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Live streaming is now available and it has more features all in one: Video and/or audio live stream for front and back cameras and screen capture. The good news these features are available on ALL Android versions. As for any other new features there are some thing you need to know.

General knowledge and tips for Live screaming and live screen capture

Conditions to be followed in order to use the new features:
1. Make sure you have version Phone Tracker 16.3.1 of Spy App for Mobile Phone. If you install the app for the first time on a device then it will be the last version by default. If you already have an older version then uninstall it and after install the last one from our website. Don't forget to disable the inbuilt task killer. This is very important lately.

2. Make sure you have a Spy App valid full subscription (call recordings, surroundings, Whatsapp call recoridngs and Notes, Facebook call recordings and Viber call recordings as well included).

3. We recommend to use it from a laptop/computer browser, not a smartphone browser as some smartphones do not support the streaming (so far only Xiaomi, but could be more).

4. Live streaming is available only when internet is available on the target device, no matter if this is wifi internet or mobile internet. It is a complex internet command that includes 3 features depending on what you select when you send the command.

5. Do not abuse none of the streaming features as it will affect your target device's battery consumption and internet consumption (important for limited mobile internet) and the target device could get too hot.

All you need to know about Video Live Streaming

Video Live Streaming means to see live through front or back camera (you can select either one) and listen exactly what is happening around the target device (depending on the activated camera).
Except the general facts about Live Streaming from the previous chapter, please take in consideration next for a Video Live Streaming:

1. If a surrounding or another recording (microphone is busy for another recording process) is started and still running then Video Live Stream may not work properly: either you'll receive a message that it is waiting for the device to connect, either you'll receive only the Video streaming without sound. If the phone user is in a video call then you may receive the waiting for device message from the beginning. In this case just close it and start again in a while.

2. If during a Video Live Streaming there is another audio call or video call then the Streaming will become video frozen and/or mute. After the call/video call is ended on some device the video will resume and the sound will appear. However, that depends on the device. Some devices do not resume the video so you'll need to close it and start again. Some devices do not lose sound at all during a call or/and a video call is made.

All you need to know about Audio Live Streaming

Audio Live Streaming means to listen (audio only) LIVE what is happening around the target device. It is like a surrounding but live, without recording it.
What to know in case you use Audio Live Streaming except the facts from chapter one:

1. In case a recording process is already started then you may not be able to perform an Audio Live Streaming as in case of a Video Live Streaming;

2. In case a call/video call is made after the Audio Live Streaming is started then you may lose the sound. Normally the sound will resume when the call will end. However, on some devices you may need to close the streaming and to start it again.

All you need to know about Live Screen Capture

Live screen capture means to see what is happening on the target device live.
Live screen capture is a bit trickier than the previous Live Streaming. Here is what to take in consideration except the things from chapter one:

1. To switch to Live Screen Capture you need to select to capture screen from the Live Streaming menu and to have the video streaming. If you choose only audio streaming then you'll hear only around the device live as for Audio Live Streaming, without any video streaming.
2. If the device was switched off then the video recording permissions is switched off so the Live Screen Capture will not work. To start it back you need to restart the app by dialing #12345678# and tap on call -> accept-next -> exit. After it you can use again the Live Screening capture option.
3. As for Audio or Video Live Streaming, there could be situations when Live Screen Capture may fail or freeze. Normally when another recording is done.

Now you know everything about Video Live Streaming, Audio Live Streaming and Live Screen Capture options. However, in case you have any questions, please write us to [email protected]

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La transmision en vivo no me funciona


Hello, we apologize for the inconvenience. From what browser do you open the live stream? We recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox.


How to listen to live streaming in iPhone ..


Hi, The tracked phone is an Android phone and you want to open the live stream from your iPhone? We recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox. If it does not work from the iPhone, Please use a computer.

hi, i need your PayPal detail so as to pay a month subscription


Hi, We recommend that you use our checkout. This way the payment will be validated automatically.


Some times live video shows black screen video not visible


Hi, This can be because another app is using the camera - for example someone is taking photos or videos.


tidak berfungsi apk nya


Hi, You can download the Apk but you can not install it? What Android version do you use?


Live streaming is not working


Hi, Please check on the phone if you have the record audio and camera permissions. Even if you granted these permissions when you installed the app, Android can remove the permission in time.


