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Install and shut down the task killers fro Spapp Monitoring

Surroundings monitoring is a tool that may help in many situations: - You can check if your kid is where he/she says is; - You can check if your employee is where he/she says is; - You can check if your kid is in danger in case is not answering his/her phone; - You can backup a quick meeting and many more. Spapp Monitoring is one of the best solutions when it comes to Surroundings monitoring and many more features.

Install Phone Monitoring and shut down the task killers quick guide

Phone Tracker is easy to install. However, there are few steps to not miss, such as the preparation steps. To be sure you do it right, please follow the full step-by-step install guide.

After you'are doen with the install we strongly recommend to disable the inbuilt task killers and to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring. That will allow the app to work properly in background and to not be interrupted or blocked by any other app. Just follow the steps for your model or steps from II. Disable Doze Battery optimization from make sure Spapp Monitoring activity is not interrupted article.

How to enable notification is in the same article, steps form I or even a more detailed article is specific on how and why to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring. Now your Surroundings monitoring is ready to use without any issues!

Surroundings monitoring quick guide

Spy App for Mobile Phone has 2 options for Surroundings monitoring :

1. Using sms commands;
2. Using internet commands.

SMS commands are available starting v7.0 of Spapp Monitoring, so it is 99.99% it is compatible with your target device even if this is an older Android smartphone. These were developed and added new commands with many new versions of the app. At the moment, Spapp Monitoring is at version 14.0 and there are 20 SMS commands. Some of them not available for any Android version due to its limitations.

Internet commands are available starting v.12.0 of Spapp Monitoring, so it is again 99.99% it is compatible with your target device. Interent commands are exactly the same as SMS comands. The limitations are valid for both kind of commands as the limitation is from Android, NOT our app.

Surroundings monitoring is one of the most used Live control feature for both, SMS commands and internet commands. What is the difference between SMS and internet commands? Here these are:

1. SMS commands are an actual SMS message sent to the target device from any device. The condition is to send the exact command set in your account settings. That means to take into account the space, the capital letters and so on. On some characters (usually the special ones, like a with a line or point on it from some languages) it can give some errors, so please use the basic ones when possible.
Internet commands are the same commands by sent from your account when logged in by clicking on the specific command.

2. SMS commands are visible starting Android 4.4 due to its limitation. However, you have the option to customize it with any word you want.
Internet commands are processed by the target device but not shown on it when sent, so always invisible no matter the Android version.

3. SMS commands can be sent anytime and this will be processed immediately.
Internet commands work only if there is internet on the target phone or it will start to be processed when the internet will be reconnected.

We usually recommend to use both Surroundings monitoring options but this is up to the user. Sometimes it is much easier to use just one option.

Surroundings monitoring troubleshooting

Surroundings monitoring is working on most devices, so if there is an issue, usually you just need to check a possible solution. Here are the most common problems with solution related to Surroundings monitoring:

1. "I just made a payment but the surroundings aren't working" - When you make a payment for Call recordings and surroundings (the full subscription or upgrade to full subscription) it need to be updated with the device. The settings updates is made automatically each 12 hours (if the device is connected to internet at that moment) or you can do it faster by restarting the app with internet ON (dial #12345678# and click on call -> accept -> exit). After the settings are updated you'll receive the new surroundings. For the old tries you'll still have the same message as these are working only for a valid subscriptions and the device "must know" there was made a new payment.

2. "I can not open my surroundings files" - First of all, please use VLC Player for recordings as this is compatible with most audio files. Secondly, do NOT use another recording app in the same moment as Android doesn't support 2 same processes at the same time. Even call recording and surroundings from our app can not be done in the same time. Usually it will record for the first started process.
If there are surroundings files but all the same size, that means you have another recording app, so please uninstall it and enable notification for Spapp Monitoring -SPAPP Monitoring.

3. "Surroundings monitoring is working fine, but the upload is done slow" - Take in mind that a surrounding is from 5 to 15 minutes, after it needs to be uploaded and just after you can see it online. If the target device has a proper internet connection then the upload should be done fast. However, in the best case scenario you'll need to wait about 16 minutes for the Surroundings monitoring process to be done and to upload. If the still not uploaded file persist for more than 1 day and, most important, it is also for other files (pictures or/and call recordings), then write to our technical support immediately. If it is just for surroundings, then please check your target device memory.
Another issue related to upload can be regarding your inbuilt task killers. This is why to make sure Spapp Monitoring activity is not interrupted article is very important.

