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Samsung spy settings guide

Samsung Group is a South Korean company conglomerate and one of their products are the Samsung smartphones. Samsung smartphones are probably the leading Android smartphones on the market at the moment. Samsung smartphones were the only ones to compete with the Apple smartphones (iPhones) related to quality, technology innovation, design and even price. More than this, in 2015 Samsung was the leader in receiving innovation patents in technology in USA, providing smartphone part and technology for many other companies producing smartphones, including Apple.

Spy Phone App is compatible with all Samsung models even if there are many changes from one Android version to another. The only thing you will need to follow is a setting troubleshooting in order to be sure Spy Phone App is working fine on your Samsung device.

Wherever is the Android version of your target Samsung device, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, please follow all the steps to allow Spy Phone App to work in background (steps from I and III for your specific Android version).

After doing the steps from above, please make sure to follow next settings as well:

For Samsung devices with Android 5.x and 6.x:

=> Related to Data usage: go to Settings -> Data usage ->
1. MOBILE ->Turn OFF the Set mobile data limit
2. WLAN -> Wi-Fi -> Application data usage -> Turn OFF the Restrict background data

For Samsung devices starting Android 7:

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Select «Backup» or «Spy Phone App» -> Mobile data -> and Turn ON Allow background data usage and Allow app while Data saver

For Samsung devices starting Android 8.x:

Go to Settings -> Lock screen and security -> App permission monitor -> and Turn OFF for «Backup» or «Spy Phone App»

By doing all these steps you'll make sure Spy Phone App works fine on any Samsung smartphone. If you have a problem or a question related to our application, please write us to

Here are all 3 preparation steps for the Spy Phone App install process:

ATTENTION: Before you download and install the application on the phone that you want to monitor, you must:
- Go to Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources
- Go to Google Settings > Security > Uncheck or Turn Off "Scan device for Security threats" - Go to Settings -> apps -> Google Play Store -> notifications -> un-switch

Here is the step by step install process on the install page of Spy Phone App website.

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