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Spouse Monitoring

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Spouse monitoring, no ROOT required

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Either you suspect your spouse is cheating or you are after a rough period in your marriage, a spouse monitoring app could be the best way to regain the trust in each other.

Why Spapp Monitoring is the best spouse monitoring solution for you

Spapp Monitoring is a complete monitoring app, easy to use, legal when used adequately and with 24/7 technical support.

NOTE: Spapp Monitoring- SPAPP Monitoring Is for legal use only. Please check our Terms of Service before using it.

Phone Monitoring has many useful features for spouse monitoring even if he/she knows the phone has it:

-> GPS tracker - it is FREE feature for ALL Android devices and is the basic spouse monitoring feature you can want. You can know the target device location from 5 to 15 minutes. The GPS logs will be on a map so it is easy to read them.
-> System logs - these features are very useful for spouse monitoring as you'll know if the GPS was disconnected or not and when exactly, all the wi-fi networks the target was connected, if the device was shut down or just the battery died.
-> SMS and MMS monitoring - You'll be able to read all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages even if those where deleted immediately after opening them.
-> WhatsApp monitoring - know all the chat conversation your beloved has on WhatsApp even if the messages are deleted immediately!
-> Facebook monitoring - all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages as well as Facebook notifications as best spouse monitoring solution.
-> Snapchat monitoring - they say Snapchat is the best chat app for cheaters, not with this app!
-> Instagram monitoring - see all the Instagram chats and all Instagram notifications without any problem.
-> Surrounding monitoring - spouse monitoring with sound! Hear the ambient around the target device for up to 15 minutes.
-> Call recorder monitoring - the ultimate feature! Know the time, the location and have the recording of the calls made or received by your beloved.
Note: On some devices call recording may be one sided and there is nothing to do about this as this is a limitation from the Android. On Android 10 call recording (and on some devices surroundings as well) are silent and this is a limitation from the Android OS. We strongly recommend to use the trial for testing on the specific target device and just after to buy a full subscription.

Phone Tracker has many other features, a FREE 3 days trial and a 24/7 technical support, so your spouse monitoring will be as smooth as a honeymoon!

Spy App for Mobile Phone quick install guide

Spapp Monitoring_SPAPP Monitoring is a very easy app to use. However, due to many Android updates and limitations there are few steps to follow before and after the install. Please make sure to follow all the steps from the install guide. Do NOT forget about the preparation steps before the download and install as those are very important as well as the install itself.

After you are done with the install, follow the steps for your model in order tomake sure Spapp Monitoring's activity is not interrupted. The first steps I. Enable notification is highly recommended for ALL models and ALL Android versions in case your are wondering on how to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring and why.

After it you are really done and can do your spouse monitoring without problems. However, in case of any issues or questions do not hesitate to write us to [email protected]

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