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LINE is a Japanese messenger app that is getting more popular by the day. It was launched in 2014 and it already has about 215 million active monthly users. Of course, it’s much more popular in its native Japan, but the number of international LINE users is growing fast. Therefore, installing a LINE spy is a smart decision for any parent.

An app that can spy on LINE message logs will allow you to monitor your kids’ communications and make sure they don’t associate with anyone dangerous. In addition, this app will help you protect them from scammers who also benefit from the increasing popularity of this messenger.

A LINE spying app can helps you to prevent your kids from falling at one of the most common LINE scams that concerns iTunes. The scammers hack into existing LINE accounts and persuade their contacts to buy iTune gift cards and send them a pic of the redemption code, assuring that the card will be redeemed. As the request comes from a supposedly trusted contact, the risk of your children believing it is very high. A LINE spy, like Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Android, will help you stop your kid from falling into the arms of creative scammers. You can use this application to teach your kids how to use their smartphones responsibly and what to look out for when using messengers.

How to Install and Start Using Spapp Monitoring

Installing Spapp Monitoring | Spy App is extremely easy. Spy App for Mobile Phone can be downloaded directly from the website to the target device. Then, click install and follow the step-by-step instruction. Next, create a secure account on our server.

You use this account for spying LINE logs as well as other data collected by this Cell Spy app from any computer that has access to the Internet. Spapp Monitoring is not a phone hack and using Phone Monitoring is legal. You can also install it on your parents’ and employees phones to spy on LINE messages they send/receive. However, in this case, you will need to warn them in advance.

Line call recording is available from Spapp Monitoring - Phone Tracker v16.7. Our app supports audio recording of all Line audio and video calls.

Line is a registered trademark of LINE Corporation. To download Line you can go to the Line's Google Play page.

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Is it possible to transfer my Spapp Monitoring subscription to another account?


No, subscriptions are tied to the account and cannot be transferred to another user.


Does using a spy app like Line Spy void the device warranty?


Using a spy app does not affect the device warranty. However, rooting or jailbreaking may void the warranty.


Is there a way to export the data collected by Spapp Monitoring's apps?


Yes, users can export the data in various formats such as PDF or CSV through their account.


Can I monitor other messaging apps besides LINE with Spapp Monitoring's apps?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring offers monitoring for various other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Is there a risk of the target user finding out about Line spy?


As long as the user does not have access to your Spapp Monitoring account, they will not know they are being monitored.


Can I monitor LINE activity without the target user knowing?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring's apps are completely invisible and run in stealth mode on the target phone.


Can I choose which data from LINE to monitor with Line spy?


Yes, users can customize their monitoring preferences and choose which data from LINE they want to track.


Does Spapp Monitoring offer a free trial for their apps?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring offers a free 7-day trial for their apps including Line spy.