What are the ethical considerations for live streaming, especially when it comes to privacy and content choices?


Ethical considerations in live streaming include respecting privacy, obtaining consent for featuring individuals, and making responsible content choices. Broadcasting within ethical boundaries is essential for maintaining trust and integrity.


Can Spapp Monitoring be used for tracking a person's use of live streaming software or apps on their device?


Spapp Monitoring can track a person's use of various apps, including live streaming software or apps, by monitoring their phone activity and app usage.


How can I evaluate the success of a live streaming session and make improvements for the future?


Success can be evaluated by analyzing viewer engagement, viewership metrics, and feedback. Use this data to make adjustments and improvements in your future live streams.


Can Spapp Monitoring be used for tracking a person's live streaming performance metrics, such as viewer count and viewer engagement?


Spapp Monitoring can provide data on a person's online activities and interactions, but it may not offer detailed performance metrics specific to live streaming.


How can I ensure the safety of my live streaming audience and prevent online harassment or trolling?


To ensure audience safety, set clear community guidelines, moderate comments, and have a reporting system in place for dealing with harassment or inappropriate behavior.


Can Spapp Monitoring assist in tracking a person's live streaming revenue or earnings?


Spapp Monitoring primarily focuses on phone tracking and does not specifically track a person's live streaming revenue or earnings.


Can Spapp Monitoring help users track the live streaming activities of multiple individuals on different devices?


Spapp Monitoring offers tracking and monitoring for individual devices, but it does not have features for simultaneously tracking live streaming activities on multiple devices.


Can Spapp Monitoring assist in monitoring a person's live streaming engagement and viewer comments?


Spapp Monitoring can offer data on a person's app usage and online interactions, but it does not specifically monitor live streaming engagement or viewer comments.


How can I protect my live streaming content from copyright infringement or unauthorized use?


To protect your live streaming content, consider using watermarking, monitoring for unauthorized redistribution, and utilizing copyright enforcement tools provided by platforms.


What are the key differences between pre-recorded content and live streaming?


Pre-recorded content allows for editing and post-production, while live streaming offers real-time interaction with the audience. Live streaming can be more spontaneous and engaging.


Can Spapp Monitoring provide insights into a person's live streaming audience and their demographics?


Spapp Monitoring can offer data on a person's online activities and interactions, but it may not provide detailed insights into the demographics of their live streaming audience.


How can I monetize my live streaming content?


Monetization options for live streaming include ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, viewer donations, and paid subscriptions on platforms like Patreon or Twitch.


Can Spapp Monitoring track a person's use of live streaming apps or platforms?


Spapp Monitoring can track a person's use of various apps, including live streaming apps, by monitoring their phone activity and app usage.


What are the potential challenges of live streaming, and how can they be overcome?


Challenges in live streaming can include technical issues, audience engagement, and privacy concerns. Overcoming these challenges may involve testing equipment, interacting with the audience, and addressing privacy settings.


Can Spapp Monitoring assist in monitoring the streaming habits of a person, such as the platforms they use and the content they watch?


Spapp Monitoring can provide data on a person's app usage, but it does not specifically monitor their streaming habits, including the platforms they use or the content they watch.


How can I ensure the quality and stability of my live stream, especially in areas with limited internet connectivity?


To ensure quality and stability, consider using lower bitrates, reducing the stream resolution, or using a bonding solution to combine multiple internet connections for redundancy.


How can I enhance the engagement of my live streaming audience?


To enhance audience engagement in live streaming, consider interactive features like live chat, responding to viewer comments, and involving the audience in real-time discussions or activities.


What are the advantages of live streaming for businesses and individuals?


Live streaming offers real-time engagement with audiences, the ability to reach a global audience, and opportunities for interaction and feedback, making it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals.


How can I protect my live streaming content from unauthorized copying or distribution?


To protect your live streaming content, consider using copyright notices, restricting downloads, and using digital rights management (DRM) tools provided by streaming platforms.


What are the legal considerations for live streaming, especially when capturing public events or locations?


Legal considerations for live streaming vary by jurisdiction. In some cases, capturing public events or locations may be subject to privacy and copyright laws. It's important to understand and comply with local regulations.


What are the common platforms for live streaming, and how can I use them?


Common live streaming platforms include YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and Instagram Live. To use them, create an account, set up your streaming software, and start broadcasting your content.