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What does Jailbreak mean?

What does Jailbreak mean?

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The Jailbreaking process is an activity which allows to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to install any 3rd party app on their devices. Furthermore the files of the iOS operating system can be modified without any restriction. In other words you will remove any barrier imposed by Apple and can customize or use your iDevice exactly as you want.

If you have a Jailbroken device you can download a larger number of extensions and themes, otherwise not available in the App Store or use a different store (such as Cydia) in order to download your favorite tweaks.

The Jailbreaking procedure differs from a SIM unlock process, which only allows the user to use the device on any network.

How to Jailbreak

your current iOS version

Jay Freeman (the Cydia’s founder) estimates that over 15% of iDevices have benefited from Jailbreaking. Choose to be one of those users and take all advantages of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device. The Jailbreaking procedure is reversible so this means that you can restore the device to factory settings whenever you want.

The advantages of Jailbreaking:

- install any 3rd party application
- modify or customize the iDevice
- free tethering (you can connect the Laptop / other device to the Internet)
- have access to the iOS operating system files

The disadvantages of Jailbreaking:

- According to Apple, any OS modification may void the warranty. The good news is that the device can be restored to factory default settings using iTunes software and remove all traces of this process
- You can brick the iDevice if you are not careful about what you do. These cases are not very common and anyway, you can restore a backup anytime.