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Best Android Monitoring App install guide

Android Monitoring troubleshooting on smartphone models and Android version

As the Android OS users on the market share is of 76.67% in 2019, Android monitoring is something that people search more and more nowadays.

Best Android monitoring features to search for

Some people search Android monitoring solution for employee monitoring, some for parental control, some for cheating spouse situations. No matter your reason, the most wanted features are somehow the same. The basic features when it comes to any kind of OS monitoring not only Android monitoring are GPS monitoring, SMS monitoring, phone calls monitoring and browser monitoring. However, most people are interested mostly in social apps monitoring, such as Facebook monitoring, WhatsApp monitoring, Instagram monitoring, Snapchat monitoring and you name a chat or/and social app and probably someone is looking for a tracking option of it. Another and probably the most wanted feature is call recording. For call recorder monitoring you must be careful as in many countries and states you need the consent of the both sides involved in a call recording process, not only the one of the tracked device. Usually this issue is already solved by one side recordings from the smartphone manufactures, the Android developer - Google, or even countries or network companies.

For some specific reasons there are some specific features to search for. For example, when using an Android monitoring app for parental control, a block feature i a must. And if there are more block options is even better.

Best Android monitoring install guide

No matter your monitoring reasons and the features you want, there are more thing to look for, when searching for the perfect Android monitoring app.

Here is the full install guide:

Note: Before the install, make sure to follow the preparations steps: disable the unknown source and disable the "Scan device for security threats" option from Google security features.

1. Download the Android monitoring app.

2. Install it.

3. Register your device by logging in or creating an account (email and password).

4. Follow ALL the install steps, including to enable notification and accessibility in order to receive the social apps logs and browser logs as well.

5. Now you can login and already to see the first logs. We remind you that you receive 3 FREE trial days to test it out!

On last Android versions there are some perks during the install. Here is the detailed install page for each Android version:

-> For up to Android 7 (including) please check the Android install guide.

-> For Android 8 please check the Android 8 install guide.

-> For Android 9 please check the Android 9 install guide.

-> For Android 10 please check the Android 10 install guide.

Android Monitoring troubleshooting on smartphone models and Android versions

As the Android is becoming more sophisticated year by year that mean the battery must resist more and more. Each Android versions and each Android smartphone model has its own perks when it comes to battery settings and Android monitoring.

Note: Phone Tracker is NOT draining the battery but because of its specific (extracting data from the device) it needs to work in the background all the time. You want your data as soon as possible, right? The new battery settings usually are against apps such Spy App for Mobile Phone because its specific and because it is working in the background.

We have an entire article on How to make sure Spapp Monitoring work is not interrupted.

The first step is how to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring and most important in the specific article you'll find also why this is important.

The second step is valid on any Android smartphone if this is not in the list (next steps), especially Google devices such as Nexus, Google Pixel or OnePlus devices.

Next steps are for specific models: Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, HTC, Huawei (and Honor), Vivo, OPPO, Asus and Infinix devices. On each model you may find also specific steps for each Android version.

We also recommend to check the don't kill my app website for extra settings so you can get all from your Android monitoring app. For example the most not friendly model when it comes to monitoring apps are Huawei devices as they have some extra task killers on Android 9.

NOTE: We do recommend to follow these steps immediately after the install. By doing this you'll disable the task killer and the probability to have any kind of issues will be really low. However, if there is an issue or you have any questions regarding our app, please write us to [email protected] or open a ticket from your account on our website.

Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more info on Android you can go to the Android page.

Download now the Android monitoring app application:

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