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Lately smartphones became one of the most important tech accessory in our life. We need to be mobile everywhere we go, we use it for calls, social media, browsing on internet, maps, SMS messages, notes, calendar, you name it. According 2019 statistics, 71% of mobile phones users sleep with the device in immediate reach. We spend an average of 5 years and 4 months on social media and only 45% of teens admit they feel an addiction to their smartphone. When it comes to parental control, mobile monitoring is a must. But even adults spend more than 2 hours daily on their phone, so employee mobile monitoring may be a good idea in order to save that productivity in your team/company.

What is mobile monitoring and when you need it

Mobile monitoring is a tool to check remotely the data from the target device. It is usually an installed application on the device you want to mobile monitoring. It is totally legal when used accordingly.

Note: Spapp Monitoring is intended for legal use only. When mobile monitoring and adult you may need written permission from the target person even if the target device is your property. Please check your local law.

One of such mobile monitoring apps is Phone Monitoring. It is a full tracking application with many interesting features no matter your needs.

Mobile monitoring is used in many situations. However, some of these situations are:

1. Parental control - mobile monitoring of a teen nowadays is quite a must no matter your kid. A tracking app is not to control and read each of your kid's messages. It is to prevent unwanted situations and trauma, such as cyber bullying, online predators, early porn search, and many more.
2. Employee monitoring - nowadays a lot of jobs are online. For example marketing jobs are almost totally online and social media can make any person from responsible to social media addicted in just few days. This is why looking after your team can be time and resources saving in many situations.
3. Personal smartphone backup - mobile monitoring can be to just backup your own data in case of lose or damage of the device. With an active such app it can be useful even in case of stolen device.

Of course there may be many other ways to use a mobile monitoring application. Even for spouse monitoring if you have his/her consent as sometimes it can rebuild ones trust and save marriages.

How to mobile monitoring with Phone Tracker like a pro

Spy App for Mobile Phone is an easy to use mobile monitoring app. All you need to do is to download and install the app on the wanted device. You'll want to check the install guide for the step-by-step tutorial for any Android versions with pictures and even videos for the most non-tech person out there.
However, the Android OS is done now with inbuilt task killers no matter the version. The higher the version the more limitations and of course the task killers depend on the smartphone model as well. The good news are you can shut them off. The bad news are there are some limitations especially for Android 10. Let's take it one at a time.

After the install you need to follow 2 steps in order to make our app to work in background as well as foreground without being shut down or even killed by the inbuilt task killers:

1. Enable notification for Spapp Monitoring;
2. Make sure SPAPP Monitoring activity is not interrupted by selecting your model from the list and following the steps or if the model is missing, follow steps from II. Disable Doze Battery Optimization.

By doing these steps you'll help Spy Pone App - SPAPP Monitoring to work properly. Probably you are wondering why it is affected by the inbuilt task killers at all. Well, in short, because of its specific - it extracts data from the device. Even if the app is not invisible and a spyware, it is not draining the battery, the task killer will try to kill it, so better to prevent it immediately after the install.

As you already read there are few important limitations on Android 10. The biggest one is related to recordings: it is silent for call recordings on most models and surroundings on some models are still working. Another limitation is the icon visibility in the main menu. You can read more regarding Android 10 limitations when it comes to mobile monitoring

Now you know all to mobile monitoring like a pro!

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