbreaking tool for MAC

2. Run the PanGu software
Right click on the Pangu software which you have downloaded earlier and select the Run As Administrator option

3. Connect the iPhone to PC
Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the PC via the USB cable. Right after connecting it the PanGu Jailbreaking tool should automatically detect it and will display some information about that device (Device name / model, Current iOS version)

4. Start the Jailbreak
Press on the "Start" button

5. Confirm that you have a backup
Read the Jailbreaking notice and press on the Already Backup button (assuming that you have already created a backup via iTunes as we advised you before). Now the jailbreak will begin and will take several minutes for installing some prerequisite files.
Just relax and wait for a couple of moments.

6. Activate the Airplane Mode
You will notice that your iPhone / iPad will be rebooted during the process. At that point just unlock it (while it is still connected to the PC via USB cable) and enable the Airplane Mode (if it is not already enabled).

After this step the Pangu software will continue the Jailbreaking process.

7. Run the PanGu application
When the process will be about 75% completed you will be asked to run the new installed app (Pangu app) from the device. Just unlock your iPhone / iPad and run it.

8. Accept the permissions
After opening it press on the Accept button and confirm that you will allow the app to access your photos.

9. Almost done
At the end of the process the Pangu software will display a notification (Jailbreak completed) and will restart the device once again for completing the installation process.

11. Configure Cydia
The final steps will be to configure the Cydia application. For this you will need to:
- Unlock your iPhone
- Disable the Airplane Mode
- Make sure that the device is connected to Internet (via a Wireless/ 3G or 4G connection)
- Navigate through the phone`s menu and locate and open the Cydia application
- Now the Filesystem will start to be prepared
- At the final point the device will be rebooted and you can start enjoying your Jailbroken phone

Now you are ready to install the Spy App Spapp Monitoring.