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Tango is not the most popular of messenger apps, so many people wonder whether installing a Tango spy on their kids’ smartphones is necessary.

It surely is as there are about 160 million registered Tango users. Even though only a fraction of them are active regularly, you can never know whether your child is one of those few. Therefore, it’s best to have a safeguard, in place.

Can a Tango Spying App Protect Your Kids?

The answer to this is a definite ‘yes’ as Tango can be quite a risky app for a child to use. Installing Spapp Monitoring on your children’s smartphones is a surefire way to prevent many problems and keep an eye on them while they use this potentially dangerous application.

Spy App allows you to not only spy on Tango chats but also monitor other types of activity on social media, so Spy App for Mobile Phone helps you provide your kids with the best kind of protection possible.

The problem with Tango is the fact that it doesn’t offer any monitoring features parents can use to keep their children safe. All Tango profiles are public and unless you specifically turn off the Location feature, anyone will be able to find out your child’s location through their Tango profile. This is a huge risk, and even kids who have used the app often say it can be risky and annoying because you get pestered by messages from strangers.

A Tango spy, like Spapp Monitoring, will allow you to see all these messages so that you can be sure that your child isn’t communicating with anyone dangerous. You can use the app to educate your children on the safety of online communication.

As Spapp Monitoring | Phone Monitoring is not a phone hack, using Spy App for Android is perfectly legal. Note that if you want to install Phone Tracker to monitor your employees’ communications, you will need to inform them beforehand.

Tango is a registered trademark of JP Inc. To download Tango you can go to the Tango's Google Play page.

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How accurate is the call recording feature in Tango spy?


The call recording feature has an accuracy of within 5 seconds of each call made through the Tango app.


Does using Spapp Monitoring require root or jailbreak of the target device?


No, rooting or jailbreaking is not necessary to install and use Spapp Monitoring with Tango.


Will installing Spapp Monitoring void any warranties on the target device?


No, installing and using spy apps like Tango should not void any warranties on the target device.


Are there any additional features included in a subscription plan for Tango spy?


Yes, depending on your chosen subscription plan, additional features such as social media tracking or website blocking may be included.


Can I use Tango spy in any country?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring works worldwide as long as there is an internet connection available on both devices.


How long does it take for monitored data to show up on my account after installation?


It may take up to a few hours after installation before the monitored data appears on your account.


Does Spapp Monitoring work with all versions of Tango?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring is compatible with all versions of Tango on both Android and iOS devices.


Can I use Tango spy for non-Tango messaging apps?


No, Tango spy is specifically designed to monitor activities on the Tango messaging app only.


What is Tango spy?


Tango Spy is a spy app that allows users to monitor and track activities on the popular messaging app, Tango.