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Spapp Monitoring releases

Spapp Monitoring v16.12

• Improved call recording - recording both ways of the conversation.
• Incoming and outgoing messages from Linkedin.
• Incoming mail from Samsung Mail.
• Outgoing messages from Badoo.
• Added an easier way to whitelist the app for the inbuilt task killer.

Spapp Monitoring v16.11

• Added chat messages and call recording for OGWhatsApp.
• Added chat messages and call recording for HAWhatsapp.
• Added chat messages and call recording for NSWhatsApp.

Spapp Monitoring v16.10

• Added chat messages and call recording for TM WhatsApp, YOWhatsApp FMWhatsApp.
• Faster uploading data to server.
• Compatibility Changes for Android 13.
• Identifying better the Facebook Messenger contact name.
• Telegram now identifies the contact name.
• Android 13 changes for logging messages from TWITTER, Wechat, Messenger lite, Tiktok, Discord and Tango.

Spapp Monitoring v16.9.1

• Changes on how social messages are tracked on Android 12.
• Changes for how social media calls are recorded on Android 13.

Spapp Monitoring v16.9

• Added tracking OBWhatsApp messages and calls.

Spapp Monitoring v16.8

• Added the track phone by number function - invite code.
• Added a new apk for the invite code.

Spapp Monitoring v16.7

• File Manager. Browse directories from the phone and download files from the phone. Uses Internet commands.
• GBWhatsApp messages and call recording, no ROOT.
• imo call recordings.
• Line call recording.

Spapp Monitoring v16.6

• Incoming emails from Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo .
• Gmail chat messages, no ROOT.
• Gmail meeting recordings.
• Instagram call recording.
• Google Duo call recording.

Spapp Monitoring v16.5

• Botim messages, no ROOT.
• Signal messages, no ROOT.
• Skype call recording, no ROOT.
• Zoom call recording, no ROOT.
• Hidden messages from Viber, no ROOT.

Spapp Monitoring v16.4

• Telegram call recording, no ROOT.
• Snapchat call recording, no ROOT.
• Telegram audio notes, no ROOT.
• Improved url detectection for Firefox version 94.1.2. Better filtering of browser urls.
• Changes for Sent Instagram(version messages.
• Added Mi Browser - Browser logs
• Whatsapp in chat messages feature from 16.2 - fix a bug where some dates were not displayed correctly

Spapp Monitoring v16.3

• Live Streaming. Includes video streaming, audio streaming and screen capture.
• Improvements for Play Protect.

Spapp Monitoring v16.2

• Complete Whatsapp chat messages - including inchat messages when no notification is shown. No ROOT.
• Improvements for the new versions of Facebook and Snapchat in chat message tracking. No ROOT.

Spapp Monitoring v16.1

• Facebook call recording. Includes audio and video call. No ROOT
• Viber call recording. Includes audio and video call. No ROOT

Spapp Monitoring v16.0

• Whatsapp call recording. Includes audio and video call. No ROOT
• Whatsapp Audio Notes. No ROOT.
• Changes for the install process. New screen to disable the app notification.
• Improvements for Play Protect. • Runtime permissions. Android will ask for permissions when you first install the app. This change was available from version 15.8.
• Reading in chat incoming messages changes for the new version of Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat. This change was available from version 15.6.
• Security changes for how data is encrypted and transferred to the server. This change was available from version 15.4.
• Improved support for the phone models Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo and Vivo.

Spapp Monitoring v15.0

• TikTok messages without ROOT.
• ZOOM messages without ROOT.
• Pinterest messages without ROOT.
• Likee messages without ROOT.
• WhatsApp Business messages without ROOT.
• Changes for new versions of Viber, Discord and Kakao. Outgoing messages were not tracked properly on the new versions.
• Added a new Permissions log that you can see in the System logs. If you have a missing permission for the app you will be able to see it in the System logs. This includes: Storage permission denied, Location permission denied, Contacts permission denied, Call permission denied, Sms permission denied, Calendar permission denied, Microphone permission denied or Camera permission denied. Spapp Monitoring needs all permissions in order to work.

