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How to disable inbuilt task killers of SPAPP Monitoring on a Realme device

Realme devices are more and more popular especially in some countries. These Android devices are compatible with SPAPP Monitoring as any other Android devices. On last Android versions you have some inbuilt task killers to do in order to be sure SPAPP Monitoring will work properly and will not get blocked.

You must enable auto launch, to allow background activity and to enable recent task manager. These task killers are specific for Realme devices with Android 10 or 11. However, some or even all could be also on Realme devices with lower Android versions.

How to disable inbuilt task killers on Realme devices - steps-by-step guide:

1. Lock the app in the task bar:
Tap on the menu icon button and you’ll see the recent apps. The last one open is shown here. In my case it is Spapp Monitoring as is the last one opened. (If you do these step later, not during or immediately after the install of our app, then first open our app by dialing #12345678# and tap on call -> Accept-Next -> Exit) -> tap on the menu icon from the right upper corner -> and tap on Lock. An icon with closed lock will appear. Now exit the task bar menu by tapping on the home icon.

2. Enable Auto launch and Background activity:
Go to target device’s Settings -> select App Management -> select App list -> select Backup -> select Battery Usage -> switch ON for Allow background activity and confirm it and switch ON for Allow Auto Launch as well.
Now go back to App management -> select Auto-launch apps -> find Backup and switch ON.

3. Display over other apps settings:
Go to target device’s Settings -> select App Management -> select App list -> select Backup -> find Display Over Other Apps option and switch ON.

4. Battery settings:
Go to target device’s Settings -> select Battery -> make sure Power saving mode, Super power saving mode and Power saver options are all OFF. Now select Performance Mode and choose No Performance Improvement. Go back to Battery settings and select App Quick Freeze -> make sure it is switched OFF for Backup. Go back again to Battery settings -> select Screen Battery Optimization and select OFF.

As you can see most of the steps are in the app's settings menu so it is quite fast to follow all steps.

For Realme devices with lower Android versions you can check as well the how to disable inbuilt task killers on Realme devices with Android 9 and lower guide.

When exactly to do the task killers steps on Realme devices

You know what steps to do, now it is important when to do these inbuilt task killers steps.

The best timing is during the install process of SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App for Mobile Phone. To be more exact immediately after you enable all app's permissions, tap on the home icon and do the task killers steps of SPAPP Monitoring | Phone Monitoring on your Realme device. After it tap on the SPAPP Monitoring | Phone Tracker icon (the name is SPAPP Monitoring instead of Backup, that means the app is not installed until the end so you need to continue the install) and continue the install. We have a video guide for you on how to disable the inbuilt task killers steps on a Realme device with Android 10 so check it out for more details:

Another option is to do the task killers steps immediately after the install but on last Android versions the task killers are more aggressive so to prevent their activation we recommend to follow the steps as int he video guide - during the install of SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App.