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Recording phone calls may seem like an extreme measure, but in some cases it becomes necessary. Depending on the situation, this can help you protect your family, business, or prevent crime.

Of course, not all the cases when you need to use a call recorder spy are related to possible crime. For example, you can use Phone Monitoring so that you can listen to an important conversation again and make sure you don’t miss anything. All in all, apps that record voice calls, like Spapp Monitoring, have a variety of uses.

Note that Spapp Monitoring is not a phone hack. It’s legal to install and use it, especially if you want to monitor your kids’ calls to ensure they stay out of trouble. However, if you want to install a call recording app on your employee’s phone, you will need to inform him or her in advance.

How to Use Spapp Monitoring

Using this call recorder spy is extremely easy. Just take the following steps:

1. Download Spapp Monitoring - Spy App for Mobile Phone.

2. Install the application on the phone you need to spy on.
3. Set up an account and log in.
4. Spy on calls from any device connected to the Internet by accessing your account.
All the data is stored on our secure server, so you can be sure that your personal information is protected.

Reasons to Use Spapp Monitoring - Spy App for Android

This great call recorder spy will allow you to:
• Monitor your children’s calls to make sure they don’t associate with anyone dangerous.
• Keep an eye on your employees and check whether they spread any sensitive information that can harm your business.
• Help fight phone scams by recording and reporting suspicious calls.
• Record voice calls you may need to go over again in the future.

Spapp Monitoring - Phone Tracker offers a free trial period, so you can test Spy App and see how helpful a spy app that records calls can be.

Spy call recorder is also available for the latest Android versions including Android 10 and Android 11. How to hack call record other phone? Just install Spapp Monitoring on the phone that you want to track. After that you will have remote access (using our website) for all the voice calls recordings on that phone.

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Hey, what can we help you with?


What happening I have paid but its not recording


Hi, Did you pay for a voice subscription? Accessibility is on? Please go to System - Apps - Backup and click on the 3 dots in the right top corner. Then click on allow unrestricted access. Now you can activate accessibility access on new Android versions. By doing this, you will be able to allow also notification access.


What do the setting have to be on to hear both sides of the call and Facebook call


Hi, On some phones it is not possible to access both sides of the conversation for Facebook. You could try to edit social media call recording audio source.


Why not calling recording? I paid for call recordWhy not calling recording? I paid for call record


Hi, Please contact support. You should be able to get the recording of at least onside even for new Android versions.


I can't hear the call voice on Xiaomi


Hi, You only hear one voice in Xiaomi? Please install Spapp Monitoring version 16.12. It is possible that the new version fixes this on a Xiaomi phone.


Hola pague la suscripción para escuchar llamadas soy de México pero simplemente no se escuchan los audios que se graban en la llamada 🤔 porfavor dígame qué puedo hacer


Hi, You can try to change the settings for call recording - sources, codecs. Please contact support


Could you tell somehow, if the app was uninstalled on the phone being tracked?


Hi, if the app is uninstalled, you will not receive new data to your account. You should contact support.


Why the app stop working after 7days or maximum 30days I don't want to pay for this


Hi, You have to contact support. It could be because of an inbuilt task killer that kills the app in 30 days. We must check the disable task killer steps.

Subhani shaik

Call record not working outside of the person not hear ..only inside voice record


Hi, Please install the latest version - 16.12 . In this version we made some modifications to record both ways of the conversation.


Why has the recording stopped from 25.02.? I can not download the calls or surroundings.


Hi, You do not have download links? It is possible that the app does not have the record audio permission. Please contact support

call records not working enable


Hi, It could be that the phone does not have any storage to record new files. To know for sure, please contact our support team.


No call is recording what's the reason even the the call get recorded it's not playing


Hi, If the problem is playing the recording, we recommend that you use VLC. Works on Android and Windows. It is better that you do not play them on a Apple device.

My voice call not recording please active recording service


Hi, You have to subscribe to Spapp Monitoring in order to have call recording. Please do not select the basic subscription. Go for the Voice call subscription.


On my logs I see phone call recordings but Wen I tap to play the recordings they can't play why???


This could be a problem with your browser/phone. Try to play the recording using Chrome or Firefox on Android or Windows.

Jaita saha

Why not calling recording? I paid for call record


Hi, PLease check if you have the record audio permission enabled. We would need more details to see exactly what the problem is. Please contact our support team. You can send an email or open a support ticket.


1 -Many calls are not recorded Why ? 2- Why only my voice is recorded and the other party does not hear his voice . لماذا كثير من المكالمات لا يتم تسجيلها؟ عندما اسمع المكامله لل يسجل الا صوت المتصل فقط لماذا ؟


Hi, Some calls may be not recording of the microphone is already used (for example for recording surroundings). Some phones do not support recording both voices of the conversation. This is because of legal reasons. In some US states only one member of the conversation can record the call. In other states both parts have to agree to record the call.

سلام من این برنامه را روی تلفن سامسونگ a32 نصب کردم اندروید ان ۱۲ هست play protect را هم خاموش کردم و پرداخت هم کردم ولی اصلا هیچ اطلاعاتی بمن نمیدهد . لطفا من را راهنمایی کنید


Hi, Thank you for using Spapp Monitoring. You have to contact our support team - I have also forwarded the request. In general if you do not have any updates from the phone, you have to see if the app is still installed. If the app is installed, you have to check if the app was not killed by a task killer. On some phones, you may need to add the app to a whitelist - On Xiaomi for example it is called AutoStart.