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Snapchat is a social media app with many options to hide any trace of conversation history. However, when it comes to Spapp Monitoring | Spy App for Android, you still can Snapchat call recording spy without problems.

All you need to know about Snapchat call recording spy

No matter your needs when using Phone Monitoring, if you are interested in Snapchat spy, then Snapchat call recorder option is the next level of tracking this social media app. However, in order to receive Snapchat callr ecordings you need to follow few basic rules:

1. Snapchat call recorder tracker option is only available for a full subscription. What does that mean? It means you need to select to include recordigns when doing a payment. If you already have a payment but without recordings features (basic subscription), then make sure to upgrade your existing subscription plan.
2. Install version 16.4 of SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App on your target device. On our website is always available the last version. if you install it now for the first time then you will have the last version by default so this new feature will be included. If you have an older version thne you need to uninstall it and after it to install the new version from our website.

3. Snapchat call recorder spy option is available only for Android 10 devices and upper versions (Android 10, 11 and 12). lower Android versions have a limitations so this is not working, as any other call recording feature for social media apps.

4. Snapchat call recorder tracker option is available for audio and video calls but only the audio will be available in the recorded file.

How to set-up Phone Tracker as a Snapchat call recording spy

Spy App for Mobile Phone needs to be properly installed and few settings enabled in order to work properly as a Snapchat call recording spyapp:

1. Don't forget to disable Play Protect BEFORE you download and install our app. This is important as being a tracking app it has many permissions so may be blocked and/or uninstalled by Play protect.

2. Download and install our app on the target device.

3. Disable the inbuilt task killers by following steps for your target device model or steps from II.

On some models we have a separate guide on how to install our app and when is the perfect timing to disable the inbuilt task killers (during the install process, not immediately after):
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Realme device and install guide;
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Xiaomi device and install guide;
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Vivo device and install guide;
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Oppo device and install guide.

For any questions or issues related to our app or Snapchat call recording spy feature please contact us at [email protected]

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