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All you need to know about call recordings

Question #1 Why I don’t have call records in my account?

• For Android devices: Check if the monitored device is on the trial period or if you have bought a basic subscription (without call recording and surroundings)
• For iPhones: For the moment the call recording feature is not available for any device which is running iOS. The good news is that you can record surroundings whenever you want.

Question #2 The audio files have 32 kb or can’t be played

The Android operating system is quite permissive but imposes some restrictions. Therefore only 1 mobile application can record the phone calls.

What applications can cause such problems?
- Any call recorder software
- Any other monitoring software which can record call conversations such as a Call Recorder Spy
- Any active voice / dream talk recorder

To avoid such inconveniences we recommend uninstalling any application that corresponds to the categories listed above.

Question #3 Some phone call conversations are not fully recorded.

We do not impose any limitations so the entire phone calls should be registered. However sometimes the recording processes are killed by Task killers or even by the Android operating system when the device gets low on resources.
How can you solve this? Make some processes to run on foreground!

- Open the application using dial pad command
- Check the "Show notification" box
- Select the "Accept - Next" button
- On the next screen select the "Exit" button
- Turn off the screen for about 1 minute

Spapp Monitoring - Notification

Now a notification will be displayed on the status bar. Using that notification the process for recording phone calls/surroundings is placed to the foreground. This means that the phone calls/surroundings will no longer be interrupted.

If you think that the notification is annoying or if you have many push notifications (from WhatsApp / Facebook etc) but you want to keep the app immune to task killers then you can perform the following steps:
- Go to Settings
- More
- Application Manager
- Scroll down until you will find our SPAPP Monitoring and select it
- Uncheck the “Show notifications” box
- Select the OK button

Spapp Monitoring - Uncheck Show Notification

Question #4 Which audio player you recommend using?

We recommend using VLC media player for 5 reasons:
a) It can be downloaded and installed for FREE
b) It can be used for both desktop and mobile devices
c) It can play even the files which was recorded using the AMR_WB codec
d) You can play the call recording using the VLC plugin from your internet browser
e) You can boost the audio volume level:
Open VLC media player, go to => Tools => Preferences => Always reset audio level to > select a percentage (up to 300%)