4. "My Surroundigns monitoring is not working and I'm using SMS commands" - In this acse you probably did sent the command wrong. Here is what to check:
- Pay attention to uppercase/lowercase. If you do not follow this rule then the command will not be processed
- Pay attention to words spacing (do not leave any unnecessary blank space)
- Enter the exact content of the messages and do not include other extra signs or symbols
You also can switch to internet commands!

5. "I did all the steps but surroundigns still aren't working" - Your default codec is not supported by your phone. If that's the case, log in your account at, click on Account (from the right menu), then click on Phone Settings and set Call recording codec to AMR_WB. For changing the recording to microphone,log in your account at, click on Account (from the right menu), then click on Phone Settings and set Call recording to microphone. Press the Save button. Now restart the phone you are tracking (turn it OFF and then back ON), while the Internet is ON. Note: If you change the recording on microphone call recording could be 1 sided (if it was 2 sided before the change). On last Android versions it is already the case for most devices. If you have 2 sides conversation, usually enabling notificationa nd disabling the task kilelr must be enought in most cases but the devices are all different so in order to have it all from your Surroundings monitoring app you must try the settings as well.

If you have any other issue related to Surroundings monitoring or anything else related to Spapp Monitoring, don't hesitate to contact us to [email protected] or open a ticket from your account when logged in.

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Can I export the recorded surroundings data from my target device with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, you can export recorded surroundings data from your target device with Spapp Monitoring, either as audio or video files.


Are there any limitations on how far away I can be from the target device while using other features of Spapp Monitoring such as call recording or GPS tracking?


No, there are no limitations on distance for other features of Spapp Monitoring as long as the target device has an internet connection.


Are there any restrictions on where I can use Spapp Monitoring?


The use of Spapp Monitoring may be restricted in some countries or locations. It is important to research and understand the laws in your area before using any spy phone app.


Can I turn off surroundings monitoring on my target device remotely?


Yes, you can turn off the surroundings monitoring feature of Spapp Monitoring remotely through your account settings.


Is there a way to schedule surroundings recordings with Spapp Monitoring?


No, there is currently no option to schedule surroundings recordings with Spapp Monitoring. Recordings can only be triggered by specific events or set to record continuously.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring for business purposes?


Yes, you can use Spapp Monitoring for business purposes such as monitoring company-owned devices or tracking employee activities with their consent.


How does Spapp Monitoring handle data privacy?


Spapp Monitoring takes data privacy very seriously and strictly adheres to all applicable laws and regulations. All user data is encrypted and stored securely on servers.


Does using surroundings monitoring with spy Phone apps like Spapp Monitoring violate any privacy laws?


Using surroundings monitoring with spy phone apps like Spapp Monitoring may violate privacy laws in some areas. It is important to research and understand the laws in your area before using any surveillance technology.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring on both Android and iOS devices?


Yes, you can use Spapp Monitoring on both Android and iOS devices as long as they meet the system requirements.


Is customer support available for users of Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, customer support is available 24/7 for users of Spapp Monitoring via email or live chat on the website.


Are there any additional fees or charges with using Spapp Monitoring?


No, there are no hidden fees or charges with using Spapp Monitoring. The only cost is the subscription fee for your chosen plan.


Can I try out Spapp Monitoring before purchasing?


Yes, you can try out a demo version of Spapp Monitoring for free before making a purchase.


How much does Spapp Monitoring cost?


