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Each day on the TV, radio or internet we can see just shocking news about children abuse, paedophiles, and more. On the other side, being a teenager is trying new things and doing what is prohibited. Being a teenager is getting to know the world, the life and the people, also with the risk of being hurt. Using a Spapp Monitoring is the easiest way to spy on WhatsApp messages.

Having a smart control is using all the technology available today. Spapp Monitoring is a phone tracker application used for parental control. You can “take a look” on what your children are doing; just to be sure everything is fine. WhatsApp is the #1 in the Top 10 Best Mobile Applications for Chatting and Messages and all the people are using it, especially teenagers.

Using WhatsApp spy application you will be able to:
- spy on all the chat conversations (even the group chats);
- see phone number or the contact name with whom is made the conversation;
- monitor the time of the chatting;
- spy on all the photos sent or received using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp spy is available on Android an iOS. For iOS you will need Jailbreak.

Using Spapp Monitoring for Android, you’ll be able to track all the conversations on your child’s device even if the device is not ROOTed. WhatsApp spy is just one of the many features that Spapp Monitoring has to offer. Take advantage now of this WhatsApp spy feature and install this WhatsApp tracker app now.

This is the best WhatsApp Spy Tool that you can find on the market. It comes with NO ROOT tracking for Android. You only have to enable notification access and accessibility access when you install the application on the target device. You will receive a 3 days trial period (no credit card required) so that you can test how WhatsApp tracking works.

Get the best app for social spy WhatsApp. Spapp Monitoring includes many other features also for social spy, such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Spapp Monitoring is a complete phone tracking solution that comes with complete social messages tracking.

Tracking messages from WhatsApp is possible even if the sent or received messages are deleted. Shares files, such as pictures ore videos, using WhatsApp will also be available to view or download. These files will be available even if they are deleted on the phone. Tracking is possible even without an Internet connection, all the recorded data will be sent to the server when Internet will be available. All of this is possible without ROOTING your phone, which can be difficult. Download and Install now the application to see for yourself what Spapp Monitoring can do.

Starting from Spapp Monitoring version 14, we can now track WhatsApp received messages even if you are in chat. Be sure to activate the accessibility access. This means that you can now have full access to the WhatsApp messages even if you do not have ROOT. For now we offer in chat tracking for WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook messenger . If you do not have the last version of Spapp Monitoring, please download it from the Spapp Monitoring download page. Please check regularly for new version since we are always improving our app.

There is no official WhatsApp spy tool. WhatsApp did not develop a tool to Spy WhatsApp messages. This is why we recommend an app like Spapp Monitoring. You will need to legally install the app on the phone that you want to monitor and you will have WhatsApp tracking for all WhatsApp messages. Spapp Monitoring is the most advanced WhatsApp tracker app. There are tracking apps that offer WhatsApp tracker chat without ROOT, but you will only be able to see the sent message without knowing to whom that chat messages was sent. Spapp Monitoring is also able to group all messages based on conversations.

From Spapp Monitoring version 15 we have also added traking WhatsApp Business messages, without ROOT. Spapp Monitoring is a complete Whatsapp spying app. Whatsapp spy free download is available on the page Whatsapp spy app download. Download Whatsapp spy on the phone that you want to track and you will receive a free 3 days trial, no risk, no credit card.

Whatsapp spy online in 2 simple steps :
1) Install the app on the Android phone that you want to track.
2) Access your online browser and enter on our website in order to see the Whatsapp messages.

Please be sure to download the last version of the app in order to benefit from all the Whatsapp spy features. Our last version of the whatsapp spy apk can be found on the download page

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WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp can be downloaded from this page - Download WhatsApp. You can also download it from Google Play.

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