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With a 34% share of the US smartphone market and 40.6% European smartphone market, Samsung is leading the market for long time already. Being one of the most wanted smartphone company, Samsung monitoring is one of the most wanted things as well.

Best features for Samsung monitoring phones

When looking for a Samsung monitoring app people search for some features most than anything:
1. Call recording is one of the most wanted features for Samsung monitoring apps and not only. Phone Monitoring is offering this feature for any Android devices. However, with the last Android version it may be one sided in many cases. Sometimes it can be solved but in most cases this is a limitation from the Android. Another limitation is for devices with Android 10. We did test on Samsung devices as well, the last models of Galaxy still have it, other have call recordings silent. This also means a limitation from Android. However, to be sure if for your specific device it is working we recommend to test the app before buying a subscriptions s we give 3 FREE random recordings for you to test. If it is silent, then use the basic subscription only as there are also plenty of Samsung monitoring features to benefit from.
2. Surroundings feature is another wanted one. Usually if the silent call recording limitation exist that may mean Surroundings as well are silent. In this case we as well recommend to use your Samsung monitoring for a basic subscription only.
3. Social apps monitoring such as Facebook monitoring, WhatsApp monitoring, Instagram monitoring, Snapchat monitoring and even apps such as WeChat, Viber, Skype and others can be monitored.
4. Pictures and videos tracking and our Samsung monitoring offer it as well
5. Bowser monitoring
6. Block functions such as app block, phone block, website block.

Phone Tracker is a Samsung monitoring app that offer so much more. And the most important, it offers a FREE 3 days trial to test it out before buying a subscription.

How to make sure your Samsung monitoring Phone Monitoring works without issues

Lately Android became more usntable, with a lot of customizations and task killers for background apps. Spy App for Mobile Phone is a monitoring app. That means it works in background and that means is a direct target to task killers.
The good news here are to (almost) any problem there will be a solution and this is the case for your Samsung monitoring app. All you need to do is to make sure you follow the steps we give you:

1. Make sure to follow ALL the install steps, including the 2 preparation steps.

2. After the install, disable the Smart Manager (steps from III)

3. Enable notification

4. Follow the steps for the extra settings for your Samsung monitoring.

And now you are good to go with all the settings up to date!

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Oliver - -291 days ago

Spy Phone App seems to do very well on Samsung phones even on new versions of Android