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Spapp Monitoring on Android 10

The Android OS is updating to a new version usually once a year. Each time there are new features, some of them visible for the user, some of them are more related to security and other features not so visible for the normal user. Usually we test our app on each version, especially when it is just released and there are some new features. Keep reading if your target phone is running on Android 10 and you'll know everything on how Spapp Monitoring is working on Android 10.

What's new on Android 10

Android 10 was released on September 3, 2019 and already is n many devices not only Google Pixel or OnePlus. It is available on Samsung Galaxy S10 as well, so it is not long time until it will be available on most devices it is compatible with. Android 10 has many new features and as it was on Android 9 or even earlier versions it has some new privacy and security features.

The most interesting new features on Android 10 regarding phone monitoring would be the one related to:

1. Privacy controls - now you have all the privacy settings in one place. At list this part is a good setting, so you will not need to search all the phone to find a specific setting.

2. Location controls - the extra setting on Android 10 is you'll be asked if you really want to give location permission to a specific app even if you did gave permissions during the install. It is a tricky feature for a monitoring application.

3. Security updates - all security updates can be done even faster. 4. Parental control app Family Link - you'll get location, screen time limit and apps manager. This sounds good, however, parental control should mean for you to know even in their screen time what they do or look for.

There are many other features new starting Android 10 but those aren't so interesting related to tracking apps.

Spapp Monitoring install and settings for Android 10

The good news are Spapp Monitoring is available on Android 10 and most features are available. The bad ones are related to some extra settings even if is not a big deal and of course call recording feature. Keep reading for more details.

The install process for Spapp Monitoring on Android 10 is exactly the same as for the previous Android version:

ATTENTION: Before you install the application on the phone that you want to monitor, you must follow next preparation steps:
- Go to Settings -> Security -> check Unknown Sources
- Go to Google Settings -> Security -> Uncheck or Turn Off "Scan device for Security threats"

1. Take the target device in your hands, open the browser on it and go to to download the application
2. Click on Download and you'll receive a notification from the browser app (in this specific case, Chrome but valid for all browser apps) that your phone is not allowed to install apps from this source. You'll need to give permission, so click on "Settings"
Browser App Install permission

3. You'll be redirected to the Install unknown apps page and enable Allow from this source option. After go back to the initial page to continue the install.
Allow Install From Browser App Source

4. Open the application.
5. Register an account if you first run the application or insert the password if the device is already registered.
6. Click on "Enable notification" and check Backup or SPAPP Monitoring.
7. Click on "Enable accessibility" and check Backup or SPAPP Monitoring.
8. Click on Back -> Exit.

Now Spapp Monitoring is installed on your target device running on Android 10. However, we strongly recommend to disable the task killers related to battery and to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring. Here you'll find everything: first, follow steps from I to enable the notification and after choose your model and follow the specific steps or if your model is missing check steps from II to disable the Doze Battery optimization.

The specific for Android 10 related to the install is regarding location permissions:

1. After the install there will appear a push notification regarding location permission in the background for Backup
Android 10 location permission notification

2. Click on it and a location permission will appear
Android 10 location permission after install window

3. Select allow all the time and it will close by default.

Note: if the push notification is not on the phone, then go to Settings -> Location -> Backup -> Select allow all the time.
Android 10 settings Android 10 location settings Android 10 location permission after install window

Now you are done with the location permissions as well!

Android 10 limitations for Spapp Monitoring features

Unfortunately as on each previous versions, Android 10 has some limitations when it comes to Phone Monitoring

The worst thing is related to call recordings. On some devices especially Google Pixel and OnePlus models call recording is silent on both sides. That means it is a limitation from the developer and we can not do anything. The only model of devices tested and with call recording working perfectly (both sides!) is the Samsung S10 Plus. However we can not guaranty call recording will work on all such models. On other models the call recording is most likely blocked. However, rumor has it that Google will take off this limitation but the question is if with the new Android version (that means next year) or with an update to this version.
The good news is Surroundings feature is still working perfectly on most tested devices. However, on some models it is already silent (blocked) as well.
Test the app before buying a full subscription if you want the call recording feature and surroundings. We remind you that you receive 3 free random recordings in trial. Please use them no matter the target device it is!

The second worst limitation is related to home screen app visibility. On previous Android version after install the app is not shown on the home screen. However, it is still not invisible or undetectable. This limitation is related to security updates to Android 10 and again, there is nothing we can do regarding this.