Spapp Monitoring v14.0

• Get incoming messages from WhatsApp when you are in chat - even if no notification is posted.
• Get incoming messages from Facebook when you are in chat - even if no notification is posted.
• Get incoming messages from Snapchat when you are in chat - even if no notification is posted.
• KakaoTalk messages without ROOT.
• imo messages without ROOT.
• Zalo messages without ROOT.
• Discord messages without ROOT.
• Messenger Lite messages without ROOT.
• Support for new version Hike Sticker Chat - Fun & Expressive Messaging.
• Improved support for website tracker for Chrome, Samsung Internet or other browsers.
• Added browser tracking for Opera browser beta, Quick Browser, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, Brave Privacy Browser, Kiwi Browser, Mint Browser, Via Browser, Browser for Android, UC Browser Turbo, Phoenix Browser, Web Browser & Fast Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Spapp Monitoring v13.0

• Instagram messages without ROOT.
• Tinder messages without ROOT.
• Hike messages without ROOT.
• Telegram messages without ROOT
• Fix for sent messages Facebook version
• Fix for sent messages Skype version
• Fix for sent messages Line version 8.17.1
• Fix for sent messages BBM version
• Fix for sent messages VK version 5.23
• Fix for sent messages Fecebook lite version

Spapp Monitoring v12.0

• Live control using just the Internet.
• BBM messages without ROOT.
• WeChat messages without ROOT.
• VK messages without ROOT
• Fix for sent messages Hangouts version 21.0
• Fix for sent messages Skype version 8.2.0
• Fix for ROOT messages Twitter version 7.6.0

Spapp Monitoring v11.8

• Faster communication with the server.

Spapp Monitoring v11.7

• Grouping notification and accessibility messages for WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber.
• Social media messages will be recorded only in trial or only if you have an active subscription.

Spapp Monitoring v11.6

Tango spy - Tango tracking(sent messages) without ROOT access
Snapchat spy - Snapchat tracking(sent messages) without ROOT access
Hangouts spy - Hangouts tracking(sent messages) without ROOT access
Twitter spy - Twitter tracking(sent messages) without ROOT access
• Improvements for restarting the application and sending data to server
• Added 3 new options for call recording ( available at Account menu -> Phone settings -> Call recording ) - Voice communication, Voice recognition, Voice downlink. You can try these new settings if you have problems with your call recorder function.

***For being able to see the Snapchat, Tango, Hangouts and Twitter messages without ROOT access you will need to activate the Accesibility access and Notification access options

Spapp Monitoring v11.5

Line spy - Line tracking(sent messages) without ROOT access
Kik spy - Kik tracking(sent messages) without ROOT access
Skype spy - Skype tracking(sent messages) without ROOT access
SMS spy - Improvements for sms outgoing messages

***For being able to see the Line Messenger, Kik and Skype messages without ROOT access you will need to activate the Accesibility access and Notification access options

Spapp Monitoring v11.4

Facebook spy - Facebook Messenger tracking without ROOT access
Facebook spy - Facebook Lite tracking without ROOT access
Viber spy - Viber tracking without ROOT access
• Improved the browsing monitoring feature

***For being able to see the Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite and Viber messages without ROOT access you will need to activate the Accesibility access and Notification access options

Spapp Monitoring v11.3

WhatsApp spy - The WhatsApp messages will be tracked now even without ROOT by enabling the Accesibility access and Notification access
• Fixed some bugs for the latest Snapchat versions

Spapp Monitoring v11.2

Viber spy - Fix for the latest Viber version

Spapp Monitoring v11.1

Browser spy - The browser monitoring feature was redeveloped for tracking the activity of 3rd party Internet browsers: Firefox, UC Browser, CM Secure Browser, Web Browser & Explorer, Dolphin, Opera Mini, Opera, Puffin, APUS Browser, UC Browser Mini, Maxthon, Next Browser, UC Browser HD for Tablet, Yandex, Dolphin Zero, Firefox Beta, InBrowser, Chrome Beta, Ghostery.
• The Browsing history feature is supported even for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
• The websites accessed in Incognito / Private mode are monitored as well
• Several fixes for the WhatsApp logs tracked without ROOT access
• Improved the Blocking feature
• Some minor fixes for the "Application Update" logs

Spapp Monitoring v11.0

• Tracking the notifications generated by Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Kik, Tango, Snapchat, Hangouts and Twitter (feature available for Android 4.3 - 6.0)
• Optimized the battery usage
• Improved the GPS tracking
• The Application Usage / Blocking were modified for Android Lollipop
• Improved the take picture command (with primary and secondary camera) for Android 4.4 - 6.0
• Added 3 new languages (Filipino, Greek, Burmese)
• Several other fixes for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Spapp Monitoring v10.2

Spy on WhatsApp - WhatsApp call logs.
• Warning system. You can see what applications could disturb the well working of Spapp Monitoring. Can detect other call recording applications, task killers and antiviruses.
• We have added a new phone option to restart the internet and send data if no new logs were sent to the server for about 1-2 days. You can find this option in Account -> Phone Settings -> Restart internet.

