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Spouse monitoring, no ROOT required

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Either you suspect your spouse is cheating or you are after a rough period in your marriage, a spouse monitoring app could be the best way to regain the trust in each other.

Why Spapp Monitoring is the best spouse monitoring solution for you

Spapp Monitoring is a complete monitoring app, easy to use, legal when used adequately and with 24/7 technical support.

NOTE: SPAPP Monitoring is for legal use only. SPAPP Monitoring is not designed to be undetectable. You must inform the person that you are tracking. Please check our Terms of Service before using it.

Phone Monitoring has many useful features for spouse monitoring even if he/she knows the phone has it:

-> GPS tracker - it is FREE feature for ALL Android devices and is the basic spouse monitoring feature you can want. You can know the target device location from 5 to 15 minutes. The GPS logs will be on a map so it is easy to read them.
-> System logs - these features are very useful for spouse monitoring as you'll know if the GPS was disconnected or not and when exactly, all the wi-fi networks the target was connected, if the device was shut down or just the battery died.
-> SMS and MMS monitoring - You'll be able to read all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages even if those where deleted immediately after opening them.
-> WhatsApp monitoring - know all the chat conversation your beloved has on WhatsApp even if the messages are deleted immediately!
-> Facebook monitoring - all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages as well as Facebook notifications as best spouse monitoring solution.
-> Snapchat monitoring - they say Snapchat is the best chat app for cheaters, not with this app!
-> Instagram monitoring - see all the Instagram chats and all Instagram notifications without any problem.
-> Surrounding monitoring - spouse monitoring with sound! Hear the ambient around the target device for up to 15 minutes.
-> Call recorder monitoring - the ultimate feature! Know the time, the location and have the recording of the calls made or received by your beloved.
Note: On some devices call recording may be one sided and there is nothing to do about this as this is a limitation from the Android. On Android 10 call recording (and on some devices surroundings as well) are silent and this is a limitation from the Android OS. We strongly recommend to use the trial for testing on the specific target device and just after to buy a full subscription.

Phone Tracker has many other features, a FREE 3 days trial and a 24/7 technical support, so your spouse monitoring will be as smooth as a honeymoon!

Spy App for Mobile Phone quick install guide

Spapp Monitoring_SPAPP Monitoring is a very easy app to use. However, due to many Android updates and limitations there are few steps to follow before and after the install. Please make sure to follow all the steps from the install guide. Do NOT forget about the preparation steps before the download and install as those are very important as well as the install itself.

After you are done with the install, follow the steps for your model in order tomake sure Spapp Monitoring's activity is not interrupted. The first steps I. Enable notification is highly recommended for ALL models and ALL Android versions in case your are wondering on how to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring and why.

After it you are really done and can do your spouse monitoring without problems. However, in case of any issues or questions do not hesitate to write us to [email protected]

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Are there limits on what kind of data can be monitored with Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Certain restrictions apply to the content types allowed to be monitored. These include audio/visual recordings, web browsing history, screenshots, keystrokes entered into non-sensitive fields, etc., all within acceptable boundaries regarding privacy concerns. However, personal interpretations vary greatly, depending upon individual moral compass pointing towards decisions that best suit one's political agenda and the specific situation arising. Regardless of the circumstances found later during the evaluation stage after the fact, once the overall picture emerges from the gathered evidence, it's essential to rely on authentic sources and always seek appropriate legal counsel when considering activities that might be considered illegal, as they may lead to potential personal liabilities.


Is log activity stored locally when using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes - some forms automatically cache logs locally, making them accessible within the app itself. Others require using external dashboards. Both mediums provide a quick snapshot of the activity taking place surrounding the monitored device. However, care must be taken to ensure that the correct setup procedures are followed before accessing valuable raw material; otherwise, misinterpretations are likely to take place, resulting in potential misunderstandings and miscommunications further down the line during the analysis phase when trying to understand the events that occurred.


Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provide real-time surveillance?


Yes, most versions provide real-time reporting capacity across all major platforms, including popular services such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp, allowing instant notifications to be received anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection available. However, please bear in mind that the increased security measures introduced recently for Apple devices mean the possibility of encrypted transfers taking place, bypassing customary detection mechanisms, rendering it impossible to view information being exchanged between parties involved, even though the application still functions correctly behind the scenes.