Another limitation regarding security is the picture internet commands. However it is not an official limitation, but the way it is working it most likely take picture and take front picture commands on both, internet and sms options, will not work. However, the best way to know for sure on your device it is to try them. Usually for previous Android versions it was a limitation only for some models as when sending such command a security clearance is needed so some models already did not give such clearance. The good news you can test it in trial as many times as you want, especially as we by default recommend to send these specific commands multiple times.

Other limitations we did not find on any of the testing devices. More than this, if you install the last 14 Phone Tracker version you'll receive some extra features and for the top chats, WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat, you'll receive some of incoming messages even if the user is in the specific chat and of course no ROOT needed! The amount of such messages to be tracked depends on each model, on some testing models for example on Snapchat it took 100% incoming messages without ROOT and without notification (when the user is in the specific chat). That sounds good, right? As usually, we recommend to install the app and to test it especially on the specific features you are interested in on your specific target device.

In conclusion Install the app and remember the extra permission regarding location for Spy App for Mobile Phone, make sure that SPAPP Monitoring is not stopped by any inbuilt task killer, enable notification for Spapp Monitoring and enjoy your phone monitoring app!

Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more info on Android 10 you can go to the Android 10 page.

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Vimlesh Singh

Ihve silent voice call not received


Hi, What voices are silent? Only the voice of the person you are calling or both voices? I recommend that you contact our support team.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring for personal reasons without the target user's knowledge?


It is important to check your local laws and obtain consent before using Spapp Monitoring for personal reasons without the target user's knowledge.


Can I delete my data from Spapp Monitoring's servers?


Yes, you can delete your data from Spapp Monitoring's servers at any time by deleting your account.


Is it possible to access Spapp Monitoring from multiple devices?


Yes, you can access your online account from any device with an internet connection to view the monitored data.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring on a non-rooted device?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring can be used on both rooted and non-rooted devices. However, some advanced features may require rooting.


Will I be notified if my subscription plan is about to expire?


Yes, you will receive a notification when your subscription plan is about to expire so that you can renew it in time.


How long does it take for data to be synced between the target device and my online account?


Data is usually synced within a few minutes of activity occurring on the target device.


Can I monitor emails on the target device with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, you can view emails sent and received on the target device through your online account.


Is it possible to schedule monitoring sessions with Spapp Monitoring?


No, monitoring is done in real-time and cannot be scheduled.


Can I monitor instant messaging apps with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, you can monitor popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat with Spapp Monitoring.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring on an iPhone or other devices?


No, Spapp Monitoring is only compatible with Android 10 devices. Q. Does Spapp Monitoring offer any discounts for multiple subscriptions? A. Yes, there are discounts available for bulk purchases and multi-device subscriptions.


Does Spapp Monitoring offer a money-back guarantee?


Yes, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the app's performance or features.


Can I install Spapp Monitoring remotely without physical access to the target device?


No, physical access is required for installation and setup of the app on the target device.


Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan at any time?


Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time through your online account.


How much storage space does Spapp Monitoring require?


The app requires approximately 3MB of storage space on the target device.


Can I transfer my subscription to a different device?


Yes, you can transfer your subscription to a different device by logging into your online account and changing the target device settings.


Is it necessary to root the target device for Spapp Monitoring to work?


No, rooting the target device is not required for Spapp Monitoring to function properly.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring to monitor my own device?


Yes, you can use Spapp Monitoring to monitor your own device in case it gets lost or stolen.


What happens if the target device has a different SIM card inserted?


You will receive an alert notifying you about this change in SIM card so that you can continue monitoring the new number.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring without an internet connection?


No, an active internet connection is required for all features of this app to work properly.


Is it easy to install and use Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, installing and using Spapp Monitoring is simple and user-friendly. The app provides step-by-step instructions for installation and usage.


Is it possible to track a lost or stolen device with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, as long as the app is installed on the device, you can track its location in case it gets lost or stolen.


Does Spapp Monitoring affect the battery life of the target device?


No, Spapp Monitoring is designed to be lightweight and does not significantly impact the battery life of the target device.


Can I uninstall Spapp Monitoring remotely?


Yes, you can remotely uninstall the app from the target device through your online account.