Spapp Monitoring offers a variety of subscription plans to cater to the differing monitoring needs and durations that customers may require. The cost structure is primarily based on the length of the subscription period and the inclusion of advanced features such as call recording and live streaming. The basic rates without premium features are arranged as follows: - One month subscription: $10 - Three month subscription: $20 - Six month subscription: $30 - One year subscription: $40 These prices provide a standard level of monitoring suitable for various users who need basic surveillance tools for ensuring safety or oversight over phone usage. For individuals or entities requiring more sophisticated capabilities like call recording, Spapp Monitoring has separate pricing which effectively doubles the standard rate at each tier: - One month with premium features (including call recording): $20 - Three months with premium features: $40 - Six months with premium features: $60 - One year with premium features: $80 Premium subscriptions encompass additional functionalities such as live streaming, Whatsapp call recording, Facebook call recording, and other social media call recordings—all integral for comprehensive monitoring activities that can cover a wide range of communication methods prevalent today. Moreover, Spapp Monitoring introduces an incentive system designed to accommodate those who wish to monitor multiple devices simultaneously. This comes in the form of discounts applied per additional phone being monitored; 5% off per extra device. Such discounts not only encourage broader coverage but also make it economically feasible for larger scale deployments. The discount escalates with every added device registered under one account and is capped at 50%, which applies when there are more than ten devices being monitored – this inherently means a half-price cost reduction from the base price on all subsequent devices after the tenth one, making it significantly budget-friendly when managing extensive networks or large family groups.


Is it possible to uninstall Spapp Monitoring remotely?


No, you cannot uninstall Spapp Monitoring remotely. It can only be uninstalled by accessing the target device and entering a unique code provided during installation.


How does remote installation work for spy Phone apps like Spapp Monitoring?


Remote installation is not possible for spy phone apps like Spapp Monitoring. The app must be physically installed on the target device and requires access to the device's lock screen passcode.


Is there any visible indication that the target device is being monitored with Spapp Monitoring?


No, there are no visible indications such as icons or notifications that indicate the presence of Spapp Monitoring on the target device.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring for monitoring my own device?


Yes, you can use Spapp Monitoring as a personal security tool by installing it on your own device and enabling its surrounding recording feature.


Does Spapp Monitoring only work on smartphones?


No, in addition to smartphones, Spapp Monitoring also works on tablets and other internet-enabled devices that meet the system requirements.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring for monitoring multiple children or employees at once?


Yes, you can use Spapp Monitoring to monitor multiple children or employees at once by adding additional devices to your account.


Is there a limit to how many devices I can monitor with Spapp Monitoring?


When discussing the limitations on the number of devices that can be tracked using Spapp Monitoring, we enter into a multifaceted conversation that intertwines technical capabilities, economic considerations, and potential legal implications. At its core, Spapp Monitoring is designed with scalability in mind. Scalability here refers to the application's ability to manage an increasing number of devices seamlessly. The system architecture evidently supports multiple-device monitoring concurrently. However, "limitation" can be interpreted not just technically but also in terms of cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance. On a technical level, there may not be a hard limit set by the software itself for device tracking. However, practical constraints such as server load and network bandwidth might eventually cap it at a certain point; this point typically far exceeds what an average user would reach. From an economic perspective, Spapp Monitoring incentivizes bulk subscriptions via discounts which escalate with each additional device monitored—5% extra discount per new addition. This serves as encouragement for users who wish to monitor numerous devices while making it economically viable as well—for instance: - If one were to monitor three devices under one account: - The first device is at full price. - The second device receives a 5% discount. - The third device has a cumulative 10% discount. This tiered discount approach continues until you reach ten or more devices where the maximum threshold for the percentage reduction hits 50%. Essentially after reaching ten devices any further additions should seemingly avail this halved rate yet remain within financial feasibility for high-volume users such as businesses or large families. Installation-wise, adding new devices is streamlined: Install Spapp Monitoring onto the desired Android gadget then log into your established account—this action binds said gadget into your monitoring roster without difficulty (barring issues like hardware/software compatibility). On yet another plane—the domain of legality: Surveillance laws vary wildly from region to region. Even benign intentions could unintentionally breach privacy laws—if deploying this software across multiple phones—especially those not personally owned by the individual installing SPAPP Monitoring—one must stay abreast of pertinent regulations regarding consent and legitimate use cases. In summary, although Spapp Monitoring does seem well-equipped to handle myriad devices through both infrastructural design and pricing strategy up until at least ten devices beyond which half-price applies unfalteringly—it remains gentled by extrinsic forces such as performance degradation thresholds inherent in current technologies along with stringent legal frameworks safeguarding personal privacy rights across jurisdictions worldwide. It's advisable always to consult local laws and assess infrastructure suitability when planning extensive multi-device surveillance setups.


