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Instagram has more than 2 billion active users and is the number one most used social media when it comes to teens. If at the beginning Instagram was mostly for looking and posting pictures, slowly but surely it became one of the most preferred chat app for teenagers and not only. If you are in search of a complete Instagram spy app, including Instagram call recordings spy feature, then Spapp Monitoring is the best tracking app for you.

All you need to know about Instagram call recording spy

Spapp Monitoring can be used easily as an Instagram call recording tracker easily. Here is what to take in consideration in this situation:

1. You'll receive Instagram call recording spy only during a full Spapp Monitoring subscription. That means you must include recordings options when you do a payment.

2. You need at least version 16.6 of Spapp Monitoring in order to enable the Instagram call recording tracker. If you just installed it then you surely have the last version. You can check your target device's version by tapping on the "i" icon on the right side of the device name. If not sure, contact our technical support for such information and help.

3. Instagram call recording spy feature is available only on device with at least Android 10. On lower Android versions it is not available due Android limitations.

4. Instagram call recording tracker means the app will recording the audio (sound) of both, audio and video calls made/received on Instagram app.

Why Phone Monitoring is even more than and Instagram call recording spy

Phone Tracker is a complete tracking app. When it comes to Instagram spy you'll receive many useful features such as:

1. Incoming Instagram messages;

2. Outgoing Instagram messages;

3. Instagram notifications;

4. Instagram call recording spy for audio and video calls made/received on Instagram.

Except Instagram tracker Spy App for Mobile Phone can be used for many other features: 1. The basics GPS location, SMS and MMS messages and of course call recording.

2. Browser logs, apps usage features and some block features.

3. Many social media apps features such as Whatsapp spy, including Whatsapp call recording tracker, Facebook spy, including Facebook call recording tracker, Snapchat spy, including Snapchat call recording tracker, Telegram spy, including Telegram call recording tracker, Viber spy, including Viber call recording spy, Google spy, including Gmail tracker, Google chat spy and Google call recording tracker , Skype spy, KakaoTalk spy, WeChat spy, Zoom callr ecording spy, TikTok spy and many many more.

4. Live streaming that includes as well screen capture.

5. File manager that enables the access to many more files from the target device remotely.

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