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How to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring and why

In the era of technology smartphones are always developing and becoming more powerful and we are becoming more dependable on them. This development is fine on one hand, the Android offers more options, more apps are developed daily. On the other hand each smartphone producer preinstall a task killer in order to save as more as possible of the battery as long time as possible. This sounds good but it is extreme in many cases.
Spapp Monitoring is a tracking app. That means it extracts data from the device. When extracting data, it needs to work in the background as well in order to send ALL the data to the servers, so you can check ALL of it. Usually a task killer or a battery saver app will put to sleep any background app or even will kill it. Spapp Monitoring is not draining the battery, its background consumption is really economic. However, a task killer app will took it to extreme and will put to sleep or block the app. The good news you can prevent it no matter the Android version your target device is.

How to enable the notification for Spapp Monitoring

Here is step-by-step troubleshooting on how to enable notification for our app:

1. Open the app (dial #12345678# and click on Call);
2. Check the "Show notification" box;
3. Click on the "Accept" button;
4. Click on the "Exit" button;

5. Restart the device.

Now the Spapp Monitoring notification will be displayed on the status bar.

If you have many push notifications (from WhatsApp / Facebook etc) or the Spapp Monitoring notification is just annoying you still can keep the app immune to task killers and to get rid of the push notification. Here is how:

- Go to "Settings";
- Click on "More";
- Select "Application Manager";
- Scroll down and search for "SPAPP Monitoring" or "Backup" and select it;
- Uncheck the “Show notifications” box;
- Select the OK button.

Here is a VIDEO TUTORIAL Now the app will run in foreground but the notification will not be displayed. At first you'll think that you actually undo the first steps but even if these steps seem the same there is a difference so please perform them as indicated in this step-by-step guide.

When the enable notification is a must

Because the Android OS has more and more task killers, security features related to background working apps and because of the specific of the app (it extracts data) we usually recommend to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring. The good news is after you enable it, you can get rid of the icon if this is annoying or you have plenty of them. The steps are pretty easy to follow as you already seen in this article already.

Except the general recommendation to enable notification for Phone Monitoring there are few specific cases when we insist to enable notification. Here these are:

1. In case your target device is running on Android 9 and the call recording is silent you MUST enable notification. This is because on Android 9 specific the call recording is working well at list one side but there are some new triggers to activate on some devices. In conclusion, if call recording is silent at all after you did try to listen to it on VLC at the highest volume, then just enable notification for our app.

2. If call recording has stopped suddenly on any Android version except Android 10. The records are stopped most likely due to some task killer applications. Our application needs to track some Android triggers in order to be able to record phone calls. How can you solve this? Make some processes to run on foreground! Enable notification for Phone Tracker.
If your target device is running on Android 6 or higher version then you will need to follow the steps for your model specific. Find them here.

Now you know why to enable notification for Spy App for Mobile Phone and how to do it. In case you still have some questions, feel free to write to [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to help you. In case you did not receive an answer from us in 24 hours, please check your spam box.