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Spapp Monitoring iOS - iFile installer

Our Spy App for Android is not compatible with iOS, but the good news is that there are a lot of new and complex features for the Android version: Snapchat spy, Whatsapp spy, Instagram spy, Facebook spy, Whatsapp hack app or Spy camera spy. These features are available from Spapp Monitoring version 16: File manager spy, Live Streaming Spy, Phone Tracker by number or WhatsApp call recording.

Before proceeding to install our Spapp Monitoring software you will need to make sure that the Cydia application is available on the home screen of the target phone. If you can’t find it then it means that your iDevice is not Jailbroken and you can’t perform the steps from below.

Setup process

Step #1 – Install iFile

- Open the Cydia application from the target phone
- Select the “Copying files to/from Device” section
- Scroll down until you will find the iFile application
- Press on the “Install” button
- Confirm the operation
- Select the “Return to Cydia” option after finishing the installation process

Step #2 – Download and install Spapp Monitoring

- Open the default Internet browser from the target phone
- Using your iPhone/iPad download the installation file from HERE
- Select the “Open in iFile” option
- Install the application

Step #3 - Register your account

- Select the Spapp Monitoring icon from the home screen
- Choose if you like displaying a notification on the status bar
- Type your email address and choose a password
- Accept the Terms of service
- Choose a Name for the target device
- Now you can exit from the application

In order to make sure that you have successfully setup the application
we recommend to TURN OFF and ON the device.


1. You can uninstall the iFile software if you have properly installed our Spapp Monitoring software.
2. You must access our website using any device (laptop/ pc / phone) for checking the logs collected from the target device.


Hello i have a problem i cant listen audio ??? Whats app and call ??? Just i can read sms help me pleace


Hi, We recommend that you install VLC to download and listen to the recordings. Please also consider to use an Android phone or a Windows computer.


Can I monitor text messages sent through third-party messaging apps with Spapp Monitoring iOS?


No, currently Spapp Monitoring iOS only records and monitors messages sent through the device's built-in messaging app.


Can I monitor social media apps other than WhatsApp and Facebook with Spapp Monitoring iOS?


Currently, WhatsApp and Facebook are the only social media apps supported by Spapp Monitoring iOS. However, they are constantly updating and adding new features.


Can I track someone's location in real-time with Spapp Monitoring iOS?


Yes, you can track someone's location in real-time as long as their device has an internet connection and GPS enabled.


Can I uninstall Spapp Monitoring iOS remotely?


Yes, you can uninstall the app remotely through your online account settings.


Is there a free trial for Spapp Monitoring iOS?


Currently, there is no free trial available for Spapp Monitoring iOS. However, they do offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the app.


Can I customize what data is recorded and monitored?


Yes, you can select which features you want to monitor and customize what data is recorded through your online account settings.