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Viber is present in 193 countries but popular in Eastern Europe, Middle East and some Asian markets. With more than 1 billion users, Viber is still not so popular comparing with WhatsApp. However, Ukranians seem to just love it. It is most popular due to its encryption and secret chats features. Secret chat feature makes Viber a perfect app for cheaters so using a Viber monitoring app could be a good idea even if the app is used as a secondary messaging app.

Why Spapp Monitoring is the best Viber monitoring app

Phone Monitoring is a ful monitoring app with many features, including Viber monitoring option.

When you look for a app you want all of it and Phone Tracker has it all:

-> See all incoming Viber messages with date, time and contacts,
-> See all outgoing Viber messages with date, time and contacts,
-> See all Viber notifications, including exact date, time and durraion of call made on Viber,
-> See all pictures received on Viber.

Note: As any other Viber monitoring app you can NOT have call recording for Viber calls/video calls as the Android OS is not build to do it.

More than this, You'll be able to test the app before buying a subscription to decide if it fits your needs, you'll have 24/7 technical support, continuous app updates for any new features available on the field market.

Spy App for Mobile Phone is more than just a Viber monitoring app, it has many useful features no matter your needs, including many other social apps.

All you need to do is to download and install it on your target device, just make sure to follow the install guide

Quick Viber monitoring troubleshooting

As Android OS is becoming more and more customized by all smartphone developers, network companies and even countries, there may appear issues on your Viber monitoring app so here is a quick Viber monitoring troubleshooting:

I. Not receiving Viber messages at all
1. Check if you did enable notifications for Spapp Monitoring.
2. Check if you did enable accessibility for Spapp Monitoring.
3. enable notification for Spapp Monitoring
4. Select your model from the list and follow the steps or follow the steps from number II. Dizable Battery Optimization.

II. Not receiving incoming Viber messages
Please check steps 1, 3, and 4 from the previous part (I).

III. Not receiving outgoing Viber messages
Please check steps from 2, 3 and 4 from part (I).

IV. Not receiving pictures from Viber
Spapp Monitoring is tracking saved pictures from Viber. You can see them in your picture logs (the name of the picture will include the word VIBER).

V. Not receiving call/videocall recordings from Viber
Call recording is a feature available only for normal calls (phone calls). Other apps calls are NOT recorded. For Viber and other social apps you can track only messages and you'll see there was made a call, but without recording.

In case you still have an issue with your Viber monitoring app, please contact us to [email protected] and we'll help you as soon as possible. Otherwise, enjoy your Viber monitoring app!

Viber is a registered trademark of VIBER MEDIA S.À R.L.. To download Viber you can go to the Viber's Google Play page.

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