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If you search for a tracking app for Android, then you most likely are interested in WhatsApp spying android feature. In this quick guide you'll find all you need to know about WhatsApp spying on Android no matter your Android version.

WhatsApp spying and Android versions

Phone Monitoring can be used for WhatsApp spying on any Android version, including the last one, Android 10. More than this, the Android version is not an issue in most cases. It can be an issue only by having more inbuilt task killers. However, the good news are you can shut down the inbuilt task killer by following the 2 steps after the install from this specific mini WhatsApp spying Android guide. The inbuilt task killers depend on the model as well as how much it was customized.
If even after the right install and following the anti task killer steps you have issues receiving WhatsApp logs, just write to our technical support to suppor[email protected] and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Phone Tracker quick set-up for WhatsApp spying on Android

As any other Android app, you'll need to install and follow a couple of easy steps in order to start your WhatsApp spying Android app:

1. Follow the 2 preparation steps:
- Go to Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources;
- Go to Settings > Google Settings > Security > Uncheck or Turn Off "Scan device for Security threats".
The second steps may be different depending on the Android version. Just check how to disable Google Play security app option and follow the specific steps for your Android version.

2. Download and install Spy App for Mobile Phone

During the install you'll be asked to register an account and to change (optional) the name of the target device. This option is useful in case you have similar model for multiple devices when WhatsApp spying Android.
Also during the install you'll have the option to enable push notifications and accessibility for our app. These 2 steps are evry important for social app and browser logs, so of course for WhatsApp spying Android it is mandatory.

3. Now make sure SPAPP Monitoring work is not interrupted by following the steps for your model or steps from II. Disable Doze Battery Optimization.

4. Finally enable notification for Spapp Monitoring.

Now your WhatsApp spying Android app is ready to use without problems.

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