Spapp Monitoring v10.1

• Spapp Monitoring is now working (even without ROOT) with any WhatsApp version higher than v2.12.5

Spapp Monitoring v10.0

Spy on Twitter - Twitter messages (requires ROOT)
Spy on Snapchat - Snapchat messages (requires ROOT)
Spy on Hangouts - Hangouts mesasges (requires ROOT)
• Track videos (take up to 10 video frames for every video taken or watched)
• SMS command for tracking route (create a GPS route - anti theft feature)
• Monitor and display a notification on your account every time when a website / application / phone call or SMS will be blocked

Spapp Monitoring v9.0

• Spapp Monitoring is now working (without ROOT) with the new version of WhatsApp - 2.11.476.
Spy on Kik - Kik messages (requires ROOT).
Spy on Tango - Tango messages and phone logs details. Messages require ROOT
• Device wipe out with an sms command.
• Sms commands for controlling the ring volume of the phone or for starting an alarm.
• Notification for when a phone is connecting to a wifi.
• Lock the phone with an sms command.

Spapp Monitoring v8.0

• Block applications
• Block websites
• Block numbers - for sms or calls
• Alerts based on phone number or keywords
• Call logs for Skype and Viber
• Fixed Browser logs for the new version of Chrome

Spapp Monitoring v7.1

• Security updates
• Device administrator rights update

Spapp Monitoring v7.0

• Introduced SMS commands (restart internet, start internet, stop internet, restart GPS, restart settings, restart Wi-Fi, start Wi-Fi, stop Wi-Fi, record surroundings, take picture, take front picture, list contacts, list apps)
• Introduced Call Commands
• Tracks Chrome browser
• Tracks S-Browser (Galaxy S5 default browser)
• Change the way of taking GPS coordinates
• All call records will be uploaded on the server
• SIM change notification
• Applications usage
• Introduced AMR_WB codec for call records (a better quality of the microphone)
• Introduced the option to disable call recording even if an active subscription is available
Spy on Line - Line logs. Requires Root.
• Other small fixes

Spapp Monitoring v6.4

• Added a new way to get WhatsApp messages without ROOT.

Spapp Monitoring v6.3

• Fixed the way how messages are retrieved from Facebook version 9.

Spapp Monitoring v6.2

• Fixed a bug related to sending the audio files and image files to the server
• Implemented a new phone call receiver in order to record more outgoing calls

Spapp Monitoring v6.1

Spy on WhatsApp - Fixed a WhatsApp 2.11 bug
• Pictures are resized at 390px with a better quality

Spapp Monitoring v6.0

Call Recorder Spy - Includes voice call recording
• Whasapp logs do not require root
• Better GPS location

Spapp Monitoring v5.1

• Added an option to register the application as an administrator.

Spapp Monitoring v5.0

• Added 41 new languages (Afrikaans, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finish, Georgian, Greek, Hebraw, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese)
• The communication part is set by default at 30 mins
• Faster synchronize times
• Other small fixes

Spapp Monitoring v4.0

Spy on Viber - Viber logs. Requires Root.
Spy on Skype - Skype logs. Requires Root.
• Added 6 new languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish)
• Calendar logs. You can see the new events added on the Calendar
• Added an option for sending data to the server to 15 minutes.
• Added an option to send GPS logs at 5 minutes.
• Now you have the option to “Disable ROOT” access. You will have an application with a better response time, without errors.
• New GPS feature. You will be able to see if the GPS position is determined by the GPS receiver or Internet.
• Other small fixes

Spapp Monitoring v3.1

• Fixed some bugs related to Facebook and WhatsApp.
• The service that sends new data will be restarted faster if it is killed by the Android system.
• For Google Play we have added a notification, in order to comply with the terms of service of Google Play.

Spapp Monitoring v3.0

• Added a new log for new contacts saved into your phone.
• Added more info about the phone (like phone number). This is usefull for anti-theft.
• Redesign of the communication. More logs are sent at once.
• Fix an issue with the memory allocated for saving a file.
• Added an option to send gps logs at 15 minutes.

Spapp Monitoring v2.1

• Fix a communication bug where on some version of Android a process was not responsive and it could stop sending data to the server.
• Small fixes for the new add Picture logs. It was possible to generate an exception when the picture was resizing.
• Small fixes for the Browser logs.
• Small fixes for the battery level.

Spapp Monitoring v2

• Faster synchronize times
Spy on Facebook - Facebook logs - for both the classic Facebook application and for the message Facebook application. Requires Root.
Spy on WhatsApp - WhatsApp logs. Requires Root.
• Pictures logs
• Change the register interface. The old one could generate some no response bugs.
• Fixed a bug where the part of the application that was observing sent messages was killed by the Android System.

Spapp Monitoring v1.1

• Fixed a bug related to the add date for a call log
• Fixed a bug related to the reporting time of a browser log
• Fixed some debugging messages
• Fixed an encryption bug for Jelly Bean - Android 4.2 (if you update Spapp Monitoring to this version you will have to enter your password again for your account)

Spapp Monitoring v1.0.1

• Fixed a register phone bug on Honeycomb - Android 3.0, 3.1, 3.2