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Alerts Troubleshooting

Q: How can I set alerts?
A: Use your account
Log on our website using your login credentials. From the “Available phones” list select “Alerts” for the phone you want to set alerts. Press on the “Add alert” button and type a keyword/phone number.

Q: How does it work?
A: Alerts only for SMS and Phone logs
If you have set an alert (such as a phone number) you will receive a new Alert every time when a log matching the criteria will be found on your “Phones” or “SMS” logs. The same mechanism applies if you will enter a keyword (eg drugs/ pornography etc).

Q: Can I set alerts for MMS, WhatsApp or any other log?
A: No
The alerts are working only for SMS/phone logs. As a result the alerts will not be displayed even if another log type (like MMS/ WhatsApp/ Facebook etc) is matching the criteria.

Q: How often do I receive alerts?
A: 24 hours
You will receive alerts once per day (at every 24 hours).

Q: Where do I find the alerts?
A: On your account and on your email address
On your account – the alerts will be listed under your account on the Alerts section. Here you will see all details (from/to, type, date and body) of the latest alerts.
On your email address – You will see a short list with the latest alerts. If you want to check all details you will need to access the Alerts section of our website.

Q: How can I unsubscribe from receiving notification on my email address?
A: Unsubscribe
If you don't want to receive notification Alerts on your email address anymore then use the Unsubscribe link and type your email address

Q: I can’t find the old alerts
A: Only the latest 100 alerts will be displayed
You will be able to see only the latest 100 alerts. As a result all older Alerts will be automatically erased from your account.

If you have any other question don't hesitate to contact us