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Hike is a messaging app developed and most used in India. At the beginning of 2019, Hike had 2/3 of internet users in India, that's pretty impressive knowing there are over 200million active users.
Hike's main market may be India, but it expands in Europe and Middle East very fast. However, WhatsApp, Hike and all messaging apps' main competitor, remains the most used messaging app on the market.

What does Hike app has to offer more than WhatsApp already is offering?

Hike has some very interesting PROs if compared to Whastapp:

- File attachments - Hike has the option to send files up to 100MB size. WhatsApp only up to 16MB;
- Free SMS messages - Hike gives you 100 free SMS messages for month to use with non-Hike users;
- Hidden mode chats - for secret and sure more secure messages;
- Stickers - many stickers and also in Indian for the specific market;
- Entertainment - Hike has news chanels, cricket, jokes and many more.

So why people are still on WhatsApp and not switch to Hike? Probably the biggest from Hike CONs is WhatsApp is the most used and the most popular messaging app. If you want to chat with someone on WhatsApp, probably you can do it and he/she wil most likey have one. However, having a messaging app doesn't mean you can't have another or even multiple apps, right?

Why to use a Hike spy app

Did you know that 80% of Hike users are under 25 years? That means it is safe to say that you need a Hike tracker if your child uses it.
As you already understand, Hike is more than a messaging app, so your child will be exposed to many risks: from cyber bullying, internet predators, doubtful internet content like drugs and porn and to weird "friends" at last. Having a child nowadays means to leave him/her to have a life based on technology as this is the feature but also to take an eye on what he/she is doing with all this technology, so a Hike spy probably became a must.

Phone Monitoring as a Hike Spy app

Now that you know why you need a Hike monitoring app, let's see why Phone Tracker is the best one:

- Access to ALL incoming and outgoing messages sent/received thru Hike Messenger (including the hidden mode ones) as well with the date, time and contact - full Hike spy option;
- Block Hike app option;
- Block Hike website option;
- Block specific contacts as the inbox for SMS messages and Hike messenger can be common;
- User friendly interface and easy access to your data on our website;
- FREE trial to test your Hike tracker on your specific target phone;
- Many other features, including Facebook Spy , WhatsApp Spy , Snapchat spy, call recording, SMS spy and much more

How to use Spy App for Mobile Phone right for Hike monitoring and more

Now that you know what you can have from Spy App for Mobile Phone, you probably wonder how to take it. Phone Tracker is very easy to use. All you need to do is to download and install the app on the target smartphone and your Hike tracker is ready to use.

However, most of the smartphones run on upper Android versions, that means these have inbuilt task killers and Google protect. Our app is not a virus or any of such apps but as a Hike spy app and more it extracts data from a device, so all such security is against any tracking apps, not just our. The good news are you can do something to make it work on probably every device. The trick is to follow the steps of the install:

1. Follow the preparation steps such as to check the unknown source and of course to disable the Google Play protect.

2. Download and install the app. Check the full install page to be sure you do it right.

3. Make Spy App for Android to work in background without being shut off by any other app, especially the Android OS. All you need to do is to select your model and based on this and the Android version it is working on, to follow the needed steps. Check all the information on how to make sure the app will not be interrupted.

That's all! Now your Hike tracker is ready to use without any trouble. However, for any questions or issues we have 24/7 technical support, just send us a ticket from your account when logged in or use the contact form from the website and we'll be more than happy to help you.

The bottom line

Leave your child to be a child in his times, not make him live your times and be a responsible parent in controlling his smartphone like a pro. With Spy App you will have more than just a Hike monitoring app, you'll have so many features that even there is the possibility the feature exists even before the child is using the specific app! We always develop our app, add new features and fix the bugs as our client is always our priority, just like for every parent his child is the biggest priority!.

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