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Spapp Monitoring v8.0 is here!

Do you want to protect your children in a better way? Do you want to have a more strict control over the information accessed by your teenager? Do you want to keep them away from sexting or cyber bullying? Then it's time to update the current version of our mobile spy application and you'll be enjoying all these features.

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The new main characteristics:

Application blocker
This feature was introduced as a result of high demands coming from our users. Now besides the fact that you can spy on mobile applications and monitor the usage time you can even block certain applications! Truly, starting with Spapp Monitoring v8.0 you can block apps such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype or any 3rd party app used by your child.

Website blocker
Protect your children from harmful content of malicious websites. Now you can choose to restrict a particular website (eg or even any site that contains specific keywords (such as drugs, alcohol, pornography etc).
In this way our mobile spy software will provide you with a complete solution for monitoring.

Now it’s time to stop cyber bullying with Spapp Monitoring v8!

Phone number blocker

1. Block incoming and outgoing phone calls
Are your children operating in a vicious circle of friends? Do you want to keep them away from possible harmful friendships? Then you can restrict certain phone numbers using the “Phone calls blocker” feature.

How does it work?
-For incoming phone calls: The app will automatically hang up the restricted incoming phone calls
- For outgoing phone calls: The app will abort the calling process and will display a notification (This phone call was blocked by SPAPP Monitoring)

2. Block received SMS messages
Using Spapp Monitoring v8 you can bring an end to sexting or stop any SMS with harmful content. All you need to do is to enter the phone number of the person with which is your child texting and Spapp Monitoring will block the incoming SMS.

Now you can set alerts on phone numbers and also on the SMS messages content. In this way you will be notified (will receive an email from our company and will also be able to see a notification on our website) every time when a restricted keyword or phone number will be detected on the phone or SMS logs.

Call duration for Skype and Viber (without ROOT)
Now this mobile spy application tracks the call duration for Skype and Viber conversations even for non ROOTed devices. This way a text log will be displayed on the “Skype” and “Viber” sections of our website with the call durations.

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Below you can find a list with the most common questions and answers related to Spapp Monitoring version 8:
- Application blocker
- Website blocker
- Phone number blocker
- Alerts

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Does using a VPN affect the performance of Spapp Monitoring v8.0?


In some cases, using a VPN may affect the performance of the app as it may interfere with data collection.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring v8.0 for parental control purposes?


Yes, many parents use Spapp Monitoring v8.0 to monitor their child's phone activity and ensure their safety online.


Are there any hidden fees with Spapp Monitoring v8.0?


No, there are not any hidden fees associated with this product. All prices are clearly stated on the website and during the purchasing process.


Will the target phone user be notified about the app's presence on their device?


No, the target phone user will not be notified about the app's presence unless you choose to inform them.


Can I monitor deleted messages with Spapp Monitoring v8.0?


Yes, you can monitor deleted messages as long as they were not permanently deleted from the phone before installation of the app.


Do I need physical access to the target phone to install Spapp Monitoring v8.0?


Yes, physical access to the target phone is required for installation purposes.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring v8.0 on any type of phone?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring v8.0 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.