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Application blocker Troubleshooting

Q: How can I block applications?
A: Switch from Running to Blocked
Log on our website using your login credentials. From the “Available phones” list select “App block” for the phone you want to block applications. Now look for the application you want to block and switch the trigger from Running to Blocked.

Q: Is a notification displayed when Spapp Monitoring blocks other applications?
A: Yes
A notification will be displayed (The application was blocked by SPAPP Monitoring) every time when an app will be blocked on the target device.

Q: How can I temporarily unlock an app?
A: Use your Unblock code
An unlocking code will be automatically assigned for each account.
How to find your unblock code: Access the “App block” section of our website and navigate at the bottom of the page. Here you will see a notification with your unique unblock code (4 digits format).

Q: How can I change the unblock password?
A: The code can’t be changed
The unblocking password is automatically assigned and can’t be changed. Therefore, please provide it to your children only when you are sure of that.

Q: For how long will the applications be temporarily unblocked?
A: 15 minutes
The restrictions will be removed for 15 minutes. During this time you can use all applications without any problem. After 15 minutes this permission will be removed and the applications will be blocked again.

Q: What applications can be blocked by Spapp Monitoring?
A: All 3rd party apps
Using our parental control application you can block all 3rd party apps (installed by the user).

Q1: The switch is set to “Blocked” but the app can be used
A: The settings haven’t been processed by the application
The new settings should be synchronized automatically within 12 hours (if the phone has an active internet connection). For a faster synchronization you can reopen the application or restart the phone (turn it off and on) while the internet connection is active.

Q2: The switch is set to “Blocked” but the app can be used
A: Your device runs an older version of our Spapp Monitoring
The Application blocker feature was introduced starting with v8.0 of our application. As a result this option will not be available for any other older version. You can download the latest Spapp Monitoring version from here.
How to check the current version: Log on our website with your email and password and select the “Phone info” button from the “Available phones” list. On the next window you will see the current version and other information about the device.

Q3: The switch is set to “Blocked” but the app can be used
A: The unblocking password has been used recently
Please make sure that the unblocking code has not been used in the last 15 minutes.

If you have any other question don't hesitate to contact us

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Hi, What phone do you have? Depending on the phone model, the app can stop working because of an inbuilt task killer.


Can I use an application blocker to restrict access to certain apps during school hours?


Yes, with Spapp Monitoring's scheduling feature, you can set specific times for certain apps to be blocked during school hours.


How do I uninstall or remove an application blocker from my child's device?


The process for uninstalling an app blocker may vary depending on the application. Check the specific instructions or contact customer support for assistance.


Can I use an application blocker on any type of smartphone or tablet?


Most application blockers are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Check the specific requirements before installation.


Will my child be able to use a VPN to bypass the app blocker?


No, with Spapp Monitoring's advanced security features, your child will not be able to use a VPN to bypass the app blocker.


Can I block access to specific websites using an application blocker?


Yes, some application blockers also have the ability to block access to specific websites.


How can I ensure that my child does not uninstall or bypass the app blocker?


You can use Spapp Monitoring to monitor any attempts to uninstall or bypass the app blocker and take appropriate action.


Will the app blocker affect other features or functions on my child's phone?


No, an app blocker should not affect any other features or functions on your child's phone.


Can I track which apps my child is accessing on their phone?


Yes, with Spapp Monitoring, you can track which apps your child is accessing and how much time they spend on each app.


How does an application blocker work?


An application blocker works by blocking access to specific apps through various methods such as password protection or time limits.