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How to activate the app usage feature for Android

Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Mobile Phone is monitoring what applications were used on the tracked device and for how long. Those statistics are uploaded on your account on the "Applications" tab and you can figure out what game, audio player or other software was used on it.

For the devices which are running Android up to v4.4 KitKat the Spapp Monitoring | Phone Tracker is monitoring the app usage without any additional permissions. However for devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop - Android 6.0 Marshmallow some extra privileges should be granted.

Method #1 - Grant access through Spapp Monitoring interface

a) Activate the Spapp Monitoring interface by dialing the #12345678# code.
If this procedure is not familiar to you then you can read a tutorial here Dial pad command tutorial

b) Right after that press on the "Accept - Next" button

c) Select the "Check warnings" option

d) Select the App usage settings feature

e) Select the Spapp Monitoring | Spy App software

f) Turn on the "Permit usage access" option

Method #2 - Manually Grant access from phone's Settings

a) Go from the phone's menu to "Settings"

b) Then navigate to "Security" tab

c) Select the "Apps with usage access" option

d) Select the Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Android software

e) Turn on the "Permit usage access" option

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[email protected] - -109 days ago

To Respective Team Iam your genuine customer Since last 2 days Whatsapp messages, whatsapp call regular call , are not working properly What happens why data can't collect data from server..??

Admin - -85 days ago

Hi, Is everything working now? Your problem is only with Whatsapp? The other features are working normally?

ahmed - -114 days ago

records not availeble

Admin - -85 days ago

Hi, Call recording is not available? You do not see a download link? It could be because the app does not have permission. It could also be because the call is recorded by another app.

جمال - -146 days ago

دفعت الاشترك ولا يوجد شي

Admin - -85 days ago

Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact support. We will see what the problem is.

Saripudin - -147 days ago

Saya tidak bisa menerima kode firmasi

Admin - -85 days ago

Hi, What confirmation code? For the reseller app? We can validate your reseller account if you contact support.

john - -152 days ago

hello i see only old massages, i dont see the new ones.

Admin - -85 days ago

Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience. We have to check your account. Can you confirm that app is still installed on the phone?

Fitri - -176 days ago

where can I contact the support team? there are a number of empty log applications, do the settings have to be updated again? because at first the logs appear from each application for 3 days free, at the time of payment payment suddenly some empty logs don't update

Admin - -85 days ago

Hi, Our support email is support @ . You can contact us also using our contact form

Fitri - -180 days ago

Why doesn't WhatsApp update the latest data?

Admin - -177 days ago

Hi, When was your last update? If the problem persists please contact our support team. Thanks

George - -182 days ago

Buna , de ce nu se aude si persoana cealalta care este implicata in apel fie normal cat si wathapp ?

Admin - -177 days ago

Buna, Cred ca este o problema legata de telefon. Din motive legale nu face recording la persona sunata - nu are aprobare pentru recording.

Muthii thika - -198 days ago

Hello ,the monitored phone is recording ,when playing no voice is audible.what is the problem

Admin - -177 days ago

HI, Most likely the accessibility service is disabled. Even if it was enabled during install, it can still be disabled after some time by Android.

Randheer - -208 days ago

Hy call recording is not activated. also surrounding voice is not updated. please help me

Admin - -177 days ago

Hi, Do you have a subscription that includes call recording? Thanks

Mehri - -212 days ago

Merhaba ben ödeme yaptım ondan sonra uygulama çalışmıyor ama önce deneme süresinde çok iyi hepsi çalışıyordu acaba neden ödeme yaptıktan sonra birde durdu?

Admin - -177 days ago

Hi, You have to check if the app is uninstalled or if the app is disabled by a inbuilt task killer. Depending on your phone model you may have to take some extra steps - please contact support and we will help.

Aamir - -213 days ago

Hello...Why my Snapchat message didn't see in my logs...?

Vin - -107 days ago

I can't get updates what could be the reason

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, Spapp Monitoring supports tracking messages for Snapchat. Call recording is also supported. For Snapchat we also support inchat messages.

Rio - -220 days ago

How to send sms command? From my celphone number yo the celphone number of the target phone?

Admin - -212 days ago

You just have to send the sms from your phone to the target phone - where the app is installed. YOu must check your account to see what command you want to send.

anjar - -221 days ago

rekaman panggilan tidak berfungsi

Ptminye - -224 days ago

How many day i get trial?

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, You get a free trial for 3 days. No credit card is required.

Lahore - -228 days ago

Hello sir me all call recordings is not working plz hallp

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, We recommend that you contact our support team. Thank you

Sunny - -232 days ago

Apps is not working last 5hous... Bot getting undate information

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, The app needs an Internet connection in order to send all the data to the server.

Rixy - -241 days ago

Can you remotely do this

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, You have to install the application on the phone that you want to track. After that you can view everything on the phone from our website.

ALea - -244 days ago

And, about the setting notifications, could pudh the radio button. Why?

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, Thank you for your comment but we can not understand the question. Thank you

ALea - -244 days ago

The call recordings are empty. No voices

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, The calls are silent if you do not activate the accessibility access. Please note that it is possible that it was deactivated even if you activateted at install.

[email protected] - -245 days ago

Call recording and call details not working

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, Are you in trial? In the trial period you will only get about 6 call recordings.

Rups - -252 days ago

no data is coming

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, Please check if the app is still installed. Do you have a subscription? Without a subscription you will only receive GPS

Муслим - -253 days ago

Не работает запись звонков аудио. Только лишь показывает кто звонил и время

Admin - -212 days ago

Please contact our support team. Do you have a subscription that includes call recording?

MANUBHAI vaniya - -255 days ago

Way no t call recording pls support me

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, Please contact our support team. We provide free support.

Rui Graça - -260 days ago

O Espião do Watsap e do Facebook não funciona

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, You need to activate the accessibility and notification access. Please contact our support team.

Jaita saha - -265 days ago

Why not calling recording? I paid for call record

Admin - -212 days ago

Please contact our support team. What call recording is not not working? Call recording for Whatsapp or normal calls?

Amirul - -271 days ago

I can't hear all downloaded call recording.. but I can hear whatsapp voice messages

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, Is call recording silent? If yes, you have to check if accessibility access is on. You can also download VLC. This app should support all the audio formats.

Zoran - -274 days ago

Hello, I can't follow Instagram, there is no icon at all, what is it about?

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, Spapp Monitoring supports Instagram tracking. You have to select other messages, there you can see messages from Instagram Tiktok and many other social media apps.

Nancy - -274 days ago

Why it says error command not sent

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, What command do you send? It could be because the app is not installed anymore.

Niva - -280 days ago

O I have paid my subscription but Sapp monitoring is not active

Admin - -212 days ago

Hi, You have to contact our support team. Payments are validated automatically but there are cases when a payment is not validated. We need to know your account and some info about the payment.

Vicky - -304 days ago

Call recording not working

Admin - -280 days ago

Hi, What is your problem with call recording? Are all the permissions enabled ? - Record audio, Read calls

Koswara - -315 days ago

Whatsapp busines spy

Mustapha - -217 days ago

Call records but nothing you can hear

atc - -264 days ago

I can not rech Together phone to activate

Admin - -314 days ago

Hi, Spapp Monitoring supports tracking Whatsapp business messages.