Can I view live video from my target device's surroundings with Spapp Monitoring?


No, live video streaming is not currently available with Spapp Monitoring. However, you will have access to recorded video from your target device's surroundings.


Is it possible to listen to live audio from my target device's surroundings with Spapp Monitoring?


No, live audio streaming is not currently available with Spapp Monitoring. However, you will have access to recorded audio from your target device's surroundings.


Can I choose which sounds and noises trigger recordings with Spapp Monitoring's surrounding monitoring feature?


Yes, you can customize the sensitivity level of sound triggers in the settings of Spapp Monitoring. This allows you to filter out background noises and focus on specific sounds that may indicate potential threats or concerns.


Does Spapp Monitoring allow users to record calls?


Yes, with Spapp Monitoring users can record incoming and outgoing calls from their target devices. This feature is especially useful for employers who want to ensure their employees are not engaging in any inappropriate conversations while on company time.


Does Spapp Monitoring offer real-time location tracking?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring offers real-time location tracking via GPS technology. This allows users to keep an eye on their family or employees at all times and know exactly where they are located at any given moment.


Can I uninstall Spapp Monitoring remotely?


No, in order to uninstall the app you will need physical access to the device it is installed on. Once you have gained access to the device simply go into settings and remove the app from there.


Can I monitor more than one device with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, you can monitor up to different devices from the same online account with Spapp Monitoring. This allows you to keep an eye on your family, employees or other important people in your life.


Is it possible to track someone without them knowing?


Yes, it is possible to track someone without them knowing as long as you have physical access to the device they are using and have installed the Spapp Monitoring app on that device.


Does Spapp Monitoring work on iOS and Android devices?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, it is important to note that you must have physical access to the device in order to install the app correctly.


Does Spapp Monitoring support multiple devices?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring does support multiple devices. You can monitor up to aa different target devices from the same online account, allowing you to keep an eye on your family, employees or other important people in your life.


What type of data can be monitored with Spapp Monitoring?


With Spapp Monitoring you can monitor calls made and received on target devices as well as text messages sent and received on those devices. You can also track location data in real-time using GPS technology as well as monitor emails sent and received from target devices. Additionally you can track social media activity from popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Is it legal to use Spapp Monitoring?


It depends on where you live and how you plan to use it. Generally speaking though, it is legal to use Spapp Monitoring for personal or business use as long as you are not violating any local laws or regulations related to privacy or surveillance. Before using such software: 1. It is essential to check local, state, and federal laws regarding surveillance and privacy. 2. Informing the person that their device will be monitored and obtaining explicit consent may be required by law. 3. Using data collected through monitoring in legal proceedings might not be admissible since it could have been obtained in violation of privacy laws. Violation of these conditions can lead to legal consequences including lawsuits or criminal charges. Therefore, careful consideration of all associated risks and a thorough understanding of legal obligations are crucial before deploying monitoring software like Spapp Monitoring.


What are some of the features of Spapp Monitoring?


Some of the features of Spapp Monitoring include real-time location tracking, call recording & monitoring, message monitoring & archiving, email & IM tracking & monitoring, social media activity tracking & monitoring, contact list monitoring & archiving, and more.


How does Spapp Monitoring work?


Spapp Monitoring is an application that allows you to monitor mobile devices running on the Android operating platform. Below are steps on how it works: 1. Download & Installation: The first thing you need to do is download Spapp Monitoring from its website or any other authorised app repository, then install it on your mobile device(i.e, if compatibility allows). 2. Registration: After successful installation, a registration procedure follows where you'll enter all necessary details like email and your desired password. 3. Setup Instructions: Post-registration phase involves receiving setup instructions via mail for installing SpApp monitoring software onto the Android phone which you desire to supervise/monitor. 4. Completion of App Fitting Stage: On the target gadget/device


Spapp Monitoring is a spy phone app that provides real-time monitoring of target devices. It allows users to monitor calls, messages, emails, location tracking, social media activities and more. Employers may choose to use Spapp Monitoring for employee monitoring purposes under certain circumstances: 1. **Policy Enforcement:** To ensure employees are complying with company policies regarding the use of corporate-issued mobile devices during work hours. 2. **Data Security:** To safeguard sensitive company information from being disclosed unintentionally or maliciously b