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When doing employer monitoring or parental control tracking you always want to see what files are saved on the target device. Now, with file manager spy feature you can see it all easily.

Conditions to follow in order to usefile manager tracker feature

Spy App for Mobile Phone's file manager spy feature is the ultimate tracking hype that you'll use no matter your needs. However, in order to use it you need to meet next conditions:

1. Make sure to have at least version 16.7 of SPAPP Monitoring on your target device. We always have the last version on our website so if you install it for the first time then you'll have always the last available version. However, if you have an older version you need to upgrade to the last version (uninstall your current version and install the new one from our website). Immediately after or during each install you MUST disable the inbuilt task killers by following steps for your target device model or steps from II.

2. File manager spy is an internet command ONLY. That means you can not use it as a SMS command (same as the Live streaming command).

3. File manager tracker means you'll be able to browser into the device to see the file names and to download files from it. Files browning is available in trial and during a subscription without limits. However, files download is available for a subscription (basic or full) and in trial you'll receive only 5 files to be downloaded.

4. For a smooth work of the file manager spy feature your files will be available for about 2 days on our servers. After this period these are deleted. That means, if you downloaded one and you think you'll need it in the future, just download it on your computer to be sure you don't lose it.

5. Another condition for a smooth work is the size limit of downloadable files. This limit is 500 Mb. That means you'll be able to browse to see the files names but if a file is bigger than 500 Mb you can not download it. Files smaller than 500 Mb can be downloaded without problems. However, this depends on your target device's internet connection and quality in some cases. If a file is loading, please do not send same command multiple times, you'll just slow it down and risk to fail the download instead of having it faster. In most cases only a page refresh is enough.

How to use File manager tracker feature

You know already about the conditions to be met when using the new File manager spy feature so let's take step by step how to actually use it:

=> Log in to our website and go to Live control section. Choose Internet commands for your wanted device (if there are more devices in the list). File manager tracker is the second internet command, named "File manager". Tap on it to send the command.

=> On the upper left corner you have the File manager section. Default is Pictures but if you tap on it you'll have 3 other folder options:
- Whatsapp;
- SD card and
- MicroSD.

On the same line right corner is the device's name.

=> Now tap on "Browse" to see the content of the selected folder (Pictures in my case). You'll see under the "Browse" button a message if it was sent successfully as on other internet commands. Also, you have the Requests list with all the requests you did so if the command was processed you'll see it in the list (the last one added).

=> Tap on the plus icon from the "Requests" to see the content of that folder. If you see other folders you need to tap on the wanted one to see again the content. For example I select the Camera folder. If I would have folder again then I again can request to see the content. If I have files, I can tap on the download icon for the specific file. I will again receive the message if the command was sent successful or I need to wait 15 seconds to wait and when successful will be redirected to the request list again.

=> I again tap on the plus icon for the last request. There is a file so I have the option to download it - > Tap to make the request -> Tap on the download icon -> it was successful so you are back on the requests list -> tap on the plus icon and tap to download it. Now that file is downloading so you'll be able to see it.

=> If you want to see another folder content from the Pictures folder then do not request all from the start. Just go back to the Requests list and find the Request path named Pictures and tap on the plus icon. Now you can choose a different folder and/or download another file.

1. You can download only files up to 500 Mb. If the file will be bigger then you'll receive an error message.
2. Files download depends on your target device's internet connection as well. Please do not request same path again and again if is loading, you'll not make it faster but slower.
3. Files are kept on our servers for about 2 days so please save your files straight on your computer to not lose your needed data.
4. Some devices do not have some folder options. For example MicroSD card is not available in many device models. If you request to see this folder content and it is not exiting, you'll receive an error message. Same in case the SD/MicroSD card is not in the target device during the request.

We know this is a new and complex new feature so if you have any questions or need any help, just let us know by opening a ticket from your account when you are logged in on our website or write to [email protected] and we'll help you as soon as possible based on our maximum answering time (24 hours).

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