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Whatsapp tracker without ROOT

This method is no longer working. With the new version of Spapp Monitoring, you can use this WhatsApp Spy Tool even without ROOT. It is also very easy to use. We recommend that you use the new WhatsApp Spy solution. We also recommend that you read the article about How to hack WhatsApp.

Please check some of the new features of our Phone Monitoring App (that are available for newer versions): Facebook Tracker, Telegram tracker, Snapchat tracker, Instagram spy, Sms spy, Spy camera app, Call recorder spy or Phone Tapping. All the features are available without ROOT in the new version of our app.

Method Updated on April - 26 - 2016


- Android device running Android 4.0 or a higher version
- PC/Laptop running Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 with Internet connection
- USB Drivers (provided by your mobile phone manufacturer)
- ADB drivers
- SpyPhoneAppExtract OR SpyPhoneAppExtract - safe mode (if you can't extract the key using the initial SpyPhoneAppExtract)
- Spapp Monitoring 11.0
- WhatsApp 2.12.510


• WhatsApp changed the security for the latest WhatsApp versions, introducing an end-to-end encryption system.
This way the WhatsApp messages stored on the device can be decrypted using the key for WhatsApp up to v2.12.510

• For some devices which are running Android 6.0 a failure message might appear during the extraction process: INSTALL_FAILED_PERMISSION_MODEL_DOWNGRADE
This is caused by the Android Operating System restrictions which is no longer allowing applications downgrade. Our developers will try to search for another extraction process and we will update the current article as soon as possible.

• We no longer support this method of getting WhatsApp messages without ROOT. Please try to install at least Spapp Monitoring V11.3 and to enable Notification access and Accessibility access. This process is a lot easier than the old process.
WhatsApp spy
WhatsApp spy without ROOT


1. Uninstall the current WhatsApp version
Go from the phone’s menu to Settings => Application Manager => search for WhatsApp => Uninstall it

2. Download and install WhatsApp 2.12.510

3. Deactivate the Automatic Updates for WhatsApp
Perform the steps from the following tutorial for disabling the auto updates for WhatsApp - Settings for individual application.

4. Download and Install ADB drivers
Downlaod and Install the ADB drivers from here ADB drivers

5. Enable USB Debugging
Go from the phone’s menu to Settings => More => Developer options => USB debugging.

6. Connect the phone to PC
Connect the device to your PC via USB cable. You may need to install the USB drivers for your phone.

7. Download SpyPhoneAppExtract
After finishing the downloading process please extract it anywhere on your PC.
Open the extracted folder and after that click on "extract.bat" file - Run as administrator. A "Full backup" window will appear on the screen of your phone.

8. Backup your Data
On the phone Leave BLANK the password field when you will be prompted to enter a password and click on "Back up my data" option. The file key.txt from the backup will be transferred to the phone.

9. Spapp Monitoring 10.1
The monitored device should have installed at least v10.1 of our application.

10. Make sure that the device is still running WhatsApp 2.12.510
Go from the phone’s menu to Settings => Application Manager => search for WhatsApp and select it => check the WhatsApp version (you must have installed v2.12.510)

11. Make sure that the Automatic Updates for WhatsApp are disabled
Perform the steps from the following tutorial for disabling the auto updates for WhatsApp - Settings for individual application.

That’s all!

If you encounter issues please check the Troubleshooting section. If you don’t find an answer to your question don’t hesitate to contact us.

WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp can be downloaded from this page - Download WhatsApp. You can also download it from WhatsApp from Google Play.

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Is there an age limit for using this kind of technology?


While there may not necessarily be an age limit set by law for using such technology, it is important for parents or guardians only utilize tracking apps with children under 18 years old and with their knowledge.


What type of data will Spapp Monitoring be able to track without rooting?


Spapp Monitoring can track a variety of WhatsApp data without rooting a device, including messages sent and received, images sent and received, account information, application history and more. The ‘Keylogger’ feature also allows users to track all keyboard input, which can lead to an even greater understanding of the target's WhatsApp activity.


What features can I expect from a WhatsApp tracker without ROOT?


Most WhatsApp trackers without ROOT


What is a WhatsApp tracker without ROOT?


A WhatsApp tracker without ROOT is a type of spy app that allows you to monitor and track someone's WhatsApp activity without having to root their device.


I heard that there is a WhatsApp tracker without ROOT. What do I need to do to install it?


Install Spapp Monitoring App first. After installation, open it and go to the main screen. There, tap on the three lines in the top right corner and select “New tracker”. Type the name of the person you want to track and tap on the “Next” button. Tap on the “Create” button and wait for the tracker to be created. Now, open the “tracker” you just created and go to the “Settings” tab. Tap on the “ Enable ” button and go back to the “Main” screen. Finally, tap on the “Start

Are there any risks involved when using this software?


As always when dealing with potentially intrusive or sensitive applications like this one, precautions must be taken including ensuring the law is not being broken by using them for malicious purposes or installing them on someone else's device without proper permission. Furthermore; antivirus checks should be done regularly to ensure no malware has been acquired through its usage.


It is essential always to obey laws when using any monitoring application.Adhering to the terms and conditions is the responsibility of each user.Spapp Monitoring application is designed exclusively for parental and employee monitoring and therefore shouldn’t be used for unlawful purposes.


How does a WhatsApp tracker work without rooting a device?


A WhatsApp tracking app uses advanced technology and algorithms to access and gather data from the target phone's memory and extract information related to its user’s activities on Whatsapp.


Does Spapp Monitoring work on iPhone?


No, Spapp Monitoring does not currently work on iPhone. It is only available for Android devices.