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Viber call recording spy feature is the ultimate call recording feature on the market. Not many have it as well as Whatsapp call recording spy or Facebook call recording tracker features. If you look for such features, then SPAPP Monitoring | Phone Tracker is exactly what you need and as an extra you'll receive many other features.

All the requirements for Viber call recording spy feature you need to know about

You probably already know that Spy App for Mobile Phone is a complete tracking app. In order to use Viber call recording spy feature there are few requirements to be met:

1. Viber call recorder tracker option is available only for a FULL Spapp Monitoring | Spy App subscription. If you already have a basic subscription and are interested in this feature just upgrade your existing basic subscription. To do it please go to the "Make payment" section from the right sided menu. If you don't have yet then go in the same section and make sure to check to include call recordings and surroundings. This includes actually all kinds of recordings: call recordings, surroundings, Whatsapp call recordings, Whatsapp notes, Facebook call recordings and of course Viber call recordings.

2. Make sure you upgrade your target device to the version 16.1 of SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App for Android. Download and install it for free from our website.

3. Check your target device's Android version or ask our technical support if you don't manage to do it. To have Viber call recording tracker feature your target must be on Android 10 or upper. On lower Android versions this feature is not available.

4. Viber call recorder spy feature includes normal Viber calls as well as video Viber calls but in both cases you'll receive the audio.

5. As for other Viber logs, you need accessibility and notifications accesses, as well as admin rights settings to be enabled. These settings are included in the install process. However, if you don't receive Viber logs, write to our technical support for assistance and troubleshooting steps on how to enable these settings.

Viber is a trademark of Viber Media S.à r.l. Viber can be downloaded from Google Play download.
Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC.

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