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Viber has been getting more popular by the day in 2015 and it keeps attracting new users. At the moment, there are about 608 million registered Viber accounts and about 236 million of them are active. These numbers mean that if you truly want to keep an eye on someone today, you definitely should use a Viber spy.

Spapp Monitoring | Spy App is an application that will allow you to spy on Viber calls (without recordings) and messages either received or sent by the target device. The knowledge of this information can help you in many ways, for example:

• Protect your kids from cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying is a huge problem that affects millions of children. Only about 8% of parents know that their child has suffered from this kind of abuse. Spying on Viber messages will ensure you can learn about this and maybe even catch the bullies in the act. In this case, the logs stored on the Spapp Monitoring secure server can be used as evidence.

• Catch cyber-frauds.
Thousands of criminals use Viber for blackmail and fraud. The Viber logs could be really useful in detecting these kind of unpleasant situations.

• Prevent your employees from slacking off.
Do you suspect your employees may be wasting their time chatting instead of actually working? A Viber spy will let you know when something like this happens. Note that you will need to inform the employees before installing the app.

Spapp Monitoring | Phone Monitoring is not a phone hack, but it’s more than a spy for Viber. This app has many other features that will help you keep your business, your phone, and your children safe. The best thing about Spy App for Mobile Phone is that it’s extremely easy to use. Even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, you can reap all the benefits Spy App for Android offers by taking 3 simple steps:

1. Download Spapp Monitoring.
2. Install Phone Tracker on the target device.
3. Set up an account following the step-by-step instruction and start using this top-notch Viber spying app.

From Spapp Monitoring v11.4 you can spy on Viber messages even without Root.

Viber call recording is available from Spapp Monitoring v16.1. Our app supports audio recording of all Viber audio and video calls.

Viber is a registered trademark of VIBER MEDIA S.À R.L.. To download Viber you can go to the Viber's Google Play page.

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