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Did you know that 42% of Tinder users aren't even single but already in a relationship? According a research from GlobalWebIndex 30% are married and 12% in a relationship and many of them men. The last thing is not surprising as men outnumber women on Tinder. The same research show that 38% of the users are 16-24 years old, 45% of the users are 25-34 years old, 13% of users are 35-44 years old and the rest 4% older. Based on this statistics is it safe to say that the young generations that are using Tinder are mostly cheaters. Now, let's be honest, why would someone even would have such app being in a relationship, right? And who looks to be cheated, even on Tinder, right? We have the best Tinder spy solution for you on the market!

Why to use Spapp Monitoring as a Tinder Spy app

The PROs of using Spapp Monitoring as a Tinder spy:

1. See if Tinder app is even installed on the target device;
2. See when it was installed and/or uninstalled on the target device;
3. Read ALL the incoming and outgoing Tinder messages;
4. Check the time of the messages sent/received on Tinder app;
5. See All the Tinder notifications;
6. Block Tinder app option.

More benefits from Phone Monitoring not just a Tinder Spy

Our Tinder spy is even more than this, so if the target device user will add a new person on Facebook or Instagram, you'll see it in your logs as our app is as well a perfect Facebook Spy and Instagram Spy, the two apps linked to Tinder.

All your data will be secured on our servers and only you'll have access to it by logging in to your account on our website. You'll receive a FREE trial to test it out, 24/7 technical support and so many features that you just need to take a look on our Phone Tracker website.

So this Tinder spy gives you all the features you need in one single app!

Install NOW Spy App for Mobile Phone for Tinder Spy and more!

All you need to do in order to enjoy our Tinder Spy - Phone Tracker - app is to download and install the app on the target smartphone

Here is the full install page. Remember to do the preparations steps in order to avoid any issues afterwords. These steps are needed because of the specific of the app - it extracts data from a device.

NOTE: We remind you that Spapp Monitoring is for legal use only. Please read our Terms of service in case you are not sure about something related to it or write us to [email protected]

As any tracking app, Spy App for Android needs some extra settings in order to make sure it will work smoothly for all features, including Tinder spy. Just after install, make sure to follow next steps:

1. Choose your target phone from here and follow the steps. Remember to follow the steps for your Android version specific if is the case.
If you don't know the Android version, just open a ticket to the technical support and we'll help you.
If your target device model is not in the list, please follow steps from II. Disable Doze battery optimization
2. Please activate the notification for Spapp Monitoring as well or at list restart it.

Now you are ready for Tinder spy or any other activity related to our Spy App

Tinder is a registered trademark of MATCH GROUP, LLC. To download Tinder you can go to the Tinder's Google Play page.

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