Is there any way I can view deleted texts sent by my partner's mobile while using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes - when selecting options during the installation process, it should be possible to select a box indicating the desire to monitor deleted messages as part of the package. This allows the user to locate these messages within online dashboards set up following the completion of the configuration, if this was not already done. It's essential to take these steps carefully to avoid drawing attention to spying activities.


Can I monitor my partner's emails using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes, certain versions provide the capability to capture information sent and received through major webmail providers, including Gmail, Yahoo mail, and Outlook accounts. However, please note that limitations imposed by certain platforms mean that some areas of coverage may vary between services, although the collection of SMS messages across multiple languages is supported across the board, regardless of the operating system type being utilized at the time of the inquiry.


How much privacy do I get when using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Spy software like Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provides users with a high level of privacy by offering end-to-end encryption between server databases and applications, allowing sensitive data to remain protected even during transit beyond the boundaries of private networks. Additionally, regular authentication protocols and processes ensure that only authenticated parties are able to access the systems, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.


Is Spapp Monitoring spy phone app undetectable after installation?


Yes, after successful installation of Spapp Monitoring spy phone app, it should remain undetectable due to its stealth mode feature, which hides all traces of its presence from the target user's device while still running in the background, silently gathering data as required without anyone knowing. However, this depends entirely on the effectiveness of security measures implemented within the host platform, so care must be taken to ensure all aspects are set up securely before taking steps that may draw attention to the operations.


Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app require rooting/jailbreaking in order to work?


No, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app does not require rooting or jailbreaking. It can be installed onto both Android and iOS devices without needing any modifications or special permissions. This means that the user will not be alerted when installation has taken place, and their data will remain secure since no changes have been made to the device itself.


Are there any other monitoring apps that could be used for spouse monitoring?


Yes, there are a number of spy phone app options available on the market. Some popular options include mSpy, FlexiSPY, XNSPY, and Highster Mobile. These apps have various features and levels of functionality depending on the package chosen, so it's important to research each one carefully before making a decision as to which is best suited for your particular needs.


Can I remotely access texts sent by my partner's mobile while using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes, provided the installation was successful, recorded texts sent/received through both iMessage (iPhone only) and SMS services can be viewed directly within online dashboards set up after configuration is complete, allowing messages stored locally to be found and retrieved at any convenient time, thus keeping abreast of the latest developments wherever you are located worldwide, as long as there is an internet connection available. However, please bear in mind that increased security measures introduced recently for Apple devices means the possibility of encrypted transfers taking place, bypassing customary detection mechanisms, rendering it impossible to view information being exchanged between parties involved, even though the application still functions correctly behind the scenes.


Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app record VoIP Calls?


Yes, most versions do provide recording capacity across all major VoIP platforms, including popular services such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp, although notification alerts when calls start/end will require manual setup beforehand. In addition, some forms capture audio conversations providing they occur over the same cellular line originally configured during the initial setup process, otherwise recordings may only contain one side of the conversation, which would include text messaging data too.


Is installing Spapp Monitoring spy phone app legal?


Legality surrounding usage will vary from country to country; however, many countries do have laws prohibiting certain types of surveillance software usage without permission. Therefore, always research local legislation prior to undertaking any form of electronic surveillance activities. Additionally, best practice advises obtaining appropriate legal advice before making decisions about usage given the potential personal liabilities associated with incorrect deployment.


Is it possible to hide Spapp Monitoring spy phone app from my spouse?


It depends on the level of technical literacy your spouse possesses as well as the platform/operating system used by your targeted device, but generally speaking, yes - it should be possible to hide the installation of spousal monitoring apps such as Spapp Monitoring spy phone app from view on mobile devices, including both iOS and Android systems. However, in certain cases, depending upon security settings within operating system updates, it may alert users that unusual activity has occurred - so care must still be taken before taking steps which might draw attention to goings-on related to spying activities.


What is Spouse Monitoring?


Spouse monitoring involves using an app or software to record and track the activity of a spouse on their device. This usually includes text messages, phone calls, location data, web browsing history, and other communications.