Is there a free trial available for Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring does provide a free trial. The trial period is for 3 days and gives potential users an opportunity to test out several robust features of the software at no cost. During the free trial, you can access various functionalities that are key to monitoring activities on a target smartphone or tablet. These functions typically include tracking incoming and outgoing phone calls as well recordings of those calls if such a feature is supported by the target device's OS. Moreover, SMS texts – both sent and received – can be logged along with their respective metadata such as timestamps and contact information. In addition to text-based communications, users can monitor exchanges taking place over popular social media platforms and messaging apps. This includes seeing WhatsApp messages and notes as well as Facebook chat conversations plus any recorded voice chats associated with these accounts if available. Social media platforms like Snapchat, which are known for their ephemeral content nature; Telegram, known for its heavy encryption; Instagram along with others pose particular interest in monitoring services due to their significant part in daily communication especially amongst younger demographics. With Spapp Monitoring’s free trial feature you’ll gain insight into activities happening within these apps including shared multimedia files where permissible. Other internet-relevant data points – like web browsing history – give oversight on online habits presenting an indication of what type of content is being consumed by the person under surveillance. The availability behind this set of features during the trial allows one to gauge whether comprehensive monitoring needs are satisfyingly met before making a financial commitment towards ongoing service use after the free-trial duration lapses. To partake in this offer it might require signing up with some basic credentials or installing/setting up support functionality directly onto the device intended for monitoring depending on specific requirements bound by Spapp Monitoring's user agreement policies operative at that time. It's significant to consider obtaining consent from individuals whose devices will come under surveillance or ensuring legal compliance within jurisdictional constraints prevalent for use cases regarding personal privacy concerns when using such software capabilities post-trial notably if deciding upon uninterrupted usage going forward professionally or personally alike.


How much does Spapp Monitoring cost?


Spapp Monitoring offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to meet different user needs when it comes to monitoring activities on a phone. The cost structure is designed with flexibility in mind, providing options for short-term and long-term usage. For basic monitoring features, Spapp Monitoring provides four principal subscription tiers based on duration: 1. One-month subscription: this plan costs $10 and is suitable for users looking for a short-term monitoring solution. 2. Three-month subscription: priced at $20, this option allows users to extend their monitoring period while saving some money compared to the monthly renewal. 3. Six-month subscription: offered at $30, choosing this plan gives a better rate for an extended period, effectively reducing the monthly cost. 4. One-year subscription: this is the most economical package in terms of duration versus price, as it costs only $40 for 12 months of service. Should you require advanced features such as call recording functionality and social media call recordings (which include live streaming capabilities alongside WhatsApp, Facebook, and similar platforms), each tier’s pricing essentially doubles: 1. One-month premium subscription with additional features jumps to $20. 2. A three-month stretch with these enhanced capabilities comes at $40. 3. The six-month iteration will be billed at $60. 4. And finally, full year-round access with all premium offerings tallies up to $80. Beyond these base rates, Spapp Monitoring incentivizes monitoring multiple devices by offering discounts that increase with each additional phone added onto your plan: - For each extra device you wish to monitor beyond the first one, you receive a 5% discount per device on your total bill. - This cumulative discount continues until it caps out at 50%, which applies if you are tracking more than ten devices simultaneously. To illustrate how the discount works: If you wanted premium services across three phones on the three-month plan ($40 each), normally that would cost $120 without any discounts applied! However—with the scaling discounts—you’ll get 5% off per additional phone after your first one; so here that’d give us a 10% reduction overall ($12 off), making your new total now just $108! One should note that tracking over ten devices yields significant savings because of reaching that maximum threshold discount level; regardless of subscribing twelve or twenty units under these conditions—all enjoy half-price rates from then onwards due to capping policy at hand (max limit set). When selecting any Spapp Monitoring service package—whether entry-level or feature-rich—the wise approach is considering both immediate requirements future demands throughout intended surveillance span chosen budget parameters before committing financially hence ensuring optimal investment into digital security peace-of-mind ultimately desired by end-users opting into such application-based solutions marketplace today!


Does using an app like Spapp Monitoring require root access on an Android 10 device?


No, it is not necessary to root your device in order to use an app like Spapp Monitoring for Android 10 devices. However, if you want to access certain advanced features , then you may need to root your device depending on what those features are.


Is using Spapp Monitoring for Android 10 legal?


Yes, using an app like Spapp Monitoring for Android 10 is perfectly legal when used for personal use only and with the owner's consent. It should not be used in any way for malicious purposes or without the owner’s consent as this could violate local laws and regulations.


Is it easy to install and use Spapp Monitoring on Android 10?


Yes, installing and using Spapp Monitoring on an Android 10 device is easy. The installation process does not require any special skills or technical knowledge. Once installed, you can use the intuitive user interface to track and manage your device remotely.


Does Spapp Monitoring work on Android 10?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring works on Android 10 devices. It can be installed directly from the Google Play Store or downloaded from the official website.


What are the main features of Spapp Monitoring?


Spapp Monitoring offers a wide range of features including real-time location tracking, call logs, text message monitoring, application usage tracking, website browsing history monitoring, remote device control (lock/unlock phone), and much more.