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Everyone heard of Google and its services and everyone is using many of these so when in search of a tracking app, Google spy features are a must. Spapp Monitoring has many Google tracker features: from the most famous Gmail spy, to the less known Google duo tracker and everything in between.

What is Google spy features about

Google Spy features include more sub-features:

1. Gmail tracker - included all incoming Gmail e-mails notifications. That means in most cases the entire incoming emails are seen.

2. Google Chat spy - includes all incoming and outgoing chat logs from the inbuilt Chat section from Gmail app.

3. Google Spaces spy - includes all incoming and outgoing group chats from the inbuilt Spaces section of Gmail app.

4. Google Meet tracker - includes all call notifications and recordings of calls made using the inbuilt Meet section of Gmail app.

5. Google Duo tracker - includes all incoming and outgoing call notifications and call recordings done and/or received using Google Duo app.

6. Google Chrome spy - includes all URL address accessed on Google Chrome browser app.

First 4 are all in same sections in your user interface named Google. Google Duo call recordings are in the Other logs section and Google Chrome logs are in Browser logs section.

As you can see Google tracking is actually a group of features, some of them long time available in Spapp Monitoring's features list and some recently added.

All you need to know when using Phone Monitoring as a Google tracker app

In order to use Phone Tracker as a Google spy app you need to comply few conditions:

1. Install on your target device at least version 16.6 of Spapp Monitoring to receive all Google tracking features.

2. Voip Call recording (Google Duo) is available only on devices starting Android 10 including. On lower Android version it is not available due Android limitations.

3. Make sure you do the proper set-up of our app.

Spy App for Mobile Phone is a complex spy app but very easy to install and use. Here is all you need to know about a proper set-up during install:

1. Download and install our app on the target device. In case you had an older version, first make sure to uninstall the old version and just after install the new one. Our app is now Play Protect compliant. However, if you can disable it, better do it before the app download. Here is the install guide of our app. For some models we have specific install guides with task killers steps included. You can write to our technical support for details.

During install make sure to enable all permissions, notification access, accessibility access and of course administrator rights. All settings are important as some logs or/and recordings depend on these so please do not skip any of the steps.

2. Immediately after install (or even during the install on some models if possible) disable the inbuilt task killers by choosing your model and Android version. If your model is missing, please contact our technical support for clarifications.

By doing all the set-up chances the app to have any issues are much lower so you can enjoy your Google spy app.

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Google is a registered trademark of Google LLC.
Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC.
Gmail is a registered trademark of Google LLC. To download Gmail app you can go to the Gmail's Google Play page. Google Duo is a registered trademark of Google LLC. To download Google Duo app you can go to the Google Duo's Google Play page.