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When thinking about a tracking app many think about phone number spy like in a spy movie and imagine they are some kind of hackers. The bad thing is many so-said hackers take advantage of this and promise they can number spy remotely, easy and of course that you'll receive literally any data. The thing is, mobile number spy is not a thing for normal people as most in this world are and so-said remote and easy access to data with only the phone number is a big lie and something totally illegal. The good news is there is an app for anything lately so number app spy is what you need.

What is phone number spy and when you know you need such an app

Phone number spy is tracking the activity of a specific smartphone (or tablet). Often people think they will track the phone number, but it is not how is working. Number spy usually is more than this. It is an app that is installed on a target device and will track its activity, not only related to Phone number but also to other apps. You will see the basic number spy features like SMS messages, MMS messages, call logs and recordings but also some features related the device, not the SIM card like social media spy (Whatsapp spy and call recording, Facebook spy and call recording, Snapchat spy, Telegram spy, Instagram spy and many more), browser activity, app usage, block features, system features (even the SIM change) and of course Live control features (like live streaming and surroundings).

Mobile number spy is handy in few situations:
1. for parental control - when you have a teen or your kid started to act weirdly, when your kid's friend seem not so trustworthy or your kid is too influential or just for your peace of mind as a parent.
2. for employee monitoring - when you have a marketing business and want to see if your employee really do work or just scroll Facebook the whole day. When your employee work a lot remotely.

No matter your needs, keep in mind that cell number spy must be done legally. When used on minors, it is enough to be the kid's legal guardian (and/or parent). When used on adults, make sure to check your local laws, especially for recordings as written authorization may be needed from the device's user.

How to cell number spy with Spy App for Mobile Phone like a pro

Spapp Monitoring - Phone tracker by number is the best number app spy on the market and you may check it yourself as we give a free trial on each new added device.

To be sure your number spying app is giving you the best result you need to follow few steps:

1. Make sure you install it properly from our website (install guide included):
Note: Each time you need to install it please disable Play Protect BEFORE you download and install SPAPP Monitoring.

2. Disable the inbuilt task killers by following the steps for your model or steps from II.

We also have some specific install guides on some models with task killers included:
-> Install guide and how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Xiaomi device;
-> Install guide and how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Realme device;
-> Install guide and how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Vivo device;
-> Install guide and how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Oppo device.

Still got some questions or any issues? Write us to [email protected] and we'll assist you.

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