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How to record Surroundings

With our Our Spy App for Mobile Phone you can record surroundings by using the SMS commands.


#1. Send an SMS command

Send an SMS from your phone to the monitored device with the command to Record Surroundings.
The default SMS commands are available here: Default SMS commands
If you think that the default commands are difficult to remember then you can customize them: Custom SMS commands


By default, the surroundings will be registered for 10 minutes per SMS command (you can change this value from your Account > Remote settings > Record audio time) and the audio file will be stored on en encrypted database on the monitored phone. It will be uploaded to our server when an internet connection will be available. Furthermore the file will be deleted from the device after the recording will be successfully uploaded to our server.

#2. Restart the Internet (optionally)

If you want to upload the recordings faster then you can send another SMS command (after about 15 minutes) to restart the Internet

#3. Listen to the surroundings records

Log on your account after the audio files were successfully uploaded and access the Surroundings section of our website to check the records.


We recommend using VLC media player for opening the audio files. It can be downloaded and installed for free from the following address VLC media player

From newer version of Spapp Monitoring, you can send the record surroundings command using just the Internet. It is no longer needed to send a sms. Here are some new features of Spapp Monitoring: Facebook spy, Spy camera spy, Snapchat spy, Whatsapp spy, Instagram spy or Whatsapp hack app. Here are some new internet commands that you can send just using the Internet: File manager spy or Live Streaming Spy.

Hi - -66 days ago

Logs are not updated after purchased subscription please help

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, Thank you for your interest in our application. You have to contact our support team in order to resolve this.

Francis - -85 days ago

When sending a commnad, am getting this error ERROR: The command was not sent what could be the problem? has the application be unstalled on the target phone or disabled??

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, it is possible that the app is uninstalled or disabled. Other functions work?

Maykel - -88 days ago

Hi is send command for recording surrounding yesterday and no see in icon for recording surrounding any files

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, It is possible that a command is not sent - for example when the phone is not connected to the Internet.

mehri - -95 days ago

Hello, I haven't been able to get any information, no voice recording, no call recording, no location information for two days, only phone numbers and messages.

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, You have to contact support in order for us to look into some phone details.

mehri - -96 days ago

hello, I've been sending registration smsi since yesterday, if there is no registration, I would appreciate it if you could help.

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, This is command to use after you install the app. You have to first install the app on the phone you want to track.

ramesh - -121 days ago

call record not sound

Admin - -100 days ago

Hi, The call recording is silent from Android 10 if the accessibility setting is turned off.

BHAVESH - -123 days ago

Not working ..PDN to help

Admin - -66 days ago

Hi, What is not working. Please contact our support team and give some details.

Sunny - -127 days ago

Please take a photo

Admin - -100 days ago

Spapp monitoring supports the take pic command. YOu can use both the front and back camera to take a picture.

Gokul - -127 days ago

Hi streaming command properly not working please solve this problem unsatisfied call recordings voice not clear please request Admin please solve problems

Admin - -100 days ago

Hi, Please contact our support team and we will look into your account. What does not work for live streaming? You receive the audio but not the video?

Abay - -145 days ago

Saya ingin streaming langsung

Admin - -100 days ago

Hi, Spapp Monitoring supports live streaming from version 16.3 - about one year old version

joory - -156 days ago


Admin - -100 days ago

Hi, I am sorry, we do not have screenshot command, but you can use the live streaming command to capture the screen of the device.

Hi - -166 days ago

No open

Admin - -101 days ago

Hi, Please install VLC. You can also change the codec for recording surroundings.

#screenshot - -175 days ago

Please provide the screenshot command

سامسونج SM-anwr2 - -129 days ago


Admin - -169 days ago

Hi, You can use the live streaming command and set the video to phone's screen. This way you have live access to screen.