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Website blocker Troubleshooting

Q: What internet browsers can be blocked?
A: Default internet browser, Chrome and S-Browser
At the moment our application can block the Default internet browser, Chrome and S-Browser (default browser for Samsung Galaxy series).

Q: Is a notification displayed when Spapp Monitoring blocks websites?
A: Yes
A notification will be displayed (The website was blocked by SPAPP Monitoring) every time when an URL address will be blocked.

Q: What exactly can I block?
A: URLs and keywords
You can block a certain website (eg or certain words that may appear on sites (eg drugs / alcohol etc).

Q: How can I access another website if the current one is blocked?
A: Close the tab/ use the back button
You can access another URL address by closing the current tab or using the Back button (from the Internet browser or the physical one of the device) within 3 seconds.

Q: How can I block a website accessed with a different internet browser?
A: Block the browser
You can use the “Application blocker” feature in order to restrict access to a different browser (eg Firefox, Dolphin etc). This way you can let free access only to the supported browsers (Default internet browser, Chrome and S-Browser)

Q: How can I temporarily unlock websites?
A: Use your Unblock code
An unlocking code will be automatically assigned for each account.
How to find your unblock code: Access the “Web block” section of our website and navigate at the bottom of the page. Here you will see a notification with your unique unblock code (4 digits format).

Q: For how long will the websites be temporarily unblocked?
A: 15 minutes
The restrictions will be removed for 15 minutes. During this time you can access any website. After 15 minutes this permission will be removed and the websites will be blocked again.

Q1: A website is blocked but it still can be accessed
A: The settings haven’t been processed by the application
The new settings should be synchronized automatically within 12 hours (if the phone has an active internet connection). For a faster synchronization you can reopen the application or restart the phone (turn it off and on) while the internet connection is active.

Q2: A website is blocked but it still can be accessed
A: Close the private (incognito) mode
The websites will be blocked as long as you are using the standard mode (not private/incognito browsing). Therefore please stop private browsing.

Q3: A website is blocked but it still can be accessed
A: The unblocking password has been used recently
Please make sure that the unblocking code has not been used in the last 15 minutes.

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Kıbrıs 12345 - -164 days ago

Merhaba,aboneliğim güncel olmasına rağmen program çalışmıyor.sebebi ne olabilir.

Admin - -86 days ago

Hi, It could be because the inbuilt task killers or because the app was uninstalled. You have to contact our support team.