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According statistics, LG smartphones are sold in lesser numbers from year to year. Seems like the South Korea based company didn't get the success recipe. However, there still a people using them even and a LG monitoring app is still on search.

LG monitoring mini guide

LG monitoring is easy to use even for a non-tech person. All you need to do is to follow the next steps on the device you want to monitor:
1. Go to Settings -> Security -> Check unknown source;
2. Disable Google Play security;
3. Download the LG monitoring app on your target device;

4. Install the application;
5. Open the application and follow the steps.

Check the full install guide with video tutorial , images in order to make it easier for you. Now your LG monitoring app is ready to use.

LG monitoring tips and tricks

As you probably already did notice, sometimes you do the full install and after a while your LG monitoring still don't seems to work. In most cases the app is just fine, but you need to follow few tips in order to trick the Android OS:

1. First of all, make sure to do the preparation steps, especially to disable Google Play security otherwise Google may block Spy App for Mobile Phone or even delete the app from your target device.

2. Diisable Doze Battery Optimization for Spapp Monitoring on your LG smartphone - follow steps from II and make sure Spy App for Android works smoothly in the background.

3. Enable notification for Spy App. - By doing it you'll make Phone Tracker to work in foreground, so any task killer will not be able to shut it down.

Now you know how to make your LG monitoring app work without issues!

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Spy Phone App works ok on LG phones.


Are there any compatibility issues with popular LG models such as G4, G5, V20, etc.?


Absolutely not! Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is compatible with all LG Android devices, regardless of their model, making it an excellent choice for those who want full control over their family's activity while still ensuring privacy and security remain intact.


Can I use location tracking features without GPS enabled?


Although GPS provides more accurate results, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app still works quite well without it since the algorithms make use of wireless antenna signals to track target phones within a 50-foot radius. This technology makes it possible for location tracking even indoors where satellite navigation doesn't work properly!


Is there any way to hide the presence of this software on my device?


Yes! By using stealth mode, you can easily disguise Spapp Monitoring spy phone app as hidden from the launcher or by setting up a custom app name, allowing others to be unaware of its presence and prevent tampering.


How many devices can be monitored with a single subscription?


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app allows users to monitor up to 5 devices with a single subscription. This is an ideal solution for families that want to keep track of multiple members' activities.


Is there any way to view activity logs on supported LG devices?


Yes! Our advanced dashboard provides users a quick overview of all activities taking place within their family's phones and tablets, including incoming/outgoing calls and texts, as well as web browsing history. These detailed activity logs enable individuals to spot potential problems early enough before they get worse, saving everyone involved precious time and money in the long run.


Do I have full control over remote notifications sent by this software?


Absolutely! You decide when and how these important alerts should reach you thanks to multiple options ranging from email delivery, push notifications (on both Android and iOS), web interface-based messages, etc. This way, you never miss out on anything important no matter where life takes you!


Do I need physical access to my device before installing the app?


No! Unlike other similar products out there that require physical access during the installation process, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app lets you install it directly onto the target device remotely without touching it at all times!


Does this software require an internet connection?


Yes! Whenever activities occur on monitored devices, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app sends reports directly over a secure HTTPS protocol which requires an active connection for them to reach our servers successfully. However, if cellular or Wi-Fi networks become unavailable due to power failure, etc., stored logs will still be delivered once they become available again.


Is it possible to remotely uninstall the software if required?


Yes! You can easily remove the app from your device remotely via your online account at any time, allowing you peace of mind knowing that sensitive data will not be accessed even after removal.


Are there any additional hidden costs after purchase?


Absolutely not! The prices listed are final and include 24/7 customer service support plus all features included in each plan, no matter how long you choose to subscribe. We also offer discounts when switching plans afterwards and free updates whenever new versions come out!


Can I view activity reports generated by the software easily?


Yes! The powerful dashboard available with every subscription gives you quick insights into all activities taking place on monitored devices at a glance. These detailed activity reports allow you to view and analyze events such as text messages, calls, web browsing history, and much more remotely and effortlessly, anytime, day or night.


Does using this software require rooting my phone?


No! Unlike other spy apps that require root access to work properly, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app does not need this level of access. This means that installation will take just a few minutes without compromising the integrity or performance of your device in any way.


Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app support multiple languages?


Yes! Spapp Monitoring spy phone app supports over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, etc., so that you can monitor any device regardless of language barriers or geographic locations.