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Nowadays, people communicate through messages more than they do through speaking by phone. Therefore, if you want to know what someone is up to, you need to know what they are writing in their messages. A reliable SMS spy application for a smartphone will help you do this.

If you install Spapp Monitoring | Spy App, the best SMS spying app available today, you will instantly know if your children or employees are lying to you. Unfortunately, this happens very often, so this spy app for smartphones can be a true lifesaver.

This app will allow you to keep an eye on your children, which is necessary because kids often don’t understand how dangerous the world is. They might lie about their whereabouts and the people they are associating with. Our top-of-the-line SMS spy will help you keep an eye on your child at all time and monitor their messages so that you know that your kid doesn’t associate with anyone dangerous.

A spy app will also help if you are worried about dishonest employees stealing your business’ intellectual property. Spapp Monitoring will provide you with a recording of ALL your employees’ calls and messages made through their smartphone. Therefore, you will know immediately if someone is trying to go behind your back selling information.

Please note that an employee must be informed that an app spying SMS is installed on his/her device. Spapp Monitoring is not a phone hack! It’s an app that spies SMS and helps keep your phone and your children safe.

Who Will Benefit from Installing Spapp Monitoring as a Sms Tracker application?

You need to install this SMS spying application if you are:

• A parent worried about the safety of your children.
• A boss who wants to be sure his/her employees don’t spread around sensitive information.

You will benefit from installing an SMS spy on your own phone as well because Spy App for Mobile Phone will track the location of the gadget through GPS and will help you if the device is stolen. Spapp Monitoring | Phone Monitoring will also back up all your messages on our secure server.

With Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Android it is really easy to spy sms. Our text spy apk is available at Sms Spy Apk download page. By installing the sms text messages spy app on the phone you want to track, you will have the text spy feature that is so needed for parental control. Spy text is essential for keeping your children safe. Spapp Monitoring works as a spy message app for the default SMS app but also for social media apps, like Whatsapp(including GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Business), Facebook(including Messenger Lite, Facebook Lite), Snapchat or Viber. Message spy for social media messages apps, is one of the most important feature that we offer since Phone Tracker is even offered without ROOT. Texting spy is available for the following apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, imo, Discord, Likee, Line, Tinder, VK, TikTok, ZOOM, Pinterest, KakaoTalk, Signal, Botim, WeChat, Zalo, Hike, Kik, Hangouts or Gmail.

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Teresa - -98 days ago

I paid for 3 months ending in Aug but I can't find my account its said there isn't a account with my email [email protected] how ever there is can u plz help me?

Admin - -84 days ago

Hi, It is possible that you use another email to register your account. You only have to send the payment confirmation (to support) and we will identify your account

Curious Chatter - -136 days ago

I was wondering if this app supports and logs RCS chats?

Admin - -84 days ago

Hi, We do not log if a person is typing. You will be able to see the messages when they are sent.

Me - -146 days ago

If Messanger is set as the default SMS on the tracked phone, will the SMS codes still work?

Admin - -84 days ago

Hi, I don't think that you can set FB messenger as a default sms app. Other sms apps such as Google messages will work with Spapp Monitoring.

Agus mardika - -147 days ago

Bagaimana cara saya membayar untuk berlangganan paket

Admin - -84 days ago

Hi, You can use our checkout on our website. The payment is done on the website , not on the app.

Johnogaz Mayange - -160 days ago

Iwant to download spapp full vasion app

Admin - -84 days ago

Hi, We only have a full version. We have different subscriptions but we only have one app

Aongvilai​ - -162 days ago


Admin - -84 days ago

Hi, If you have the call recording subscription, there could be a problem with the record audio permission.

Aongvilai​ - -166 days ago


Admin - -84 days ago

Hi, Did you get the subscription with call recording or the basic subscription.

Rudy - -246 days ago

How to remove this from phone

Admin - -211 days ago

HI, YOu can uninstall the app just like any other Android app - from the app manager from settings. On some phones, you may have to disable the admin rights before you uninstall the app.

anees reached - -283 days ago

Why my account stop ? please help me

Admin - -280 days ago

Hi, what do you mean by account stop? You do not receive new logs? Please contact our support team so that we can check your account.

Rached - -296 days ago

I found some problems For example, it does not record all calls Not all messages appear

Admin - -280 days ago

Hi, Please install/update the last version of the app Spapp Monitoring version 16.10. In this last version of the app, we make some changes for call recordings or chat messages especially on Android 13.